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  1. I assume you fixed your conf_global.php to reflect the new correct base URL. After you do that, try clearing your system cache from the ACP help section.
  2. You might want to make sure this new version of PHP has all the system requirements installed.
  3. I would also check to make sure your new server meets the requirements. Grab the requirement checker script and run it on the new location to make sure a required module is not missing as well.
  4. This would be handy for virtual meeting locations such as a site chat room or a Zoom meeting room, etc.
  5. To change the default group for new members you can edit your conf_global.php. Details can be found in the following thread: You can then create a rule to promote users to the full user group once the required post count is reached. The other thing you could do is just move all existing members into the new group and rename the existing one to something like Newbies. (Thats what I did so I did not have to edit any files from default values.)
  6. I don’t think there is much IPS can do for you. Their privacy policy would most likely prevent them from sharing any info they have for him. You might be better off working with your bank regarding a chargeback if you did not get what you paid for.
  7. It's possible he is using some sort of VPN or other software on his computer (ad removal tool for example) that is causing the problem. It could also be a plugin installed within the browser that is the problem. Either way... there is not much IPS can do about it. And yes, gallery is a bit different than forum uploads... the workflow is different, it calls different URLs (which could be choking up in say that VPN or ad removal software). Personally I think you're focusing on the wrong area. Don't think about what the site is doing. It does not matter. What is the end user's device doing and what is interacting with it. That's where your problem is at and that is the only spot you're really going to solve it.
  8. What kind of ads are you using? If you are using their version of Auto Ads, or Page Level ads, you can't use the IPB advertising system. In order to use auto ads, you have to edit your theme to have it add the ad code for specific groups.
  9. This could be caused by a firewall, a WAF or another security tool such as mod_security. You might want to evaluate your entire stack to see what it is doing and how it impacts your site.
  10. You can either wait till it’s fixed or do a manual update by downloading a set of files from the client area, uploading them to your site and running domain.com/admin/upgrade.
  11. Thats by design based on the type of club that was created. If the club is open, the content is discoverable. You can read about the different types of clubs above. If you don’t want it discoverable, have an admin join some random club (thus working around the bug) and then change the default stream to not include clubs in the result. That achieves the outcome you are asking about.
  12. The bug is that menu option that I mentioned only shows in the ACP if you are viewing it from an account that is in a club. As a workaround until the bug is fixed, have your admin account join some random club. At that point it should see the option I posted to filter clubs.
  13. Well it looks like that’s already done. Just had not scrolled enough to see it. 🙂
  14. You’re welcome to suggest this in the feedback forum for it to be considered later.
  15. In no way can IPS do anything with this. In a self hosted setup, all of the work is done at DNS and having a logo file hosted. In IPS cloud, email does not come from the domain itself. Otherwise it would require cloud also taking over email hosting AND having AWS approve each domain to send email. (There are other threads that talk about that.) Basically if you want this, you can do it on your own outside of IPB. It’s not something that can be setup at all through the software. Just realize if you do peruse it … that setup will not work with most major mail providers without you spending over 1K per year and proving you have a registered trademark for your logo.
  16. Take a look at the reg_confirm_email and reg_confirm_email_desc language strings. They should let you change the message displayed in your screenshot.
  17. If they waited till they had everything fully ready, you would not have anything until super close to completion. They’re sharing info as they can… but like anything you don’t want to promise something you can’t deliver. If they THOUGHT they could do a super cool new thing and shared it but it turned out it could not made to be worked fully well, people would blame IPS for the next 20 years about it. (Yes, it really has happened.) They talk about features once they are comfortable that they’re going to actually happen and that they can deliver on them as promised instead of promising vaporware.
  18. You trust you moderators to do things like edit, hide/delete content, etc but not profiles? Personally if they can’t be trusted to mess with profiles, they should not be trusted with the other tools.
  19. ACP - System - Content Discovery - Streams Edit the default stream.
  20. If you are worried about the activity stream only you could edit the various streams to filter out clubs also.
  21. With open clubs, anyone can see the content in it. That I believe includes discoverability. You might need to make it a closed or private club if you don’t want its content seen by non-club members.
  22. What are the privacy settings of the club that people are seeing content from? Some club settings allow seeing content even if they are not a member. And have you checked if it’s a closed club that a leader has not set a section to allow anyone to participate?
  23. I’m using IPS now. Before that, I managed my own AWS instances and before that, I had a VPS from KnownHost. I moved my site to IPS as I was tired of worrying about managing servers, etc. It was also part of ensuring the site survival. Most of the people in my site’s community know nothing about hosting accounts or servers or what it takes to keep a site online. By having IPS take care of software and hosting, if something happens to me, one of the other admins can take over the bill and just keep running the site as it is today without needing to learn a bunch of new stuff.
  24. Those are absolutely server issues then as IPB has nothing to do with accessing those services! Good luck.
  25. This is not done within the IPB software. This is done though DNS with things like SPF and DKIMM. Unless you have a registered trademark on your logo (this is supposed to be changing) and are prepared to spend north of $1000 a year for the BIMI VMC certificate, this can’t be done. https://support.google.com/a/answer/10911028?hl=en Each email provider decides what certificate companies they will accept. Google only supports Entrust and DigiCert currently.
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