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Validating and deleting members : becoming very difficult...


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Hello ! :)

Today, I wanted to delete  very old members belonging to a specific group and who had no content at all.

So I made a search and it returned 6 pages :


Then, I saw that there was no checkbox to deleted all members in one click...

So I told myself I had to delete each member at a time... I tried deleting one member and I got this :


What I think about this option :


Anyway, I went ahead and, after deleting the member, I saw that I was back to... the members' page. Moreover, I had to do the whole process again...


So is there another and fast way to remove these members ?

Same question for validating members :

Managing members on IP Board is becoming really difficult... unless I'm not doing it the right way ?

Thank you. :)

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Suppose you have 1 page of 24 members to validate and you wish to validate only 22 of them - how do you do that on one page like 3.4 allows?

In 3.4, the validating page has a checkbox next to each member.  So I can check the ones that I wish to mass validate while not allowing others.  Is this possible in 4.1 ? ? ?

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3 minutes ago, Nathan Explosion said:
  • Open the Member list.
  • Perform a search
  • Then you will see a "Prune members found" link - you will not see it unless you have performed a search


Ok. I couldn't search for just "Banned", do you have a suggestion on what to search for?


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I serached for the letter "a" and found 2 pages of accounts, all banned. I counted them to 37.

I want to delete them, and pressed the Prune Members Found, and got this:

"This action will remove 2 members from the community completely. Are you sure you wish to proceed? This action cannot be undone! It is recommended that you perform a backup of your database before running this tool, as a precautionary measure."


How can 37 found members be 2?



Really, why is this so hard? What happened to the checkboxes we where used to in v3? And all other normal databases. It's a shame really.

And why do I have to count the total myself? Shouldn't it just say somewhere "37 records found" or something!?


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