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  1. I don’t pay IPS nearly enough for what I get from this software and the support. I suspect self hosting is not exactly a profit centre, per say!
  2. Thanks @christopher-w. I've much appreciated your input here over the last few years so would love to see what you've cooked up. Will watch for that post!
  3. If you ever want to share any of this back (appreciating for strategic reasons you may not want to) it would be welcomed by many. Love seeing the small adjustments others make.
  4. This means they are on an OG iPad, ipad2, iPad 3rd gen, or iPad mini 1. Basically, hardware released at latest in 2012 (and possibly earlier) where Apple only supports up to iOS 9. iOS 9 has been out of security support for a few years now This also means the hardware is at least 8 years old. That’s a long time for mobile/tablet device compatibility, especially given how much changed over the last decade. Can’t support everything forever. For the software to improve, it’s gotta look ahead. I’m sympathetic given how expensive it is to update what otherwise “works”, but also selfishl
  5. This thread is a good reminder of the diversity of users. I haven’t thought about post numbers in decades. Would never have thought some people are so passionate about this topic. Certainly a curiosity to me as to why people are so hung up on them, but that’s what makes this community interesting!
  6. @Midnight Moddingi was reading about the new Nvidia releases and thought of you. Did you end up finalizing this build? If so, how you liking it?
  7. There is no legitimate reason anyone or any organization should be using IE. If you have users stuck on it, that sucks, but it’s akin to having users tell you they unfortunately are stuck on 14.4k dialup and find the site loads too slowly. IE is dead. Let it Rest In Peace.
  8. To piggyback, the one quality of life improvement I would like to see if the “trust computer for 30 days” option that has become somewhat standard.
  9. Click the time of post. Similar to twitter etc. in that regard.
  10. I run an education/academic community, so I’m not sure how accurate that is. It’s not trolls persay that are the problem for us, it’s people wanting to try out different opinions or perspectives and see the responses. Or people trying to deviously show support for their original comment. It’s not trying to specifically troll the site, they just don’t understand how toxic that behavior can be to a community. You’ll never stop everyone, but the goal should not be perfect detection, just another piece of data to help make informed moderation decisions.
  11. I’m not sure features should be dismissed because you worry some admins would use them in ways you disapprove of though. Duplicate users are a huge problem for my site. We have a very strict one account per person rule because of the nature of the content and that people sometimes want get the benefit of saying stuff not tied to their main account. I have a large mod team and we’ve had years long discussions about what works for our community and for us, one account per person is the best solution. We have very minimal instances, again given the nature of the site, that there would be mu
  12. Man, re-reading the early days of this thread is wild.
  13. Supporting video chat requires a platform and company that is probably at a minimum twice the size of Invision is currently just to deal with the rapidly changing landscape and support requirements. There’s a reason companies that succeed try to focus on doing a few things extremely well vs. trying to do everything and having half baked and poorly supported versions as a result. I’d love for Invision as a company to be so successful that they could grow into other markets, but at the moment they are doing a great job of community software. Stepping up to try to compete with Microsof
  14. +1 from me. We have a rule only allowing one account per user because people often post and then want to distance themselves from something poorly received. It devalues the community to have a bunch of people utilizing multiple accounts, along with the trolls who make multiple to seed arguments. I would love to see some sort of opt-in centralized Invision user checker sort of like the global spam tracker. Make it a subscription add on, doesn’t matter to me. Just need some modern user moderation tools that don’t require so much manual work.
  15. I agree in part. With the plugin I asked Adriano to develop, the intent was not to share any information about what the outcome of the report was (especially if it led to suspending another user), but to provide an ability to easily thank or communicate gratitude to the reporter. The vast majority of my reports aren’t related to specific user infractions - usually it’s reporting spam, mistakes, double posts, etc. I liked the idea of trying to generate more faith in the reporting system but not making it such a black hole. I will say 90+% of the use I get from it is sending a default thanks mes
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