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  1. I don't believe it's the forum software. When I see this happen, it's because the browser has reclaimed memory. It does not just happen on IPB, so if I was a bettin' man, I would say it was a function of the browser/OS and most likely a function of the browser trying to manage resource utilization. Take a look at: https://support.google.com/chrome/thread/204546987/why-chrome-tabs-refresh-automatically-when-i-go-to-another-tab-and-how-do-i-stop-it?hl=en https://workspacetips.io/tips/chrome/how-to-stop-chrome-from-refreshing-your-tabs/
  2. There have not been any posts made regarding this in v5 so far. There is more to come but I would most likely not expect it in 5.0.0 personally.
  3. Have you made sure your version of PHP8 has all of the required modules and settings? Once you switch to PHP8, you should run the compatibility checker: Also, do you have all of your third party resources (applications/plugins) disabled? It's very possible a 3rd party script could be incompatible with PHP8 which could cause issues as well.
  4. It’s been that way as long as I can remember!
  5. Ban by IP prevents any username from signing in. To be honest, blocking by IP nowadays is almost useless. I can switch IP addresses with my ISP with the click of a button, or use a VPN, or switch to a mobile device and wander around, etc. The behavior of blocking only logged in accounts has been like this as long as I can remember. To be honest, if you want to block the entire IP… don’t try to use software. Either use the server (like htaccess or a server firewall like csf) or with a WAF (like cloudflare).
  6. Ahhhh well in that case a staff member can do it for you when they see this. 🙂
  7. Inside of your local download of the IPB software is the following folder: \applications\core\data\achievements\ Inside of it are two files... badges.xml and ranks.xml file. Import those and it will import the default SVG images for you.
  8. I'm still playing with this, but what I'm expecting to happen would be that the permissions would be honored from the database. If the user has the ability to add records to the database... it would work. Will try to play around later this weekend to confirm.
  9. If I were to place a guess as to what happened... it sounds like the user's site cookie was corrupted. Uninstall/reinstall would have removed it for a new one to be placed.
  10. Feel free to request it in the feedback forum. The merge on additional reply feature was designed specifically for this so they would not have to block someone from contributing if they forgot something important. Personally while it may make sense for your community, I’m not sure it does for everyone. The merge approach is much more user friendly and does not stop someone who presses submit too quickly by accident. But that’s just my two cents. So suggest away. 🙂
  11. In general, I found with Adsense it's difficult if not impossible to show ads in areas that are not available to guests. Personally what I ended up doing was showing ads to guests and not to site members as a way to encourage signup, etc.
  12. Your other topic was replied to with the answer. You need to change your configuration settings to not go to the first unread response in the topic.
  13. You most likely had content that was old/deleted over the years. When that content is removed, the count is never reduced. My guess is when you were imported to cloud, it had to recount everything. I’m further guessing if you recount your backup it would get close to your current cloud number.
  14. If your approach to security is to employ “security by obscurity” you should not be using regular commercial off the shelf software. 😉
  15. No... not really. Those are default values... not necessarily YOUR values. For example, settings.json has existed for literally a decade. The schema data is not sensitive data either. If an attacker can run direct queries on your database, you've got much bigger problems than knowing failed_login_count cannot be null or a default value is no. And for furls, if you're not using them, you would see the complete URL anyway. There is no extra security by going to /login vs /index.php?app=core&module=system&controller=login If someone is REALLY that interested in knowing the default out of the box settings as an attacker, they could simply download the software source code itself (legally or illegally) to find them. But there is nothing there that exposes anything about your install vs a vanilla fresh/clean install.
  16. FYI… if it’s a privacy plugin, there is a reasonable chance it is doing stuff with sessions that could be causing the issue. I don’t know the plugin and I don’t know your install, but if it were me… I would personally start my troubleshooting with things that have the potential to play with sessions, session tracking, or activity state change.
  17. Field 'cache_sm' doesn't have a default value This sounds like the database MIGHT not have cloned or exported/imported properly.
  18. In the cases I've seen this happen, it's a search engine bot or another non-human/automated crawler that is trying to access it. Someone most likely posted an attachment within a forum post that is not accessible to guests. You could block the IP addresses of the sources hitting your site, but the system is doing what it should... it's not giving the actual content to people who should not have it. You can't stop someone from ATTEMPTING to access it. The software is already denying the attempt by what you see happening when a guest accesses it. If you want to block it further up, that's a choice for you to make.
  19. It happens... I start typing and then end up going off on a tangent.
  20. One thing to consider as well... maybe they're referring to "memory" as RAM and not as disk space usage. This may not be a storage issue, but them saying your site has too many concurrent users (guests and real).
  21. The more you compress the images, the greater the quality is sacrificed and the more CPU that it takes to generate the file itself. The default values provided by IPB give a good amount of compression while balancing resources used to generate it vs savings. With that said, feel free to change the sliders up/down as it makes sense for your community. If you're super focused on the ultimate smallest file and have tons of CPU power and don't care if the image quality drops a bit... jack that value up to the max. If your site is heavily dependent on ultra high quality images and you don't want IPS dropping the quality of anything uploaded, keep that value down very low or off entirely.
  22. One thing I've noted recently is that my Internet Service Provider is using both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Yes, even though I have a static IPv4 address... I also have a IPv6 address as well. My guess is your ISP might be doing something similar as well.
  23. This is something they've been working on previously based on other live streams, etc. It's not as simple as simply tossing up a random Opensearch/Elasticsearch instance when you talk about the size and scale that iPS operates at. In addition, there are BIG costs associated with an enterprise class platform... so it has to be done in a way that is economical for IPS as well otherwise that hosting cost could have a decent size bump!
  24. I just confirmed with a default theme you can add both header and footer. Create a new default theme and confirm. If it appears on a default theme but not yours, it’s something to address with the theme author.
  25. FYI… IPS has only supported stock/default keyboards.
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