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    Maxxius reacted to Olivier Turbis in IP.Metrics   
    I like the idea, although I am not sure it would be very useful. Too much stats kill the stats imo :)
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    Maxxius reacted to Adriano Faria in You're an idiot?   
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    Maxxius reacted to 3DKiwi in Auto-resize lightbox images in posts   
    Add vote for both suggestions. Opening in a new window as it was in version 2 was far superior to how it is now. One reason is that it allowed image comparisons to be done with several images open at once.

    We need more options and control over image attachments.

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    Maxxius reacted to KiteLife in Auto-resize lightbox images in posts   
    I love the addition of Lightbox with the last major version upgrade, however, a lot of my users are complaining because some of the images are too big for their monitors and they aren't able to view the whole picture at once because lightbox doesn't resize for the resolution like most browsers do when the image opens in it's own page... It'd be WAY better if lightbox would auto-resize to the viewer's screen size, and I understand that technology is available.

    Also, when I have lightbox turned off so images open full-browser, they open in the same window, so you have to hit "back" and some of my users are closing the forum by accident... Any chance they could be forced to open in a new window instead like they used to?

    Both of these would make major improvements to the current IPB, please! :)
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    Maxxius reacted to Intasar in IceLabz Sitemap Vs. IP.SEO   
    Ranking totally related wiith your page and its link. not sitemaps.

    Icelabz sitemap is the one of the best sitemap generator for IP.Board, reason they just consider on their one product they nothing have any other to focus. as you asking effect on ranking, so ranking is not related with the sitemap if your site are well indexed in google. but my advise is.

    you can remove icelabz but do not removed its generated sitemaps until IP.SEO installation and proper configuration and generated sitemaps. Once IPSEO generated your sitemap just check the sitemap to opening file in browser OR any text editor. after it add new sitemap in your google webmaster tools but do not delete old icelabz sitemap until google completely downloaded your IPSEO sitemaps, you can check the sitemaps status through webmaster tools > sitemaps < click the sitemap and you see how many URLS google downloaded. and then compare with your icelabz old sitemap if your feel the downloaded URLS are downloaded as old sitemaps, so now you can delete your old sitemaps files from your hosting and also from webmaster tools
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    Maxxius reacted to optrexnz in IceLabz Sitemap Vs. IP.SEO   
    :lol: touche
    is there anything here that helps you ? I think I read somewhere the limit was 50,000 but not sure if that was a previous version

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    Maxxius got a reaction from 7SiN in IceLabz Sitemap Vs. IP.SEO   
    Then what about multiple sitemaps? sitemap1.xml, sitemap2.xml, etc.?
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    Maxxius reacted to Zhana in Copy option in multi-moderation   

    I'd like to request a feature for copying threads from multi-moderation options. It would be easy to copy rather than to create a same thread 3 - 4 times.

    Thank you.
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    Maxxius reacted to DoctorMcKay in IceLabz Sitemap Vs. IP.SEO   
    I'm currently using IceLabz Sitemap, and I was wondering if it would be advisable to switch to IP.SEO. Are there any comparisons?

    Would switching negatively affect my ranking?
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    Maxxius reacted to Noni in Links autotransform   
    There are lots of people on my forum adding liks like:

    www.something.com which are always interpreted as text by the board.

    It would definetely be good for my forum to transform them into hyperlinks automatically and that means:
    - when a user enters www.something.com to be automatically changed to http://www.something.com ; As you can see the last one is a hyperlink without me having to tell the board interpret it that way.

    I've tried convincing users to enter the url correctly for the last couple of years but there are simply new and new users that i cannot contact each and every time to explain them how things work

    The biggest drawbak for not parsing the urls automatically is that my site could be a better refferer for others and therefore improve my chances of selling advertising spaces on my forum.
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    Maxxius reacted to Woodsman in Community developers & projects was recently dissolved by IPS   
    one nice thing was the localization from where they could show and answer questions.
    I do hope a topic comes up where all the contributing authors may post their sites. Hunting them down whether through the normal channels of blogs, forums and the Marketplce can be a bit of a pain if you know what I mean...
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    Maxxius reacted to roc13x in Download: (TVC32) Log In As Member   
    I didn't include any individual permissions because the hook's function is really only meant for the root admin(s) to test permissions/resolve conflicts.
    Normal staff shouldn't be given permission to use the hook
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    Maxxius reacted to roc13x in Download: (TVC32) Log In As Member   
    The hook has been updated to fix the conflict with the "Force guests to login" setting.
    Let me know if you have any ussues with the update :)
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    Maxxius got a reaction from Ikadon in Topic Prefixes - Are they coming or not?   
    I would like to have it also as a core feature, there I said it :)
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    Maxxius got a reaction from ()Achilles() in Topic Prefixes - Are they coming or not?   
    I would like to have it also as a core feature, there I said it :)
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    Maxxius reacted to Andy Millne in Download: Classifieds   
    There shouldn't be any issues with Classifieds on 3.1.3 aside from the known issues with reports etc.

