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  1. hi Marc Thank you for the answer. Yes, that is true. But a 410 error would be better to signal to Google that the item is not only gone temporarily, as 404 errors signal just that, while 410 errors signal to Google that an item is gone for good, which results in faster deindexing. Anyway, thanks for the answer! Regards, Marcel
  2. Hey Guys I am wondering if there is a way to make sure that deleted content is served as a 410 GONE error instead of a 404 page. I want to signal to Google that the content is deleted for good, so a 410 would be much better than serving a 404. But I don't know if there is any way in IPB to do that. Basically, every topic that I delete I would like to serve a 410, so that Google knows that the content is deleted for good and it can then quickly deindex it. Kind regards, Marcel
  3. Hi there. Cool plugin. Would it be possible that you add the option for 410 redirects as well? Because I am currently searching for a way to make sure that IPB serves a 410 redirect (Gone) instead of just a 404 when content is deleted! Kind regards, Marcel
  4. thank you. Hoping for an improvement then with upcoming updates. Fingers crossed.
  5. Dear Everyone Does anybody know how I can fix this JS render-blocking problem? Please have a look at the screenshot: It's in German but it says "Remove Unused Javascript" on top. And then, the problematic JS files seem to be root_framework.j, root_library.js and plupload.full.min.js. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Have a nice Sunday! Cheers.
  6. Thank you, I will certainly try that! The standard font sizes are WAAAAY to small on mobile devices in my opinion. So I want to try that out. I need much bigger body font on mobile. Also, I just got an error because of that in google search console (text too small). that's the main reason I wanna do that...and it's much easier to read after all if its bigger. Thank you!
  7. Hey Guys I am using the IPB default theme. And in the backend, I am able to change the font size for desktop by using the scale font sizes option. However this does not seem to change the body font size on mobile at all (only on desktop). Could somebody please tell me how I can change the body font size, so that it will appear bigger on mobile phones as well! Kind regards, Marcel
  8. to an add code like this (htmls), what do I need to add to make it centered on the page? <a target="_blank" href="https://shareasale.com/r.cfm?b=12842&u=2514300&m=65042&urllink=&afftrack="><img src="https://static.shareasale.com/image/65042/300x250-3.png" border="0" /></a> Kind regards, Marcel
  9. Hi everyone I am working on my sitespeed on https://linguaholic.com I have been able to solve most of the problems. Right now, I just have one more big problem: Render-Blocking CSS. Who can solve this for me? If you know how to solve it, please drop me a PM and we can discuss the price. Kind regards, Marcel
  10. I respect that obviously. I thought that font awesome was just for the fonts itself but as it rather for the icons, I do understand that that wouldn't make any sense. I just find it super silly that iPB does not care about site speed. 2 seconds to load these icons, that's ridiculous. And no web-safe font to start with...why? I couldn't care less about small icons like that. I would like to have a built-in option to turn these things off or just use the most essential ones. Thanks for all the help you provided. I think my website is running fine now on Helvetica. Best, M
  11. I have done that and the website is still loading fine. However, the website is still loading this .woff file here, which has a very bad impact on site speed (see screenshot). I would like to prevent fontawesome from loading at all and use Helvetiva for everything. It looks everything is running on Helvetica now but it is still loading this .woff file ;( I changed everything to Helvetica and it looks great. In fact I would just like a single font (Helvetica) and make sure nothing else is loaded. Especially not fontawesome, which has a very bad influence on sitespeed (in general). Any idea on how to stop font awesome from loading at all? If yes, please let me know. I would highly appreciate that. :=)
  12. I will try that! But first making a backup, hehe. Thank you very much Nathan. Can't believe IPB does not feature a Web-Safe Font straight out the box.
  13. That's interesting, Nathan. Thank you very much for your message! Well. One thing that has not changed is that all kinds of other Google Fonts still get loaded (as far as Google Pagespeed is concerned), which has a very bad impact on my SiteSpeed. (see screenshot). I would like to make sure that Google Fonts are NOT loaded at all and just my web-safe Helvetica font is used for absolutely everything. There's still a couple of .woff fonts that get loaded (open sans, roboto) and so on.
  14. Hey Nathan! Thank you very much indeed! I did this and it looks like this works! However, the thing is that I would like to change all fonts on the website to Helvetica, not just the body font. Can that also be done by adding some more custom css? Thanks a million for your help. I really appreciate it! Kind regards, Marcel
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