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  1. Thank you @Adriano Faria, I will give it a go and let you know. Edit: I finally managed to get things to work thanks to you and to the clear explanation provided by @CodingJungle. Many thanks to you. I had to look for all parent:: calls, something that I probably did not do very well in the first place, and replace them with conditional sets/returns based on the fact that the parent class exists (which should never be the case, right?). Now this works with PHP 8 ! 🎉
  2. Hello to both of you (and anyone reading), I am sorry, but I cannot seem to fix this issue I ran into, with the exact same error message that you encountered, which is: This happens after I upgraded my PHP version from 7.4 to 8.0, only if I activate a hook that I downloaded on a third-party website. This hook had been available on the marketplace for a few years (I do not know why it is not anymore) and should be compatible with IPB 4.6. With no hook activated, I have no issue at all ; whenever I activate this hook (the only one that I am using), I am getting a 500 error code on any front-end page. I cannot understand what I should be updating in order to get things working. Is it the XML file for the hook? where I can seem to find but surrounding it with the is_callable function gives no result? Or somewhere else? Thank you a lot for your help!
  3. Thank to both of you for your answers, I will submit a ticket. Have a nice day!
  4. Hi everyone, can someone please help with this request? Have a nice day!
  5. Hi everyone! I did setup Facebook Login for my community, and everything has been working fine so far. This week, in order to satisfy to a request from Facebook regarding compliance issues, I tried creating a new account using a Facebook account, and I was quite puzzled regarding the behaviour I experienced. I would like to hear from something with more experience whether this is the intended behaviour or whether I misconfigured something (I could not find out what). Only the step 3 (below) is an issue to me. I went here to access more information about Facebook login in IPB, but this page only mentions the configuration part, not how we should expect it to work live. Step 1 - Access my community login URL (https://xxx/login), click on "Login with Facebook" Step 2 - I am redirected to facebook.com/login.php?..., I enter the credentials I want to login with Step 3 - Login is successful, I am redirected to my community, where I am required to enter an email address (see below) My question is the following: is it mandatory that we require our users to enter an email address? I thought this piece of information would be among the Facebook data that we just retrieved at the time of the redirection? Or am I wrong? Thank you everyone and have a nice day.
  6. I am currently experiencing issues satisfying them, so I think this is legit. The sender's email address is ***@support.facebook.com, and I definitely do not think that their email servers + configuration would allow someone else sending emails using their domain name. Also, they include your app ID, something which is (I think) not included anywhere in my source code, which they would not know were they not Facebook guys. Also, they wrote to me using the contact email address I provided, which is different from my FB Developer account's email address. Finally, they do not request YOUR credentials, but test credentials that they can use in order to check everything is working as intended (for compliance reasons). From what they told me, you have to create a test user (see here), register it on your platform, and provide the credentials of this test user so that they can check they can access your platform the right way. I hope this helps!
  7. Hi @opentype, great! I never noticed this entry. Thank you for your help !
  8. Hi everyone, I quite cannot find how to easily ignore someone (hide his/her posts in the topics), especially on the mobile version. On the desktop version of IPB, hovering over the user's nickname displays a pop-in window, where I can find an option allowing me to ignore them. On the mobile version, on the other hand, I cannot figure out how, and did not find any documentation about this. I could not find an "Ignore" option directly on the user's profile, which would have been useful on the mobile version (Firefox / Chrome for Android). My IPB community is 4.5.3, and I did not turn off the option allowing members to ignore other members. Also, I use IPB's default theme, apart from the colors. Can you please help?
  9. Hi @Daniel F, thank you for your answer. I will do so.
  10. Dear community members and contributors, I hope that you will be able to help me, as I cannot seem to figure out where my issues comes from. I own an IPB 4.4 community with around 5000 topics (not sure whether this is relevant, though). As this is a french-speaking community, topics' titles may contain special characters. Database is on a MariaDB 10.2.6 container, with all varchar columns on a utf8mb4_unicode_ci character set. Issue #1 ✅ If I run the MySQL query below, it returns 12 results. select tid, title from ibf_forums_topics where title like '%Actualit%'; ✅ If I search topics with the characters "Actualit" in the title, it returns 12 results. For the full word "Actualités", 9 results (which is correct). /search/?q=Actualit*&quick=1&type=forums_topic&search_in=titles ❌ If I search using the API, it returns 7 results, which is wrong. /api/core/search?q=Actualit*&type=forums_topic&search_in=titles&sortby=relevancy&key=XXXXX Issue #2 I have topics with very short words in their titles, and I wanted these words to be indexed for the search. For instance (this is a football-related board), "David de Gea" or "FA Cup". I did read a few things here and there, about the MySQL / MariaDB minimum length for fulltext searches for instance. I did make a change in the server configuration in order to allow shorter words to be indexed. The query below now returns 2, after I restarted the container hosting the MariaDB database. show variables like 'innodb_ft_min_token_size'; I did run the reindexation from within the AdminCP, and it seemed to complete without any issue. ❌ Still, appropriate results are not returned when I make a search. For instance, "FA Cup" is not returned when I look for "Cup", topics' titles only. Can you please help me find out what is wrong ? Did you experience anything similar, and what did you do that I probably did not in order to fix this ? Thank you in advance for your help !
  11. Update : it still does not work. @Tennman did you figure out how to solve your issue, please?
  12. Hi all, I just thought that I would add an answer on this, as @Nathan Explosion's answer helped me see things clearly, but MariaDB's documentation (in my case, Maria 10.2.6, InnoDB engine) did not. It states that (see that link) : Yet, on the page regarding the variable innodb_ft_min_token_size : 3 was the value of the innodb_ft_min_token_size variable configured on my server (no more, no less). Still, the search would not return topics such as "FA Cup" when I would search for "Cup" on topics' titles only. Neither would it return a topic named "David de Gea", for instance, when looking for "Gea" or "de Gea". I thought that maybe, innodb_ft_min_token_size was the maximum length of words not stored when building the index, rather than the minimum length of words stored? So I changed the value to 2 rather than 3, restarted MariaDB, and the index is now rebuilding (it took me some time to notice the "Rebuild search index" button in the top right corner of the IPB search settings page). I will let you know how it ends.
  13. I had a similar issue a few weeks ago. The issue was that between the time I downloaded the package from IPB website, and the time I uploaded it on my server, a new version had been released. It still had the same minor version number (4.3.2 for instance), but when I downloaded a new package from IPB website, the unzipped folder had a different name (the folder named ips_0c0f1, for instance). It might be worth a check, especially given that the files causing the issue on your side seem to be unrelated to each other (apart from the File folder), and not many of them. Might be a fix done by IPB a few hours back, for instance.
  14. PEBKAC? Not sure about why you write that. Seems like a display bug to me. If you do not want people to assume they can create bug reports using the Create menu, then don't add a "Bug" entry in this menu, or hide it when it is not relevant, or display a message when it should not be used. I will follow Joel and Adriano's instructions, but you should admit that this is not very intuitive, and also, it is very common nowadays to open bug trackers on a permanent basis, not just during betas.
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