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  1. you are right, this does now work like a charm! Thanks Newbie LAC!
  2. Maybe I haven't the last version then. Let me check this. Thanks a lot for the quick reply. I think I have 1.0.8. oh I did not yet pay the renewal fee. I just did that. and will now try with the latest version!
  3. Dear Newbie LAC I am now using your plugin again. It still works fine there is just one small problem. When I try to restrict an ad for just desktop and then in the settings I will tick that option, after saving that option will not be saved. When I go back into the settings then, it always shows "All devices". So I am not able to only show a certain ad only on desktop devices which is a big problem because some of my affiliate ads are not responsive and so they will be therefore cut badly on phone devices. How can I solve this? Would be amazing if you could help me with that! Best, Marcel
  4. Hey Taman I have now inserted a fixed widget to the page https://linguaholic.com/forum/11-language-learning/ I tried to add it then in my custom css (I see you already provided a custom css code to another person because this person was also interested in this) However, I could not get it to work (see screenshot). I did change the id of the widget. I am not 100% sure if I chose the right id, though. Because I am a CSS newbie. So many things could get wrong. So could you please tell me the exact CSS that I need to enter in the custom.css file. That would be highly appreciated. Kind regards, Marcel
  5. Hey there I attached a screenshot from that page. I just want the add to appear like in the screenshot BUT to be sticky. I did not choose "fixed widget" here because with if I would have done that I couldn't show you what I want to achieve. I can give you my login credentials if that helps!
  6. Dear Taman I just purchased your plugin. I have one important question. I want to use your plugin for sticky sidebar ads. I was not yet able to set this up. When I choose "fixed", then the AD will only appear after I opened the "sticky button" up. But I would like the AD to appear from the beginning and be sticky, without having to open up anything at all. Please have a look at https://linguaholic.com/forum/11-language-learning/ That is how I want the Ad. But I want it sticky. So the thing should already be collapsed/expanded from the beginning. I don't really even want people to be able to collapse/expand it (if that is possible!) Could you please help me to achieve this? Really hope this is possible Kind regards, Marcel
  7. well, it's about time that IPB gets faster. Hope dies at last.
    I just purchased the product and it is NOT working for me. So at the moment, I can't give it a good rating. Hopefully, I will get it to run with the help of the support team.
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