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  1. Just FYI, while this *may* be possible for users who have android phones, this is not possible without a dedicated iOS app for iphones as you don't get access to the standard location service which is required to do any sort of real time tracking. And would duplicate the "find my" app which already exists and parents already have access to. Same with android: https://support.google.com/families/answer/7103413?hl=en
  2. This is a good take. But then it raises the question of how to actually permit anonymous discussion, which is certainly something we’re allowed to do in offline society (albeit it’s a bit trickier to accomplish). The worry is that it places a heavy onus on the community admin to police that anonymity is only permissible if there is a means to unmask if required. Interesting to think about, in any event.
  3. If Apple ever offers push PWA, it undoubtedly will also require enrollment in Apple's Developer Program, so I think it's likely a foregone conclusion that anyone wanting to play with that ecosystem needs to fork over the $99/year fee at some point.
  4. Just as a general note, this is something IPS can mitigate, but it’s not up to them to solve Adblock blocking your ads entirely. While picking up on class names might be a method used now, that will no doubt change. It’s a constant ongoing battle and you’ll have to figure out a strategy to monetize that assumes ads are capable of being blocked long term.
  5. That guy is not an official spokesperson for webkit or apple, however. Apple's dev Maciej Stachowiak (who is one of the lead PWA devs from the looks of it) and Webkit's engineer Chris Dumez have both confirmed on twitter to use the webkit bugzilla for providing the use case feedback on the request. Providing through official apple feedback channels is obviously a good idea too, but feedback of any sort is the key here.
  6. FYI, in response to being asked about the list from the medium article, Apple PWA dev responded as follows: EVERYONE WHO IS READING THIS, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PROVIDE FEEDBACK HERE: https://bugs.webkit.org/show_bug.cgi?id=182566 EXPLAINING WHY PWA PUSH NOTIFICATIONS ARE VERY IMPORTANT TO SOFTWARE LIKE INVISION WHERE A WHITE LABEL MOBILE APP FOR EACH COMMUNITY IS NOT FEASIBLE. PLEASE TRY TO AVOID "+1 I NEED THIS" AND PROVIDE AS MUCH SPECIFIC, CONCRETE DETAIL ON HOW YOU WOULD MAKE USE OF THE ABILITY TO SEND PUSH NOTIFICATIONS TO MOBILE USERS AND WHY A NATIVE APP ISNT A SOLUTION I asked Invision if they had plans to make a formal use case proposal through this channel and as of right now they do not, so it is on us as a community to advocate loud and often for why push needs to be implemented on iOS with concrete examples of how our communities would use it (and just as importantly, not abuse it). @Matt, I appreciate that the view is that Apple is strategically holding back push support in iOS so as not to cannibalize the app store, but when the Apple dev who is responsible for implementation is specifically asking for concrete examples from people who would benefit from push API PWA support in iOS, we should still work together to provide that feedback even if it's ultimately a dead-end. @Joel R you are probably one of the best in this community at taking all the noise from in here and distilling into actionable efforts, so anything you can do to help wrangle us into a coherent community driven effort to make our request heard loud and clear to Apple here would be sincerely appreciated. Also tagging some of the devs I see posting often who might be able to help provide the technical info submissions for their apps, etc. @Fosters @Adriano Faria @CodingJungle @opentype @newbie LAC @TheJackal84 @All Astronauts Also, as a final thought, I'm not sure how much communication there is between the development teams for Invision, Xenforo, NodeBB, Discourse, Vanilla, etc. etc., but this is one of those topics where forming a lobbying group of developers where you can aggregate the number of users across all platforms and deliver some consistent messaging would be really helpful IMO. Any victories we can make with PWA in iOS ultimately serves to keep all of our communities alive and able to compete with other closed platforms, as ultimately user engagement on mobile through notifications (and in the case of iOS, the complete lack thereof) is going to make or break many of us.
  7. https://medium.com/dev-channel/progressive-web-app-progress-in-ios-12-2-beta-1-build-16e5181f-a18cd05ca361 is a great article that summarizes the state of PWA in ios, and has a call to action at the bottom of the article. https://twitter.com/othermaciej is the apple dev on webkit who has been the public face of PWAs. As recently as last month, it appears apple is still only "considering" push support https://twitter.com/othermaciej/status/1132795589068910592 I would urge all of you to offer feedback in the official channels.
  8. Sitting here watching the Apple Conference hoping for PWA push notifications like
  9. Just wanted to pop in to say this thread is amazing. I’m excited to see whether half-life 3 is out before your PC is built!
  10. Yeah the nice thing about recaptcha 3 is that IPS can link it to the spam system to add another layer I.e. auto moderate and require registrations caught by recaptcha as being potentially spam to feed into the spam prevention system overall.
  11. After having this in place a bit now, I just wanted to follow up to note that we’ve seen an uptick in repeat post reporters now. Early days, but it appears getting confirmation that reporting a post results in an action incentivizes further reporting. This is great from my perspective! would love to hear other’s experiences as well.
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