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  1. kind remember me of new light themes of windows 10 1903, LOL 😁 good job and wow ehren is new IPS team? congratulation
  2. just sent you PM @Nathan Explosion, thank you
  3. I have the same problem with you @Mike Gholson i would like to see the solution also
  4. LOTR and HOBBIT I wish someone makes SILMARILLION also as a movie
  5. I remember using SMF back then, (2009) and read some topic about Vbulletin vs IPB as a paid alternative and I did some research for VB and IPB, finally i choose IPB ?
  6. no one with metal music here?
  7. game of thrones, awesome serials indeed will be end in season 8
  8. I like the new change maybe community menu should be in the different place, it took me a while to find it, but its okay now
  9. bump is it possible right now? or we need additional plugin for this?
  10. never use calendar, but nice addition
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