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More developers leaving?

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2 hours ago, opentype said:

I wonder what that means when one has multiple licenses. Have at least one active? 

Pretty sure that's it. I think I have four licenses, maybe/probably more? I know two are just there waiting for me to do something with them and haven't been renewed in forever, others are on separate accounts but they all tie back to me in the end. I always regularly renew the one that has everything, and one organization is on more of a 9 month cycle - updates aren't critical and there is literally an approximately two month period where any/all dev and updates are pretty much off the table as stuff is not allowed to break during that time.

If it turns out the one that has to be renewed must be under the account you MP release under I might be boned - however, since Google decided to terminate all the old free Google domain email stuff the other day I have Hell in front of me for multiple organizations anyways, most of them tied to the aforementioned accounts, and if that's the case while I'm burning everything down getting all that resettled I'll just pull everything under one account regardless of the organizational nightmare it will end up being and call it a day.

BTW Esther renewed a few hours ago - her apps didn't immediately become available again, but are now, so maybe an hourly task runs that sweeps that particular MP thing.

Anyways, you no need to panic about Headstand 🙂

EDIT: Scrolls up, sees the obvious... lol

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