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  1. This needs to be fixed ASAP because I am tired of having to fix the 'validating' table because UGR keeps crashing it because it reports I am not a paid API user. I am fixing this crashed table every few hours, it is getting very frustrating. I understand that you are having issue's with what ever the problem is, but it has been close to a week now, do you have any ETA at all?
  2. Looks to be all up and running for me, propagated in a few hours, which was nice indeed
  3. ​Glad to hear the issue has been sorted, some companies do what they have done to you, just so they can offer their dedicated services, that sux indeed, has happened to me a few times, until I chose to co-locate with my own Dell servers in the rack. ​Yeah I can report that the DNS has yet to propagate to my location. Upstream gateway times out with a 504. Give it 12 to 24 hours (to propagate) then it should be fine.
  4. Patience, sure I have plenty of that. I hope it is sorted soon. ​Glad to hear the email notifications are getting through. I make a living being online mostly all day, and all my issue's can be sent to my mobile phone, maybe you could consider the same type f thing to help you with issue's like this, I would be willing to assist if you need advice. ​A tad arrogant, don't you think. I do hope that the issue is sorted soon
  5. Im sure the geo server has had an issue somewhere, and I am sure it will be fixed as soon as Prince becomes aware of the issue. You never know, the server farm may have lost power and it has nothing to do with or is completely out of Princes hands Another thing I am fairly sure about, everyone who has a API key, is not getting any service. We are all in the same boat unfortunately.
  6. ​It is not that difficult to get notifications of replies, from this thread, I get them. I even get notifications of issue's I have with my servers, on my mobile phone. or Stop making excuses. It is 2015 - right!
  7. ​Beta 4.0 performs a tad slower than 3.4.x. But we have done fine tuning for our 3.4.x but not 4.0, we are in the process of doing that with the beta builds. We chose to not bother with any earlier builds because it would be pointless. We are running a dedicated server in the rack here, which will be much faster than your VPS, so no thanks. Performance tests are with stats via New Relic. We are in the process of fine tuning for IPS 4.0, and results are encouraging. Id suspect it will get better with final builds. The point of this topic was to have some discussion about this site, not mine, my site is not of concern (yet).
  8. ​After what the staff have been raving about for months, I think I have every right to question something that seems to contradict what they have been saying, don't you? ​Why is it too early, staff have been working on this for months, and I am just making an observation, should I just not say anything if I see bad performance on software I am going to purchase? The point of this topic was to at least get and intelligent discussion from the staff who are working with the software, and not have to put up with the simple comments about "it's too early" or "give it time it is still beta" - I mean it is very clear to me it is beta software, I have been watching the making of it too. Now on to some intelligent discussion........... ​Great to hear that you have found some issues and have had the chance to sort it out, this is very encouraging indeed. I know that you are all working very hard, and I know that when the software is released it will be brilliant. I do have faith that you guys are working very hard in making this software as efficient as possible, and from what you have just said, proves that to be the case. ​Go on, press it, you know you want too Unfortunately Marc_S you have not added much to this discussion. ​Yeah not so much. General load time of the main site (cleared cache, hence the DNS look-up time): And general load time of this topic, seems that the processing time has improved, so your tweaks are noted: But I am trusting that it will improve further over time as you suggest. I have much trust in that this site will improve in speed, it is clear now that you are aware of performance issues and are working hard to remedy that, and this (for me at least) is very encouraging indeed. P.S: I am confident in this software so much, that I have purchased (this week) Pages for the first time, because I think I may have use for it. Now it seems to be user friendly. ​
  9. and 122 seconds to submit a post? Really......... Wow you guys have lots of work to do, that is very clear to me.
