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  1. "remove format" button allows larger fonts (just without the source formatting) still, but changing settings will not allow it.
  2. Good day, have been trying to figure this out for a while now. CKeditor has a "remote format" button that works well when poster applies it manually. How to make it such that it is applied automatically without having to select it? thanks in advance.
  3. This sounds interesting; will test and see if it works well. Thanks!
  4. Updated with no problem, had to remove the templates and re-upload.
  5. thanks for your input. yes indeed since it is WYSIWYG, it is copied from source with formatted black text. the poster wont know or care if he/she is using white theme (and it wont be nice to ask them to change to dark) so i was wondering if there is any (sort of ) plugin that checks this before getting posted.
  6. Hello all, New to this community and hope if I am asking in the right place. Purchased a dark theme which is nice and all but for some time now whenever users copy and paste into post/threads with black text, it is illegible: I wonder if there are any fixes / addons for this? Thanks in advance.
  7. Really disappointing. Color settings don't work at all and every minor tweak requires custom code. and now no support.
  8. Really happy with the support so far, the theme works well. Do hope that there is an exact light version of this , for standardized layout on my site 😁
  9. May I also ask, which font controls BIM43 chatbox font? Would like to make it brighter for legibility.
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