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  1. The tutorial shows you editing a PSD... Where is said PSD so that we can access it and make it to our liking?
  2. It would appear there is a slight problem with displaying the location of a person on the forum. Instead of it being "Location: etc" it displays as Locationetc.
  3. I would like to be able to keep all the custom themes and such
  4. Bumping for an update - Is it possible for me to source this update to 8? Still cannot use the ACP to do so. I would prefer not to have to start over.
  5. I am using SSL with CloudFlare and it has started making only my IPB v4 websites CSS to not load. I have decided I want to disable SSL on this particular domain and wanted to know how to fix all of the links. I changed the site domain in the config file but when clicking on links and such it still tries to load the https url. Is there a way to disable SSL from IPB?
  6. Yes, however this will be a full blown "from-scratch" installation. I would like to somehow get the customized one that the control panel produces.
  7. When I try to upgrade from beta 5 to beta 6 it hangs on Preparing your update... Any suggestions? Is there a way to get this any other way?
  8. It seems that even though a test user have reputation on different posts, the reputation activity never reflects which posts.
  9. When trying to disable the "Real Name" feature when creating a facebook login, it does not work:
  10. I noticed that it works here, however - I get a blank page on my install. Can anyone else confirm this?
  11. Ahh I see it now, however whenever I try to add a block I get this error: Could not save block permissions:
  12. Great, I was beginning to think it was just my install. Thanks for the confirmation.
  13. Whenever I use the search bar in the ACP it causes me to log out. Anyone else experience this? Also, when typing on mobile, words get moved around and when you type stuff random letters gets placed in random spots of words. I can't really explain it - Hopefully it's just a bug.
  14. ​I don't see this screen anywhere in the ACP.
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