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  1. I'm not @kar3n2, but a few of my favourites from shopify are: https://themes.shopify.com/themes/simple/styles/light/preview https://themes.shopify.com/themes/simple/styles/beauty/preview https://themes.shopify.com/themes/venture/styles/boxing/preview https://themes.shopify.com/themes/flow/styles/cannes/preview (this one is really nice!)
  2. Message on Signup Screen

    Can I make one other suggestion? Would it be possible to add a setting to allow us to wrap the signup message in a div or <p> tags or something? When you use the built in header advertisement function, the message on signup is squished up against the ad. I could pad the ad, but that throws off formatting on other pages.
  3. Message on Signup Screen

    @Pete T thanks!
  4. Message on Signup Screen

    Can you also check when quick register is turned on, going to yourdomain.com/register/ (with the trailing slash). There are a few places in the suite that link to /register/even when quick register is enabled and don't generate the quick register signup box, and on that /register/ page when quick register is on, it duplicates the message block from this plugin.
  5. Message on Signup Screen

    It's actually broken with quick register right now - see above chain.
  6. 4.2.7 Release or changelog.

    The only thing I noticed is that when I went to upgrade there was a list of stuff being changed in the ACP, and I wanted to look at that list again and it wasn’t the same list on the release notes. Doesn’t really matter a ton to me personally, but I seem to recall it mentioned a few more changes than just GDPR and curiosity always gets the best of me.
  7. Invision Coin - Micropayments to funding content

    https://m.imgur.com/r/CryptoCurrency/8tQEo11 this answers everything in this thread
  8. Invision Coin - Micropayments to funding content

    Look, I was giving you the benefit of the doubt, but this has hit old man ranting at clouds levels. You continue to confuse or purposely hand wave over the volatility and run up of various currency market caps with somehow a new Invision coin being an investment in Invision. It’s not. You can’t create investment value out of thin air. (Edit: ok, not entirely true. Sometimes this happens. It’s called a bubble, and they always pop.) Your argument is boiling down to “lots of people are dumping a lot of money into the risky volatile world of cryptocurrency. Invision needs to compete with other communication platforms that are stealing its users. Ergo, Invision should gamble on tricking enough people into investing in its coin to fund new development of new features and hope they don’t lose all reputational value when the inevitable bubble bursts and their users who bought in are left holding worthless garbage”. I say worthless garbage, because there is nothing inherently valuable about forum communities or forum software that would justify investment in a forum specific crypto coin, and the coin itself would only be useful in a forum setting for micro transactions if it was super stable which is exactly the opposite of what you want if you want it to be a massive revenue generator. Translated to normal market speak, it’s like asking Invision to start issuing shares to raise capital with the expectation purchasers of those shares would use them to purchase and reward via microtransactions in the forum system. Why would anyone do that? You buy shares from an equity raise because you believe they will increase in value and generate investment income, not because you want to use them as form of stable currency. If you think there is value in a stable cryptocurrency as a means to entice users to complete microtransactions, then a) that’s not going to lead to a huge equity dump into Invision, and b) the foundational assumptions of the system still needs to be true, which is that users will transfer actual currency in exchange for good info/content/better forum features/more pm storage/whatever. The evidence many of us have encountered is that most users do not want to spend any money to access or reward content, full stop. It works at reddit because they have so many millions of users that the incredibly small percentage who will buy and give out reddit gold is a high enough threshold to make the initial investment in the feature worthwhile. I can’t think of a single Invision forum with millions of active users (in fact, if you added up every single Invision, xenforo, vanilla, discourse, etc. forum, you still likely wouldn’t have the active userbase of reddit). I don’t disagree that lack of a native mobile experience is hurting most of our communities, but that’s not going to be solved by speculating in cryptocurrency.
  9. Invision Coin - Micropayments to funding content

    I wasn't being facetious when I mentioned Reddit Gold. It's worked very well for them. Blockchain cryptocurrency has this stigma right now due to the fact it's going through its investor speculation phase, but if ever a stable digital currency not prone to crazy volatility emerges, then really we're not talking about anything different from Reddit Gold in concept other than the tech behind the currency. Reddit Gold uses USD, which is a stable currency. Everyone knows that if they buy $50 worth of reddit gold, there is certain things they can get for that. Following @Silnei L Andrade's description of what he thinks could work would be a forum software wide, it's really the same idea with the blockchain tech layered on to potentially permit cheaper micro-transactions based entirely on a currency specific to forum software. The big upsides you are talking about is developing additional revenue sources from users using micro-transactions made in crypto to replace the shrinking adsense market. The current technical hurdle is that the transaction costs for a site doing thousands of micro-transactions is extremely high and essentially makes such a process cost-prohibitive. Reddit as a site solved it by developing their own form of currency that is pegged to value on one site only (reddit) and users only have to transact once to get a chunk of this currency they can use for various things. Practically, this isn't all that different from any of the thousands of store-specific currencies that have been used by physical goods retailers for years prior. You need a fairly massive userbase to make this work. Again, until volatility into cryprocurrency generally settles down for the long term, I don't think this idea has legs, but it could potentially make sense in the longer term. However, if I'm a user, I'm not going to convert fiat currency or some other cryptocurrency to invisioncoin to tip a user for a good post if there's the risk my $2 tip could be worth $600 due to a run up on the coin value because of speculators. I'd use USD and rely on existing rewards systems. I'm also skeptical the overall forum market (even if this was a plugin that was used on every single IPS, xenforo, PHPbb, Vanilla, etc. install) is anywhere near big enough to support a specific coin, nor would there be any reason to use a specific coin vs a universally known and accepted cryptocurrency. Imagine a world where ethereum moved over to proof of stake and the speculators left the investment market and you had a fairly stable value for a relative decent period of time - why wouldn't we just use ether as our currency to achieve the same thing? You still haven't given a reason Invision themselves should develop a competing coin though, when they could simply allow users to use one or more cryptocurrencies to reward good content or tip a good post and let the site take a commission from it as part of the overall revenue stream. It's an interesting topic, but I think like many things crypto, there is a lot of "me-too"-ism going on here where everyone and their grandma suddenly thinks they need a crypto whitepaper and the market hasn't figured out what the hell it's doing with this all yet.
  10. Invision Coin - Micropayments to funding content

    So basically reddit gold, but using blockchain currency?
  11. Invision Coin - Micropayments to funding content

    Ok, I’ll bite. How does blockchain solve the above for Invision users.
  12. 4.3: Automatic Community Moderation

    I'm not sure if others encounter this, but my reports generally fall into two categories - spam, and "other" (abusive language, double post, user wanting to edit past the time limit, etc.) Am I understanding the rules parameters right such that I could set a lower hide threshold for posts reported as spam (say, 2 reports for a user with < 10 posts) vs other types (which may warrant more reports to trigger the auto-hide). Thanks!
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    It's always nice to see when @Joel R has already suggested something tangentially related
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    *facepalm* Yup, that's on me!