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  1. MySQL5 no longer receives support/updates from the manufacturer. So if they won't upgrade, I would highly recommend a new host. That's basically waiting for an accident to happen. https://endoflife.date/mysql But IPB still works on 5.7... later versions however most likely won't. So you have time to figure out your plans. EDIT: teraByte and I apparently were on the same train of thought there! JINX! 😄
  2. I would suggest creating a test instance of your site and using it to test removing plugins/apps one by one till you find your problem.
  3. Honestly I’m not sure there is a problem here at all. We are talking about 15 MB TOTAL in size. Your themes and JS are taking the most space but those will be the same regardless if there is 1 or a million posts. The cache is 7MB but 3 of it is overhead that could be cleaned up. Personally I would convert all tables from MyISAM to InnoDB. But the things that are taking space are not related to the things that would scale based on number of items posted.
  4. Are you getting NEW log entries after the date/time of when you made the change?
  5. From what is described it would be in a monthly release and not a hotfix. Hotfixes are typically used for important fixes that can’t wait for the regular release cycle.
  6. This is nothing to worry about. Other browsers such as Safari did this YEARS ago. Google dragged its heels because of what it meant for trackers tracking you across multiple sites.
  7. If you need to download files, you would do so from your client area: https://invisioncommunity.com/clientarea Once you have downloaded the files, you would upload them to your website and then visit domain.com/admin/upgrade. There is a document in the help area that talks about this more:
  8. This is not a “security” issue. The software code is not being exploited etc. Spam bots can and do register accounts. Those spam bots can be programmed to register on Monday and make a post 2 weeks later and then a week later, etc as a way to evade detection. They might be using different IP addresses but the botnet itself obviously would know a password if it registered the account. It’s not hard to script doing email validation using a free throw away Gmail account.
  9. This did not happen on any of my themes.
  10. I'm still waiting for my signed and framed photo of Charles!
  11. The best place to discuss this would be with the Accounts & Billing team via the Contact Us form. https://invisioncommunity.com/contact-us/ They would be able to help answer that for you and discuss if the specific use case would qualify for some "good will". 🙂 Personally I think supporting the vodka drinking homeless is a worthwhile cause...
  12. If you share the database, anything you do in dev happens to prod which defeats the purpose of separating them in the first place. If you’re going to do that just save yourself the effort of setting up the dev site entirely and just do whatever you want in production.
  13. It looks like they are attempting to fix this because it’s happening intermittently. Both on my site and this site. At first it was only this error but it’s happening less. There is absolutely a latency issue happening with this issue. So hopefully they’ll get the gremlins back in their cages soon. 🙂
  14. Make sure to capture the request in the feedback forum. Otherwise it gets lost in the sea of support requests and can't be considered later when the devs are wandering around looking for inspiration. 🙂
  15. Also are you trying to force HTTP to HTTPS without your conf_global.php file reflecting HTTPS in the board URL setting?
  16. Then it sounds like something in your network routing might be impacting things. The IPB software obviously did not change. However it could be something like the order in which you connected to the VPN, or if the VPN uses split tunnel vs full tunnel, or if a default route is defined in an odd manner.
  17. Have you rebuilt the system cache since copying to the test server?
  18. Does that make it consistently inconsistent or inconsistently consistent?
  19. That’s basically the situation. Only you can decide what to do based on the impact it creates for you or your community and if the effort is worth it.
  20. You don’t really need to be worried about them “hacking” anything. If you’re worried about them crawling your site or if they’re taking up too much resources on your server… or if you see those IPs end up being spammers you can use a firewall of some kind to block their IP ranges.
  21. Or you need to start deleting a bunch of content. Personally I would switch to a different hosting provider that provides such restrictive database limits. Thats an artificial limit designed to make you upgrade to a higher package IMO.
  22. See if it happens when you switch back to a default theme. That will help you eliminate a theme issue.
  23. CSRF errors have nothing to do with your license key. It’s a security measure meant to stop Cross Site Script Request Forgeries. Are you using a default unmodified theme and do you have all third party resources disabled? Typically those occur when some sort of customization is not working correctly or is outdated.
  24. As someone who works with online account access (online banking for example) for many large US financial companies, I can tell you with 100 percent certainty that CAPTCHAs are not overly difficult to overcome. In fact there are many pre-built kits that are available for under $100. If this is a serious concern, you’re honestly better off looking at things like two factor authentication. It’s MUCH more secure and effective in preventing someone from accessing an account even with a compromised credential.
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