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  1. My only comment is I would strongly urge someone to look at Discourse to see what a typical "basic" set of badges looks like and make it very easy for Invision users to implement such a "basic" set to very easily have a great user onboarding experience. This is the only area I think Discourse has been crushing us, and they really have pretty much nailed user onboarding through badges and gamification. I've joined two discourse communities recently related to some smart home stuff I'm doing (Hubitat being one of them) and the user onboarding with badges to reward participation and elevating to higher and higher trust levels the more things a person does to engage is just *chef's kiss*. Sort of like the below (although I dobn't think this is the default set):
  2. The only reason I would say this is redundant is that both iOS and Android have built in capability to do a quick scroll to top. In iOS it’s universally just tapping the top of the screen. Android has a few different implementations but you can set it up with a gesture in any event. I understand that a button is super easy, but in this case it does seem like replication of native OS behavior.
  3. Nothing to add, great video, but omg please don't ever ask me to smash a like button again.
  4. I had a user note that they had spent a good deal of part of a day working on a post before submitting, and discovered that after submitting they were unable to take advantage of the 60 minute edit window we provide. They “tested” and seem to suggest that perhaps the window is being calculated from when the post draft is first started, and not when posted. I can’t seem to reproduce, but wanted to check with the community here to see if anyone has more specific technical knowledge of how the edit time is calculated and what triggers it.
  5. Latest version of IPS? I haven’t personally benchmarked, but I’m going off what most the trusted PHP experts (and the PHP development team) have said about 8. Expect performance gains from JIT in certain specific calculation tasks and long running php apps. Most web apps (which aren’t either of those things) aren’t not expected to specifically benefit from the initial release of 8. If IPS is seeing a x2 performance gain, I would be shocked and that goes against everything written about the purpose and expectations for 8, but would obviously be a welcome surprise.
  6. PHP 8 is not faster than PHP 7.4 for the vast majority of web applications. There are many great new features and language improvements, but speed improvements for web apps was not the focus of PHP 8. There will be limited reasons for IPS to officially support PHP 8 until it's baked a few versions, minimum.
  7. Yeah sorry! Horrible reply on my part. @Ryan Ashbrook covered one of the big issues I had which was that ckeditor would randomly fail to load or would load improperly so certain functions were disabled. I don’t know how to characterize it other than very weird and annoying bugs that didn’t happen every time so were hard to replicate, but always related to JavaScript. There were also times the entire site would just stop loading about halfway through initial paint so you were left with broken stylesheets etc. As soon as rocket loader was disabled, all of that went away
  8. Cloudflare Rocket Loader usually breaks IPS, as a heads up.
  9. Going to be an issue if iOS9 is the latest the device supports. Your users are on nearly decade old hardware at this point
  10. Thanks for the update! Looks great.
  11. The comment Matt made was in reference to push via web, which isn't supported in iOS without using native apps. They now have a native app.
  12. It’s easy, but man, I would never recommend to anyone who values their time and having a secure server to run their own mailserver. It is not low maintenance.
  13. I love this feature. Agree with @Paul E. above that forcing OP to be anon would be helpful. An alternative would be to ensure that moderators can go the other direction as well, i.e. in addition to revealing who the OP was and de-anonymizing, it would be great if there was a setting for mods to edit a post and change to anonymous. We often have members who join to post a question that can sometimes reveal highly personal info and it’s fine when they think it’s a one off question, then they decide to stay (because our community is so great) and become a long time member. That usually prompts a PM asking if we can go back and remove some personal info they posted when they didn’t think through the implications. Would love to use this tool as an easy anonymizer for that type of content.
  14. What’s the need for plug-in toggles or specific settings for when to enable/disable? Shouldn't this be as simple as the ACP specifying the default dark theme and then just relying on @media prefers-color-scheme? If no dark theme set as default, nothing happens? I’m not exactly in the running for developer of the year but even to me this seems like a pretty easy solution that utilizes OS features re night/dark mode and not have to reinvent the wheel in Invision.
  15. Could open source this with a git repository that anyone inclined to assist could contribute to. I have none of the skills required to do anything technical and all I can do is cheerlead. Frankly I also like the default skin save for some decisions about how big text and other elements are on mobile/tablet which is why I run at 75% zoom on mobile, so not a huge vested interest either. But clearly there are a lot of people who want a default skin that is far more flexible for their needs, and there is absolutely the talent here to help. Doesn’t seem like a candidate for a paid exercise, but something the community will need to figure out on its own. Ultimately, maybe providing a working framework that can be compared to what Invision provides and makes the case for certain changes. Would love to see that sort of collaboration. Can also happily assist with any grunt work lower skilled tasks if they are needed.
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