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Adriano Faria

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This works flawless! it has webhooks, and other apps pick it up as well! This is something that should have come with Invision framework! you can simply make a cool custom notification to your community and customize who it goes to, and it works instantly! I use this on a 110K+ sized community and it is flawless!

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1 hour ago, AlexWebsites said:

Nice idea! Question, does this trigger an email notification to the member(s) once you send a notification?


It uses the notifications system so if the user chose to receive email, he will receive it. Personally, I think only the inline notification would be enough but I wanted to make it use all options. That’s up to the user… or to the admin enable/disable email in the ACP Notifications page. 

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Where is permission to send notifications set please?  Have made sure groups are selected to have access to the installed module.  I'm sure I'm missing something obvious. 

I can load the Notifications page but the button to create a new notification does not appear because of this check in the template.  

{{if \IPS\notifications\Notification::canSendNotification()}}

Just not seeing where that permission is defined to be able to send.

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2 minutes ago, Kaossilator said:

Where is permission to send notifications set please?

In the file description:


Groups permissions:

  • Can send notifications to members?
  • Can send notifications to groups?
  • Content items required to send notifications
  • Restrict new notifications per hour/day/week or month

ACP -> Members -> Groups -> edit the group you want.

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Posted (edited)

Perfect, thank you!

I was going into group permissions where permissions are set for Forums, Calendar, etc not into group edit. 

/Edit: Maybe I was too hasty.. I edited one of my groups to be able to send but still not seeing the option show up on the Notifications page.  I'm definitely in the group. 

/Edit 2: I just updated my user so that my primary group is the one I added with Notification send permissions.  It was already a secondary group but it seems to require being set as primary.  Once I moved to primary it's working and I can see the New Notification button.

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