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  1. It does not happen with the points logs tab -- only the points redeem tab. I've reproduced it while set to the default theme, so it doesn't seem to be related to my custom theme. I'm using the latest version of Chrome for my browser. Again, for clarity, the process is: click the Points Redeem profile tab, then any other profile tab, then the Points Redeem tab again.
  2. I experienced the issues I previously described with only the "Allow points redeem?" setting turned off in Redeem Points Settings. Redeem points was still enabled in each group's settings. After disabling it for each group, the Points Redeem tab still shows up in profiles, but now a "You do not have permission to redeem points" message appears when I click the Redeem My Points button, which seems to be the intended function. I was able to reproduce this in the latest version, 4.4.2.
  3. Really looking forward to upgrading my site to the latest version, but I've unfortunately run into a couple of bugs while running tests on my development site. 1. Even with points redeem turned off, the points redeem tab still shows up for users on their profile pages. In addition, it gives confusing messages when they try to redeem points. Here's what shows when you click the Redeem My Points button: If I hit the Submit button, I get a message saying that the value must be less than or equal to 4.5. If I change the value to 4.5, then the message says that the value must be 5 or greater. 2. An odd thing happens if you click into the Points Redeem tab on the Profile page, then click into a different tab (say, Activity), then click back to Points Redeem. Once you do that, things look fine for a second, then suddenly the page goes blank, as shown below, and the URL changes to http://example.com/index.php?/points/redeem/& Any ideas what's causing these issues? Thanks!
  4. Hi @Joel R thanks for your comments. Yes, you are right— I used the wrong term. I meant filtering. For example, in a forum view: sort by > custom > then in the filter drop down menu, add Featured to the list of filter options. This is really what I was hoping for.
  5. There are a lot of options for how you can sort forum topics, but one more option that would be useful would be sorting topics by whether they're featured or not. Is this something that could be added to the software in the near future? Thanks!
  6. Any idea about when/if the issue I mentioned above can be resolved? Thanks!
  7. The new update looks great! I've been testing out the new features, and I noticed that the Points Redeem tab still shows up on users' profile pages, even when redeeming points is disabled. Is there any way to remove that tab?
  8. @Mike John Any update you can give on when the plugin will be compatible with v4.3?
  9. Hello, Thanks for making this plugin! We've been making heavy use of it at our site for a while now. Will you be updating it to be compatible with v4.3? And if so, when do you think that will happen?
  10. Great, thanks! I look forward to it.
  11. Hey, just checking in. Were you able to figure anything out from those logs?
  12. Here, I've attached a copy of my logs. Another thing I'd like to figure out: how is the time frame of those Week/Month/Year values calculated? Is it based on the last calendar week/month/year, or is it just the last 7 days/30 days/365 days? ipb_basicpoints_logs.sql
  13. There's something odd that I've noticed about the Top Points widget, and I don't know if it's an intentional feature or not. The All Time tab shows whatever the users' current points total is. However, the Week, Month, and Year tabs seem to show how many points the users gained during that time period, regardless of whether or not points have been removed from those users. This means that the totals shown for Week/Month/Year can be higher than they should be. You can see an example of this at my site, https://appliantology.org/ The top points widget is at the bottom of the sidebar. You can see there that the Week/Month/Year tabs show that the user Samurai Appliance Repair Man has 4 more points than the All Time tab. The All Time tab shows his actual current point total. At a certain point, I had removed 4 points from that user, and that seems to have caused this discrepancy. It seems to me that the Week/Month/Year tabs should still reflect when points have been removed from a user. Is this a change that could be made to the plugin?
  14. Thanks for letting me know how to change that widget's name! That works great. As for the page error, the error code I'm getting is 1S160/2.
  15. Also, where can I go to change the title of the Top Points widget to something else? If I have to edit the files of the application to do this, which file (or files) would I edit?
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