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  1. At my forum you can't see who reacted to your post. It only says "Somebody reacted to your post". Even when hovering, or clicking on the reaction, doesn't give away who gave the reaction. Here, at the Invision Community, you do see who reacted. I have looked for a setting that regulate this, but couldn't find anything. Where's the setting for this? Bad: Good: Tia! /andreas 🤠
  2. I serached for the letter "a" and found 2 pages of accounts, all banned. I counted them to 37. I want to delete them, and pressed the Prune Members Found, and got this: "This action will remove 2 members from the community completely. Are you sure you wish to proceed? This action cannot be undone! It is recommended that you perform a backup of your database before running this tool, as a precautionary measure." How can 37 found members be 2? <rant> Really, why is this so hard? What happened to the checkboxes we where used to in v3? And all other normal databases. It's a shame really. And why do I have to count the total myself? Shouldn't it just say somewhere "37 records found" or something!? </rant>
  3. Ok. I couldn't search for just "Banned", do you have a suggestion on what to search for? Thanks!
  4. Aye, should have emptied the cache first! 🤦‍♂️ Thanks!
  5. Just that this thread exists is a sign that it's done the wrong way. Furthermore, I can't find any "PRUNE MEMBERS" link in my Members page. I have some hundred spammers that I want to ban and delete. It's quite tedious to do this manually.... 😖
  6. I have uploaded a 40x48 .png file as the Favicon of our site. But it doesn't show. Instead, it shows an Apple logo (probably because the forum was placed on an Apple server before I moved it recently). Any ideas where to look? The Site: https://forum.aslsweden.com
  7. I found it! or, at least, I found a way to alter it. FWIW, here's the place:
  8. Thanks! Where do I put this code? 😝
  9. I added a thumbs up emoji and made it the default one (ie, I dragged it to the top). But it's only visible when you hover the reaction space. Look at the attached screen capture to see what I mean. What's up with that? Skärminspelning 2021-03-24 kl. 16.34.23.mov
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