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  1. Is the "PRUNE MEMBERS FOUND link" still available in version 4.5? I cannot find it. Or are there any other possibilities to bulk remove members? Thanks, Martin
  2. When I changed the Admin.php file, it had no effect. Still the same error. /admin/upgrade was the solution. Tanks! Martin
  3. Hi Ausy, thanks for your PN. The .htacces file was I removed the .htacces file and switched off "Rewrite URLs". No change. The friendly URL setting is Friendl URL: http://website.de/index.php?/store/cart Real URL: http://website.de/index.php?app=nexus&module=store&controller=cart This looks ok. Caching is switched off. The server is ok. All of the system requirements are ok. Hmm, any other ideas? Or should I contact the IP support. Martin
  4. We use the community suite 4.0.13, including the shop module. Until I put an article in the shopping basket, everything works. But when I want to see the basket, a "not found"-error occurs, so I cannot proceed with the checkout. The URL, which is called, is http://URL-of-website.de/store/cart/ Is this the correct URL? (This URL doesn't exist on the web server) Is there any misconfiguration? Thanks and kind regards, Martin
  5. Is there a possibility to test the migration vom vBulletin 4.2? Do I have to install the IPB 3.x first, migrate from vB 4.2 and then make an upgrade to 4.0 Beta2? Or is there no way to test the migration? We have about 1.5 Mio postings in the old vB-Forum and I would like to know wether the migration will work, when the 4.0 release comes. Thanks an kind regards, Martin
  6. The problem was a wrong URL for the test installation. The support team helped me very fast. Thanks!
  7. I deleted my IPB4 Beta 1 and installed the Beta2 from scratch. When I started the installation process, the following error message occurs: How can I use the Beta 2 now? The URL is the same as with the Beta 1. Thanks, Martin
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