    I'll try and find a bit more time to give this app some TLC over the coming weeks.
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    Maxxius reacted to Adriano Faria in Download: (SOS31) Easy Topic Moderation v1.0.1   
    Yes, as I told a few times before in this topic, it works and I'm using on my 3.1.4 live board.
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    Maxxius reacted to marklcfc in Topic Prefixes - Are they coming or not?   
    I'm aware of the mod available but I have to pay for that. I pay enough out to host and maintain my website as it is, the prefixes would be a great addition to my website but I need to know if Invision are planning to introduce this? It makes no sense to me that they haven't been added into the IP board package, even as an option.

    I've been waiting a while and would like to know the score, thanks.
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    Maxxius reacted to Michael in Make "view new content" behave as expected by users of phpBB or vB   
    You say you want to see unread posts, but surely you mean see topics that have unread posts in them, right? Just showing a list of unread posts, without the context of what topic they are in, doesn't seem to make much sense to me.

    If it's really topics with unread posts, I don't see how that's different from the existing View New Content search while having your 'View New Content Method' setting set to 'Show me all content that I have not read'.
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    Maxxius reacted to Donkerrood in (DP34) Similar Topics   
    Here is what I did to accomplish the following:
    - speeding up the query (on my forums by almost 1-1,5 seconds per page load), by
    - searching only for similar topics in the same forum, and
    - searching only for open topics

    Find the following code in the document, located at:

    /* RAND? Remove order then */ if( $this->settings['dp3_st_stype'] == 'rand' ) { $sortOrder = ''; } /* Get topics */ $this->DB->build( array( 'select' => 't.*', 'from' => array( 'topics' => 't' ), 'where' => $whereCondition, 'limit' => array(0, $lim ), 'order' => $sortBy . ' ' . $sortOrder, 'add_join' => array( array( 'select' => 'f.name as forum_name, f.forum_allow_rating, f.name_seo', 'from' => array( 'forums' => 'f' ), 'where' => "f.id=t.forum_id", 'type' => 'left', ), array( 'select' => 'ms.member_group_id as starter_group_id', 'from' => array( 'members' => 'ms' ), 'where' => "ms.member_id=t.starter_id", 'type' => 'left', ), array( 'select' => 'mss.member_group_id as last_poster_group_id', 'from' => array( 'members' => 'mss' ), 'where' => "mss.member_id=t.last_poster_id", 'type' => 'left', ) ) ) ); $this->DB->execute(); Then, replace:

    'where' => $whereCondition, With:

    'where' => "t.forum_id =" . $fid . " AND t.state = 'open' AND " . $whereCondition,

    Please note:
    This option is not configurable from your ACP.
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    Maxxius reacted to MiniJeffrey in Warn system suggestions   
    Hi guys, I have been trying the trial version of your software for a few days, I'm impressed but I got some serious issues and suggestions for the warning system:

    - Moderators cannot give a custom level warning and I can't seem to find an option to enable it. The only thing I have found is that super moderators can do that, but I would like to see an option allowing normal moderators to give custom level warnings too.

    - When a member gets banned, it would be nice if he would automatically join the 'banned' membergroup. Now, he just remains in the member-status and it is very confusing for the moderator to see if he is actually banned or not.

    - In the ACP, the warn logs need some big improvements. Now it is impossible to see which moderator banned which user and how long he is banned. Also, in the manage banned members, there is nog enough information regarding the duration of his ban, the banning moderator, etc. This is very confusing for the admins to hold track of his moderators.

    - Also when viewing a member profile in the ACP, there is nowhere to be found an section to alter his banstatus. You can only notice it in the search results as 'members (banned)', but it would be nice to get some ban details in the user profile in the ACP.

    - Some preset warnings would be nice, for example: '[2 pts] Spamming'. These presets should be managed in the ACP, it would make the objective moderation of all moderators a easier task.

    - When a moderator warns a person, it would be nice if this could be mailed to an administrator so that he can easily hold track of his moderators actions.

    - A setting that allows a warning point(s) to be auto-decreased after a period of time would be nice.

    - As admin, in the ACP you cannot see the reason for a warning if the moderator didnt contact the warned user.

    The warn system has some good stuff, but it could use an intensive renovation because it is lacking some stuff now.

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    Maxxius reacted to Josh in Unify Avatars and User Photos   
    We've discussed this a few times internally, I kind of agree that merging them would probably be a better way to go. However, the current system has been in place for a long time, so I doubt we will do that. There are a number of problems, such as during upgrade, does the avatar or photo become the unified image? If we do change anything, the most likely change would be something like adding a checkbox to the photo page that says "Also use this as my avatar", or something like that.
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    Maxxius reacted to MageLeif in Unify Avatars and User Photos   
    I'd like to suggest an option to unify avatars and user photos. Essentially, what this would do is eliminate user photos altogether, replacing every instance of a user's photo with their avatar. The user would have one picture identity: the avatar, rather than have two identities: the avatar and the user photo.
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    Maxxius reacted to Axel Wers in 3.2 Wish list ...   
    The most wanted feature in last few years:

    close poll, but continue discussion in topic
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    Maxxius reacted to .Nuno. in 3.2 Wish list ...   
    Topic Prefix
    a simple prefix with search filter option in the search page.

    pppppppppllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssssseeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!! :D
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