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  1. I want to bump this. I get a lot of requests where people want to edit their posts after the editing window has expired, despite numerous points of contact where they are reminded of the time limit in place. Mostly I want a quick way to respond to the person who reports a post - one solution would be to close the report with a list of custom responses that could be selected i.e. "Thank you for the report, no action was taken. Please review the site rules regarding editing windows". Just something simple and easy to both close a report and have feedback provided to the reporter. Current process requires sending a private message, copying and pasting in the report they made, and then answering it. Very inefficient.
  2. Did this end up making it in? (One click unsubscribe from all email and unfollow all followed content through email)
  3. Ultrawide 34” team for life! (Until something better comes along).
  4. Because s3 is a (quasi)-standardized object storage method that you can use a third party provider for, or as noted, roll your own with something like minio. Amazon is the market leader in this which is why the use is “s3-compatible”, but you wouldn’t need to be limited to just amazon. Per @All Astronauts plugin, there are some minor issues in the IPS s3 integration that doesn’t allow native s3-compatible without his plugin, but it seems like a fairly easy fix. For some people without dedicated servers, self hosted s3-compatible object storage, or using their VPS provider’s s3 compatible object storage offering, is a better option than amazon. Just increases the options for object storage which benefits everyone. After reading about how file system storage is done over ftp/sftp and @Mark‘s comments, the conversation about ftp/sftp security is irrelevant (although you still shouldn’t run an ftp server in 2019 as it’s ancient outdated and compromised technology). My suggestion was really to increase the available options for object storage beyond hard coding to amazon. This would benefit people who used to rely on ftp and didn’t have a native virtual drive for storage.
  5. Edit: I wasn’t aware IPS had SFTP support. Looking at screens now, I see it was there. No idea!
  6. You shouldn’t even have an ftp server installed on a modern server. It is a major security hole. There should not be any need for ftp in 2018/2019. IPS should make the Amazon S3 option compatible with all s3-compatible storage options (if it isn’t already) to ensure anyone who doesn’t want to specifically use Amazon doesn’t have to and not rely on a community plugin, but they would be doing more of a disservice to continue supporting ftp storage.
  7. Love the one click unfollow. Any chance this addresses this issue too? having a true login free one click to unsubscribe from all forum email related to notifications would be helpful.
  8. I would love this. I think it’s a way for traditional forums to take back some ground from Facebook for smaller businesses that want the ability for customers to engage with content (be it products in a commerce store, pages, etc) without needing to load the full forums. Facebook/disqus are eating everyone’s lunch with threaded comment chains on content. This would be a huge value add for the platform as a whole.
  9. I think the solution there is to show it was edited. I’d rather avoid content duplication vs having someone say something that’s gonna be removed and then have to go edit another 10 posts to remove what they said from all the people quoting it. Whether it’s doxxing, etc
  10. The biggest issue with quotes vs reply is that quotes turns the original content into new content and doesn’t dynamically show based on what was there. The obvious issue here is when content is moderated or edited, the quoted text itself has to be edited or moderated separately. I don’t think the quote concept is fundamentally the wrong approach, but in future I would love if editing/moderating content automatically updated any content quoting that original content.
  11. @Joel R please start your 5.0 leak thread kk.
  12. Lol “Barney’s Girlfriend”? Nice word replacement! Plz plz plz
  13. I profess this is a layman question, so bear with me. All of the pagespeed tools I’ve used 'Barneys Girlfriend' and complain about the load order of JavaScript on my page. Is that a legit issue, or just page speed tools being overly aggressive about things that could improve speed but hurt user experience?
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