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Feature suggestion: link back from topic to database

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If you connect Pages with a forum for comments, the topics will always have a link back to the record. Please consider making the link optional.

Could contain: Page, Text, Number, Symbol

There are several issues with this link:

  • It is not editable: you cannot edit topics created automatically from records.
  • It does not respect the template change: you can edit the template, but the changes are not considered while rebuilding.
  • It does not respect permissions: if a user does not have a view permission for the record, the link is broken. E.g., database only for staff, topics for all.
  • It sometime has ambigious wording, like view full person, view full movie, view full book. I know that I can change the language. But it is difficult to find a global one for all databases.
  • It is not translatable: once saved in the post, it always uses the default language. No control for individual forums with other languages.
  • It is redundant: I can create a field in the database and use Topic format to get a full control over the link. This way I can decide, whether to show or not, wording in individual database, exact position in the topic, formatting. This is also respected while rebuilding.

Just a small choice field, yes/not would be sufficient. Or at least add a CSS class in the template so that the link can be suppressed with display:none. 😉

Thank you!

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