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How to enable Publish Date for members while posting forum topics?


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There are Publish Date and Time fields for Admins and Moderators while posting a forum Topic, Article and Blog.

But don't see a way or permission to enable these fields for Members while posting a forum Topic or Article (Blog Entries have these fields for Members).

I've enabled these Article permissions for Members -

Could contain: Computer Hardware, Electronics, Hardware, Monitor, Screen

Please advise..

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That's what it seemed like.

I guess allowing members to specify future Publish Date would encourage them to post more with more freedom, like posting future news, etc. Suppose there is a new movie release on a future date, they could post a new topic with the future date inviting reviews and discussions from other members and when the date/time arrives, the topic would become visible. It would let them set up future topics and forget without having to post exactly when the topic is needed at which time they may not be available to post.

For articles, they could line up to post articles in future leisurely when they have ideas instead of being able to post only when needed and there is no way to defer its publish date. It gives them more freedom and encourages to post more. Not having access to Publish Date/Time is too restrictive as members may not be available to post when needed.

These are similar to posting blog entries in future or allowing members to comment on a topic without registering to encourage more registrations. All these would still go through usual moderations. Most members would be too happy to use the Publish Date/Time to their advantage and freedom if they are given an easy way to see/filter their scheduled content to make any edits and such.

And with config settings to control publish date, the default behavior could be retained with ability to grant access to these fields to members and other groups.

These changes would bring consistency across various modules and expected behaviors.

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Access to Publish Date/Time permission for members is not available in IC for Forum Topics and Articles.


New Group-level Permissions needed to resolve this:

Can set Future Publish Date/Time for items? [ N ] - current default behavior

Can see Future Publish items posted by other users? [ N ] - default (can see only own future publish items)

More info -


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To add a bit more to the context -

I would like to write articles on a daily basis but it is humanly impossible to do it consistently. But if I have access to Publish Date/Time, I could write a bunch of articles in one go when I'm free and schedule them to be published one article a day. Having access to Publish date/time, I can write more articles with ease and freedom. That is putting technology to work.

I use AuctionSniper.com to snipe auctions by bidding just "once" on the item in the last few seconds of its closing so other bidders don't get a chance to outbid me (it would be closed in my favor by the time they get to react) and get the item at the lowest price by not entering into a bidding war from the beginning and jacking up its price unnecessarily. I can schedule the bid to happen in the last 4 or 5 seconds before the auction closes with my max price and forget it. The auction gets bid at the right time from server-to-server - even if I'm asleep. I wrote an article on this. That is using technology to our advantage.

Email clients like Outlook, Gmail, etc. offer to send an email in future.

Members want to write as much content as they can and granting them access to Publish Date/Time gives them more freedom and power.

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