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  1. Hi, does this change require a specific server I am told shared server cannot support this change, thanks
  2. I just upgraded to and I cannot post on the forum, I submitted a ticket as well.
  3. Someone registered to my paid forum and they never paid their invoice. I have deleted their id and was left with the invoice as a result. When I saw expired invoice assigned to the guest I wanted to deleted it. It gave me an error and now I am getting the heading " A configuration or server error has occurred" and below "EX0 -something went wrong, Please try again." when going into to the "invoices" section in commerce. I opened up a ticket for it, as I found no post with similar issue. I guess the learning was to delete the invoice first and then the id. I think. Nevertheless executing "delete" button should not cause configuration issue. This is of course a bug and they need to fix this globally. Be aware
  4. how do you show announcements in the first place?
  5. It appears in Firefox, avatars move to different members. It is rather annoying . The thumbnail can be set in the backend. Loading screenshots in IP.Downloads still is a problem.
  6. My "Downloads" app did not work, I had errors showing for every download file. When trying to submit new file, I could do so, but when uploading image for a snapshot nothing shows. I cannot reload this image, just blank space. When attaching file to a post, it used to be a neat thumbnail, now it is the exact size of the image, how to manage to have a thumbnail instead? Thank you for all the assistance
  7. ​They still do not work on the sort side?
  8. I downloaded version 3.4 and it does not work on members sort.
  9. ​When will this be fixed? I can see the benefit of the security patch override the sort, but please address this as well.
  10. Hi there, after update it appears that alphabetical name sort does not work. Does anyone have a fix for this? Basically when any letter is pressed it shows ALL members list thanks
  11. Adriano, is there a hook out there which will force a member to read all posts or confirm to read them before he is allow to post? I run a site which has a lot of global news linked and frequently members post the same news multiple times, as they have not read all posts. I think this could be very useful for others. Thank you
  12. Adriano, after I installed the hook I can enable it but cannot find the settings on the system settings for hooks. Any ideas?
  13. HI there, thank you for the hook, You can restrict visibility to a group unfortunately the custom field under profile is visible to all groups. It would be great if the field (edit profile) was limited to groups of your choice.
  14. Adriano, the hook disables edit of the custom fields completely when enabled. Only when is not active or disabled one can edit an information. It would work great if it worked. Too bad it does not.
  15. Adriano, this is a great hook, but in the taptalk I can see span class description etc, is there away to not see this?
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