  10. I don't know, but you guys (official IPS employees) keep on stating that IPS 4.0 is the fastest version of your software yet, I am not convinced. This is what it took to load the site today (8.8 seconds): This is how long it took to login (17.5 seconds): Now I am in Australia, and it never takes this long to load the site, it is usually only around 2 seconds to load, and about 3 to login. My own beta site is slower than my 3.4.x version. I am yet to be convinced. Seems I am not the only one seeing this: and
  11. Petros I don’t know, but usually when someone uses a messaging service like Skype and sends a message, it gets delivered whether the person is using that service or not, I changed my Skype contact details in late 2013 (which you did read in the PM – see: message ID=172971) and I have yet to chat to you on that service to date. Do you normally consider sending messages to a service with no response and class it as being a resolved issue? Because I have never spoken to you since changing my skype details. Yes if you send messages to my old skype details it will get delivered, but it was not delivered to me. I (like you) save all Skype messages, and to date, there is zero messages under your Skype details. I never received any of your messages on Skype, ever, if you have talked to someone, it was never me. I thought that would have been clear after the first & second post here regarding that issue. I opened Skype just now and sent you a message, no response (Yes I see that you are online). So clearly something is wrong here. Enough squabble regarding Skype, you have my new details and have had them since late 2013 but never used it. Now as for the issue, yes I agree that if you use the service that calls: http://www.yourdomain.com/folder/index.php?app=core&module=global&section=register Then yes, I agree it would add some time to the load time, and I am ok with that, but not on every page load, that is the complaint. I would prefer to talk to you personally and sort this issue away from the public, so we can come to some amicable resolution. P.S: I know some things get said in the heat of the moment, but look at it from my point of view - no response in over 6 months!
  12. Just to prove my point, here is a test of your own site 3DKiwi, and it looks the same pattern as with mine. Webpage test (adds around 1000ms to your TTFB): And GTMetrix (approx 917ms): Of course in the real world, these times may be more/less. Mind you, I cant disable the application to prove it improves your TTFB, so you should be able to do this. I would appreciate you doing a comparison to see if I am on to something here. Look, I am not trying to be unreasonable here, just trying to get some help with an issue I brought to light 6 months ago, although - I think I am have been wasting my time, quite frankly.
  13. Generally speaking, TTFB is tested via: (which is what is being reported here) curl -o /dev/null -w "Connect: %{time_connect} TTFB: %{time_starttransfer} Total time: %{time_total} n" http://www.<yourwebsite.address> And then tell me that there is no difference. I dont see any evidence that you have done this. If you go through the process I have, on post #180 & again on #184, then you should see what I am talking about. But I dont see that you have. No - there should not be any slow-down at all, I did not purchase this software to slow down my community, I purchased it as what was described in the description, and no where there does it say you will see slow downs, slower TTFB etc. Adding around 1000ms to the load time of any page is simply unacceptable. And to report the issue and have it ignored, again is unacceptable. Regardless of the fact you want to defend, defend, defend this developer, you can't go past the fact it is over 6 months - zero reply to this concern/issue, you simply can't deny it, and it should make you wonder about any issue that comes up in the future for yourself, right.
  14. I don't know what I have ever done to you Petros, except be a loyal supportive customer of both your applications, for nearly 3 years with DML & 2 years with UGR. I have even helped you out financially, and have no idea what I have done to deserve no response to this issue. DML: UGR: I sent you a PM over 24 hours ago and again - zero, nothing. Someone asked for support on post #186 - they got support in 35 minutes! I have waited over 6 months for at least a response to my query, clearly you don't care about the issue, or have an urgency to fix it. I can say now, that I will not renew any of my subscriptions with you and will purchase a firewall that will do the same job, I am done asking for help. Thanks for the zero support to this issue, and leaving it over 6 months with no response. Petros, you have given me no other choice, and have forced my hand. I am going to miss our talks & throwing idea's around on Skype and most of all, our friendship. Just so everyone else knows, UGR (with access control enabled) causes your community to add around 1 second to the overall time it takes to show a page to your members, and it's developer simply does not care about this issue. Proof is in the report posted here & followup report here. I strongly suggest if that is an issue for you, that you either PM the developer about it, or simply find a better solution elsewhere, because it is clear to me that if an issue becomes to hard, the developer will run. P.S: My name is NOT Chris! I am done here.
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