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  1. Basic Points (Support)

    Great, thanks! I look forward to it.
  2. Basic Points (Support)

    Hey, just checking in. Were you able to figure anything out from those logs?
  3. Basic Points (Support)

    Here, I've attached a copy of my logs. Another thing I'd like to figure out: how is the time frame of those Week/Month/Year values calculated? Is it based on the last calendar week/month/year, or is it just the last 7 days/30 days/365 days? ipb_basicpoints_logs.sql
  4. Basic Points (Support)

    There's something odd that I've noticed about the Top Points widget, and I don't know if it's an intentional feature or not. The All Time tab shows whatever the users' current points total is. However, the Week, Month, and Year tabs seem to show how many points the users gained during that time period, regardless of whether or not points have been removed from those users. This means that the totals shown for Week/Month/Year can be higher than they should be. You can see an example of this at my site, https://appliantology.org/ The top points widget is at the bottom of the sidebar. You can see there that the Week/Month/Year tabs show that the user Samurai Appliance Repair Man has 4 more points than the All Time tab. The All Time tab shows his actual current point total. At a certain point, I had removed 4 points from that user, and that seems to have caused this discrepancy. It seems to me that the Week/Month/Year tabs should still reflect when points have been removed from a user. Is this a change that could be made to the plugin?
  5. Basic Points (Support)

    Thanks for letting me know how to change that widget's name! That works great. As for the page error, the error code I'm getting is 1S160/2.
  6. Basic Points (Support)

    Also, where can I go to change the title of the Top Points widget to something else? If I have to edit the files of the application to do this, which file (or files) would I edit?
  7. Basic Points (Support)

    Thanks for letting me know about that widget! I didn't know that was a feature in the application. There's something odd I noticed--after I installed this application, a new tab appeared in my menu bar called Points. But when you click on it, it just gives an error saying "the page you requested does not exist". Is there some way to configure this that I'm missing?
  8. Basic Points (Support)

    Thanks for answering my last few questions! Here's another one: If I want to be able to see which members have the highest point values, is there any way currently in the plugin for me to do that? A graph maybe, or can I sort my members list in the ACP by how many points they have? And if you don't have any features like that already in the plugin, would they be things you could add?
  9. Basic Points (Support)

    Hi again, thanks for answering my last question. I just have a few more. First, how long are the points logs kept for? Does the application start deleting them after a certain amount of time? Also, do you have any plans for adding a feature that would allow for the points logs to be viewed in graph form? For example, showing a user's points gain over time. This kind of functionality would be very useful for me, since I want to be able to see at a glance how many points a specific user gained over the period of, say, a year.
  10. Basic Points (Support)

    Hello, It looks like this application can automatically award points to users for posting new topics or replies, but can it award points to users for things like: Uploading a new file Another user downloading a file that the user uploaded Making a new blog post
  11. Template System

    Hey, the new version fixed the splitting problem! Everything is working great now. Thanks for the update!
  12. Template System, which I believe is the current version.
  13. Template System

    Okay, I've taken a few screenshots that can hopefully show this better. Here's the first one, showing the topic splitting UI, with the unlabeled set dropdown menu outlined in blue. If I try to click the Save button on this as is, the page loads for a second, but then just shows this exact same screen again, and the topic is not split. The reason for this only becomes clear when you click on that dropdown menu and select a set. See below: As you can see here, it seems that if a set has a required field, as this one does, the software doesn't allow me to split without first selecting the set and filling out the required fields. This happens even if I'm splitting a topic in a forum that has no sets assigned to it. I hope this explained the issue a little better. Any ideas on how to solve this? Thanks!
  14. Template System

    Someone already asked you about these errors that show up in ACP > Support, but I have a question about them myself. If I tell my software to run these suggested queries, will that break your Template application? Or are they safe to run? Also, as I mentioned in a previous post, I still experienced the problem with fields being required when splitting a topic, even after upgrading the Template System to your new version. Do you have any updates regarding this? Thanks!
  15. Template System

    I downloaded the latest version and installed it (the fields are now appearing above the editor, so I know it was installed successfully), but unfortunately the problem with splitting topics doesn't seem to be fixed. I'm still experiencing the same problem I was before.