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Translate posts on worldwide forum


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V11LeMans.com is a worldwide forum running on InvisionBoard for 20 years. It's members are mainly english speaking, but I would like to reach a bigger audience. Therefore I've been searching here for a plugin that can translate member posts with a click (like on Facebook) and integrates nicely.
Is there such a thing? Could be a interesting for other forum admins too.

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Imagine this:

  • you add a whole bunch of website news RSS feeds to import to Pages app which are relevant to your niche and in english language.
  • IPS automatically pulls the feed image and text and imports to pages database
  • and then runs the text translation automatically lets say thru the translation service of www.deepL.com (much better than google translate from what I noticed) and leaves the entry for approval.
  • staff member looks at the text, makes minimal corrections and hits publish


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On 9/17/2021 at 9:42 AM, Charles said:

We are working on native translation in a future update 🙂

I would like ask for ability to leave a translate version improved. 

Example, a post in English:

- Click on Translate, 

- Show Chinese, Spanish, Spanish Improved. 

Spanish Improved means that version has been reviewed or modified. That is in case after I get the Spanish version translated, but it contains errors and I have it corrected. So member will can see a translate version with more guarantee gived by admin or the post author. 

That mean in the post translated form needs a editable and saved new name feature. 

In case of the Translate menu don't have Customized version, we will get it known as the translation by machine. 

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