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You might be aware of this already, but it is a request that would be highly appreciated by myself and I think by the rest of the community as well.

On my forums, I have specific forums which are not accessible for guests and also not for the google search crawler, because I prefer this forums not to be searchable through google.

However, it would be great if we could set separate access (f.i. as a separate user group) for the AdSense crawler, because irrespective of whether you can google these private forums, I want the ads on these forums to be as relevant as possible. The login feature of the adsense crawler doesn't work with IPB, as far as I know.

Please IPS, could you include code that recognizes the AdSense crawler and assign it to a specific user group? Thanks!

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You can already give Adsense login credentials for your forum to account for forums that can't be accessed by a guest.

4.0 will also allow you to restrict where ads show, which can be used to disable ads in non-guest forums if you prefer.

I tried it in all possible ways I could think of, but apparently AdSense is not able to crawl those pages (or I'm doing something wrong - most probable). Any how-to would be really appreciated!


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It would help if the instructions here identified login page, method and parameters concept.

Month passed out!

Today i get a same Crawler issues.

I set


as login url

and ips_username ips_passowrd as parameters

auth still doesent work, "test login" in adsense ui showing blank page

please, provide us your support, we wait for it a whole month

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Unfortunately, that would likely require contacting Adsense to find out why they are unable to crawl your site once you have followed their instructions on supporting logins.


I have already said, if they are getting a blank white page, you will likely need to check your error logs and/or contact adsense to find out why. This is a feature that THEY have built (for the purpose discussed in this topic, as well as others), it's not something *we* support.

If you copied and pasted your form fields, I can say off the top of my head "passowrd" is misspelled, however I wouldn't expect that to throw a blank white page at adsense.

Unfortunately, this is not something we can provide much support on. If the feature Adsense provides is not working correctly, you should let them know.

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It is really seems to be google bug, because i made some modifications in han_login, so auth_key is not being cheked while authentifications and any post request with


ends up with successful authorisation

but google is still shows blank page in authorisation test

anyone knows, where i must post my issue for google? in google groups?

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Sorry for the bump. But I think the following works. I'm currently testing it.



ips_password=the password you set for the bot

As far I understand the auth_key is always 880ea6a14ea49e853634fbdc5015a024 for guests.
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When running the "Test login" from the AdSense Crawler Login setup does it actually show the page signifying a successful login? I can't get it to display. I believe all settings are correct according to the above comments.

I've tried the login url "index.php?app=core&module=global&section=login" as "index.php?app=core&module=global&section=login&do=process" and "index.php?app=core&module=global&section=login" haven't worked either.

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Was anyone able to get this working and can share the settings?

I have set the crawler access, it can access the site properly, nevertheless it says i have to have my site verified with Webmaster Tools, which i do have (with all methods).

Despite that it says it failed to verify site ownership. Scratching my head about this...

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