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  1. Thanks @Rikki I'll suggest this to them. Note: The member is using Chrome, I had the issue on Opera so thought it may help point to something.
  2. The member said he tried incognito mode and still had the same issue. I know he's only one member and the problem is most likely something he is doing himself. I'm just trying to help this guy out as he is well known in our industry. I'll update everything soon and see if it fixes the issue on his end.
  3. Haha I don't know if it used these days I just had it installed for testing at some stage so gave it a test. It turns out the member is using Chrome when receiving that error.
  4. In his post above he did but the video looked like an Odysee URL copy/paste.
  5. Hey @V0RT3X666 Is that the latest IPB as my 4.4.1 install doesn't embed Time to update I guess. Just a test below of two different ways to copy/paste. Copy and paste from Odysee share link https://odysee.com/@lbry:3f/odysee:7?r=Ah2VDRfbaN8AshMKhtkSVBoHx7TYnK12 Copy and paste from right click https://cdn.lbryplayer.xyz/api/v3/streams/free/odysee/7a416c44a6888d94fe045241bbac055c726332aa/a27e60 Right click copy from main screen thumbnail https://odysee.com/@lbry:3f/odysee:7
  6. Update time! I've checked other members, no login issues, I've checked Facebook login and no issues there. I decided to check a few different browsers just to tick them off of the list of issues and BAM! Using Opera I get the same login issue as my member with his credentials. I should note that I am using IPB 4.4.1 I haven't updated yet as there are usually issues and I want to make sure my addons, plugins etc are 100% compatible before I update.
  7. It turns out they were trying to login with their Facebook account so this is probably a completely different issue. It seems they finally tried to login with their username and password and it worked. I have no idea what they were doing before as I'd asked them to use the username and reset password over and over again. 😑 Thanks for your help @Morrigan it is very much appreciated :)
  8. Thanks for the suggestion above @Morrigan An update :) The member attempted a login from the Homepage, apparently they hadn't tried that previously :S Logged in successfully, updated their password to a more secure password after I had reset it. The member logged out then attempted another login and received an email saying they had been locked out due to 3 failed login attempts.
  9. Hi everyone. I have a member who can't seem to login. I know, this is going to be tough to troubleshoot from my end. They say they keep on getting a wrong username/password error. I've reset their password and logged in myself perfectly. I asked them to login with their email and username to see if it helped, still no good. I thought perhaps there was some cached data holding onto an old login session so had them perform a hard reset, still no good. I have Facebook logins enabled which they tried and still no good. Besides throwing their computer out the window does anyone have any suggestions to what we can try next? Thanks :)
  10. Hey @PureBerry PureBerry I am running my site on a VPS and don't have huge server knowledge by any means so I opt for the WHM interface over command line. In WHM I went to Software >Easy Apache 4 and then installed PHP 7.4. Once that was done I deleted my older PHP version. Let us know if that helps, perhaps you are upgrading with a different method.
  11. Hey everyone thanks for your replies. In a support ticket the IPS guys pointed out the MariaDB update. I upgraded to PHP 7.4 and the site was back up and running. Thanks IPS support and all above, your help is very much appreciated.
  12. Thanks for the reply @Miss_B I'm running the site on a VPS, I can't find any recent errors in the log unless it's not displaying correctly (it's a huge file). I've made no changes to the forum or server. The 500 error looks formatted to IPS, I could be wrong. Index error Admin error
  13. Hi there, After being away from the office I've found out that my site is giving out a 500 error, the admin URL also gives a 500 error. I can however access my email fine. What are some suggested approaches to find the issue? Thanks all :)
  14. Hi all, I've been searching around for a way to send an automated email to my members that will give them a list of the forums activity during the week. I receive a similar email from a forum I'm a member of. It simply lists new topics for the week. Perhaps popular topics for the week would be a good option so the email isn't crammed with tonnes of topic links. I've looked into Our Picks, I don't think this is what I'm after as I'd like to automate the whole process. Have I overlooked this basic feature or am I just not understanding something as I thought this would be pretty standard and easy to setup? Cheers :)
  15. I tracked the issue down to an advert that I'd added around the same time as the update. The ad was forcing a width somewhere on the page forcing the navigation to be pushed to the side. Solved!
  16. If I can get it to work with the default theme I think that would be a good starting point.
  17. Thanks for the reply @Adlago unfortunately I've already tried that. I'll wait to see if anyone else has seen this issue, if not I'll create a support ticket.
  18. Hi peeps, Happy New Year :) I'm having an issue since in regards to the mobile menu displaying off screen to the right when viewing in portrait. Landscape view seems ok. I thought it may be a theme issue but the default theme also has the issue. The website/forum seems to scale down to half of the screen after the update which does make the menu fit on the screen but we have to deal with a half sized website. Is anyone else having this issue and know of a fix? Cheers
  19. It seems a simple password reset got me back in, pretty scary that my password can be changed though.
  20. Hey everyone, Just wondering the best way to get in and change my password as I've been locked out due to an apparent password change. I'm not really sure how this happened but I'm guessing some kind of hack? I am currently logged in to my forum I just can't get into the Admin CP. I haven't had to deal with this in a long long time. Should I be going into my db and updating my password in there? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks :)
  21. Thanks for your reply opentype. Damn! My members are going to wonder what the drop down is all about. It's a pity it shows on the front end as most people won't know what is going on.
  22. Hi everyone, I might be doing something wrong here. I'm trying to use the upsell option with a couple of my products available in my store. The upsell part works fine however, I can only upsell when associated with the other product I wish to upsell with. I get this, it makes sense however I get an "Associate With" drop down on my product page when the first product has been added to the shopping cart. I don't want my members to see this, the only association I require is to upsell. Here's a screenshot of what I'm talking about. Can products be associated without showing the "Associate With" drop down on the product page? Thanks :)
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