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  1. Everything new and recent comes together on the /discover/ page. And users have the choice to create a custom version of that page using the “Create New Stream" button: That’s the native and the best way. It would be possible to create a “dashboard page” with the Pages app and blocks put on it, but then there will be caching issues and users would not be able to customize it. I wouldn’t recommend it.
  2. Then just start it yourself and we will see if it will work.
  3. I work as professional graphic & web designer since 1999. I can help with visual customizations of Invision Community websites, especially in regards to the Pages app. Typical jobs include: —Setting up custom landing/home pages —Setting up Pages databases and creating custom templates for them —Improving the overall look of a community (colors, fonts, images)
  4. You can still just create a forum or Pages database called “Support Tickets” and use this mode if you need privacy:
  5. Pretty sure that is not working as intended. The empty space there below the R means a variable output is missing. Could be an outdated template, a language string problem or something similar. Here is how it looks on one of my sites where initial term and renewal are specified independently, even though they are the same: It’s pretty clear. I don’t think there is an easy way to change the display using the “/” for “per”, but that’s easy to explain in more detail in the description or even the product/subscription title.
  6. I set my email address as alternative contact for a license which is not run under my main account. It correctly found my username and added it as alternative contact: But when I try to use the Marketplace on that installation I still get: What am I doing wrong?
  7. I would just add it to my OS’ calendar app and I have reminders, device sync, notes, links and everything. Would work out of the box. No app required.
  8. You have probably deleted all calendars. You need at least one calendar.
  9. The ajax-based menu manager isn’t 100% reliable. I was making some changes to the menu and ended up loosing a parent entry for no apparent reason. And because all the child-entries were set for “one-time use only”, I lost the ability to add forums, gallery and downloads. It would be good to add some “self-healing” capabilities. For example, when the ACP menu manager is opened, check each entry and if necessary, reset them if they link to a non-existing parent.
  10. Your account isn’t showing as active client. If you have a paid and active license, try logging out and in again.
  11. But they can now easily start using them and the offer is pretty fair. For example, I’m sure people are hesitant to buy Commerce, but if you already have it in your license, trying out a premium membership will be easy and they might get those $80 back quicker than they thought.
  12. I think the issue is Pages pages without Pages databases put on them.
  13. Or maybe these problems with Twitter and Meta show that iFrame embeds are not the way forward. I would be more interested in exploring the options to hooking into the ActivityPub system to connect with Threads, Mastodon and whatever comes next. This could be more reliable and more native (i.e. not requiring iFrames).
  14. It has nothing to do with views. It shows if there is any unread content in those forums for the specific user looking at the forum index.
  15. Forum icons are shown greyed-out when nothing in the forum is unread for the user. There is not setting to change this. You could override it in your custom.css if you need to. .ipsItemStatus.ipsItemStatus_read { opacity: 1; }
  16. Improvements are nice, but my main concern is maintaining existing projects. I would want to know everything that is not possible anymore and learn if there are alternative ways. This includes hacky solutions like putting a MySQL query in a theme template and things like that. I have lots of customized installations and I don’t want them to be stuck with 4.x.
  17. There won’t be an easy fix like just setting preloading, lazy-loading or anything like that. In the end, it’s always the same content that needs to be loaded. You could improve the internal ads by delivering them as HTML code. Then you could specific the size of the banners to reserve their space and let the browser start rendering earlier. You could then also add lazy-loading, but that should depend on the position of the ad. It would work well for footer ads, but not for above-the-fold ads.
  18. I am missing “moderate first X posts” from the group settings. That’s the best measure. If the posts never get published, they will try and give up quickly. If you let them post freely, you invite them to hammer your site with spam.
  19. I don’t appreciate leading questions like that. If you would say “let’s reduce environmental pollution with measure ’X’“ and I point out that measure X might not work properly and might cause other issues, it would be naive at best or even dishonest to ask “so you don’t want to reduce pollution?” It just doesn’t logically follow. I addressed a specific measure/hack and explained my concerns. I have nothing more to add.
  20. Disagree. It’s a poor hack and therefore nothing we should want in a professional framework for thousands of websites. You trick the browser into thinking the fonts are not used for screen at all, then after the page is loaded, you say “April fools! Now switch to the webfont!”. It creates a terrible user experience because of the delayed and unreliable font change long after the page started rendering and the “local font first, use webfont later“ is already available as CSS declaration. It works in a much more reliable and optimized way because it was specifically designed for this use. If loading webfonts is not acceptable in terms of the loading times, the solution is simple: don’t use webfonts, which Invision Community already supports. onLoad is not the right moment to activate webfonts.
  21. I have that option for years through a third-party solution. Get ready to be insulted. 😉 People who leave a community in anger (e.g. after moderator actions) will love the opportunity vent their anger one last time, blaming and insulting you. I can’t remember a single time a text-based option to give reasons to delete an account was actually useful. If anything, I would suggest a checkbox list with admin-defined options.
  22. If necessary, one can change the language string to clarify that this does not include posts. I have it in my terms of service that personal data should never be included in posts and that account deletions will not delete posts. So users agree to that. If personal data ends up in individual posts, I deal with that on a case-by-case basis and delete the personal data or the entire post. But it makes little sense to delete possibly thousands of posts just because there is a chance that one of these posts could contain something personal.
  23. “Custom“ and “Plugins” are the default categories. All the ones you created can be deleted like this:
  24. Users would need to use the Forgot Password function to set a password and would need to know the email address they used with the linked login method. So you could or should explain that somewhere and inform your users before making the switch.
  25. Been doing that for quite a while across all my communities.
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