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  1. No, you should stop making false assumption and claim that my goal was to “gain scores“ or “poke fun at you”. All of that is completely wrong. You can’t make up what people’s motivations are and then judge them based on these purely speculative assumptions. It’s dishonest and insulting. And you can’t expect that people in an open discussion forum – developer forum or not – are only supposed to answer in ways that you like or deem worthy. That’s ridiculous. The only result will be that your questions remain unanswered, because no one will want to help you if this kind of response is what we get. And with that, I’m out for good. Good luck.
  2. You specifically asked for “thoughts”, I replied with a though relevant to the subject. Relax. It’s a discussion forum. That’s how it works.
  3. My first suggestion would be to use a NEW topic for each try. That page is now full of errors and it’s impossible to judge if a new reply would even work. You certainly have problems in your code. I can easily embed the forms on my forum just as Nathan.
  4. That code has typographic quotation marks, not the proper characters like ".
  5. Fun times ahead. AI-powered bots trying to post spam and getting into an endless back and forth with AI-powered moderation tools.
  6. It’s normally done with a dedicated button. {template="promote" app="core" group="global" params="$record"}
  7. Put the secondary content in a club, so people who are interested can join and see the content, the ones who are not interested see the main site as before.
  8. I understand that, but that doesn’t exist, so I provided alternative options. For example: this is the before-and-after for a record feed block with SuperGrid:
  9. You could check out SuperGrid and SuperBlocks for block templates for Pages records. Both options will include the record image in the blocks.
  10. I doubt it. It’s just a native video being offered to the browser using the “video” tag. To have a thumbnail image, it either needs … a thumbnail image being set in the video tag, but that is not supported for attachments, as the images are not being processed on the server. They are just uploaded. a thumbnail image being generated by the browser by (pre-)loading the actual video, but that’s not something the browser might want to do given the bandwidth requirements with potentially dozens of videos per page. For proper video handling you would need to have a cloud package and use the gallery app. That will handle server video-processing now. Videos just being uploaded as attachments can be problematic. And preview images aren’t even the biggest problem as the entire video can also easily fail when the format/codec isn’t supported in the browser.
  11. They are just shown in a highlighted way when you type something.
  12. No, that is not possible and it is unlikely to make that possible just from the template. It’s something IPS would need to add.
  13. It works exactly like any other Pages database listing display. So yes, it can be assigned to a category and it will show a pagination when the number of records is higher than the value set for one listing view in the database settings.
  14. Doesn’t change what I said. Your expectation/experience is not the measure of correctness. But this is not worth debating. I would just encourage you to avoid words like bug/correct/incorrect when talking about your expectation of functionalities – if only to avoid having sceptics like me jumping in and having to correct you. 😉 The choice of words matters.
  15. It’s not “incorrect”. It’s how responsive web design works. You have a flow of containers – one after another – and with a left-to-right reading direction, an element on the left comes first – whether those elements fit on one screen or not. And with the right-to-left reading direction it’s the other way around. It might not be “preferred” in every situation, but there is nothing “incorrect” about it. For example, because they contain essential/important information. The help guide section here on the site has the navigation sidebar on the left. That’s a deliberate choice to use the behaviour wrongly labelled “incorrect”.
  16. Hover over the abbreviation. It gets explained automatically.
  17. You create Pages blocks in the ACP with the content you want and then use the option “External embed”.
  18. The developer console says “Missing sitekey”. So check that the site key is set correctly in the ACP.
  19. This is NOT possible. Technically and legally. (It’s a bad idea anyway. If you have different projects with different URLs, menus, galleries and so on, create DIFFERENT websites, not one website where everything is somehow thrown together.)
  20. For my taste, “account deletion” is too well hidden under “security and privacy”. I would suggest to either change the tab name or to give this function its own tab, like this third-party solution does it.
  21. I wouldn’t call it a hack. It’s why editing the form is supported in the first place. The content of the field can also be processed via hooks or from the templates. Tons of options. But the average user will have a need for a proper title field, as this is what is shown and used as link in the ACP and on the front end. I doubt IPS will mess with that.
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