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  1. Or you need to start deleting a bunch of content. Personally I would switch to a different hosting provider that provides such restrictive database limits. Thats an artificial limit designed to make you upgrade to a higher package IMO.
  2. See if it happens when you switch back to a default theme. That will help you eliminate a theme issue.
  3. CSRF errors have nothing to do with your license key. It’s a security measure meant to stop Cross Site Script Request Forgeries. Are you using a default unmodified theme and do you have all third party resources disabled? Typically those occur when some sort of customization is not working correctly or is outdated.
  4. As someone who works with online account access (online banking for example) for many large US financial companies, I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that CAPTCHAs are not overly difficult to overcome. In fact there are many pre-built kits that are available for under $100. If this is a serious concern, you’re honestly better off looking at things like two factor authentication. It’s MUCH more secure and effective in preventing someone from accessing an account even with a compromised credential.
  5. You can also use ACP - System - Applications Expand the system application and disable guest access to content discovery.
  6. There is not a separate one for just bulk mails. So it’s that or nothing.
  7. I'm glad you were able to get the upgrade completed!
  8. If there is anything in that database already it needs removed before attempting to import your backup.
  9. Check to make sure that table (and all IPB tables honestly) are Innodb instead of myISAM.
  10. When a tech opens a ticket for you simply reply to the email saying you are adding X and add them as a CC. Just make sure you actually put them in the CC field at that point and send.
  11. Using phpmail by itself generally requires NO configuration in the software if your host is setup properly. The host would ensure a service like sendmail is setup on the server and configured. You should not need credentials to use it etc. The web server (Apache) should already be a trusted sender. SMTP however is a different beast. It runs on different potential port numbers depending on what version of encryption is being used (if any at all) and requires credentials to be passed if it’s not open to the world for abuse. If using SMTP you would need to pass a lot of specific data for it to connect. Glad you got it working. 🙂
  12. No… not really. Especially not REAL DDoS attacks. Great for marketing hype… not overly useful in the real world.
  13. Remember… order of operations matters. Once a change is made on the server, the cdn cache needs popped and then the local browser cache needs popped if it’s there also. If you do it out of order, you could end up redownloading an old/bad object again unintentionally.
  14. Check the database table again... did that table get removed again? If so, it sounds like a problem with your hosting provider. I'm assuming you have not installed any 3rd party resources recently. If so, have you confirmed they're removed as the source of the problem by removing them?
  15. Is there anything in the admin log to reflect something was deleted by a human via ACP?
  16. Yes… that’s by design. You would need some sort of third party modification to prevent that. I’m personally ALWAYS using multiple devices as I switch from phone to laptop to tablet.
  17. NET:ERR_CERT_AUTHORITY_INVALID This would indicate their server’s SSL certificate is invalid. Most likely because the certificate’s issuing authority is not trusted by the browser as in the earlier message it was a self-signed certificate.
  18. IPS has said that Pages will be getting some love in the 5.x line. So it will be interesting to see what is cooking!
  19. I assume you fixed your conf_global.php to reflect the new correct base URL. After you do that, try clearing your system cache from the ACP help section.
  20. You might want to make sure this new version of PHP has all the system requirements installed.
  21. I would also check to make sure your new server meets the requirements. Grab the requirement checker script and run it on the new location to make sure a required module is not missing as well.
  22. This would be handy for virtual meeting locations such as a site chat room or a Zoom meeting room, etc.
  23. To change the default group for new members you can edit your conf_global.php. Details can be found in the following thread: You can then create a rule to promote users to the full user group once the required post count is reached. The other thing you could do is just move all existing members into the new group and rename the existing one to something like Newbies. (Thats what I did so I did not have to edit any files from default values.)
  24. I don’t think there is much IPS can do for you. Their privacy policy would most likely prevent them from sharing any info they have for him. You might be better off working with your bank regarding a chargeback if you did not get what you paid for.
  25. It's possible he is using some sort of VPN or other software on his computer (ad removal tool for example) that is causing the problem. It could also be a plugin installed within the browser that is the problem. Either way... there is not much IPS can do about it. And yes, gallery is a bit different than forum uploads... the workflow is different, it calls different URLs (which could be choking up in say that VPN or ad removal software). Personally I think you're focusing on the wrong area. Don't think about what the site is doing. It does not matter. What is the end user's device doing and what is interacting with it. That's where your problem is at and that is the only spot you're really going to solve it.
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