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  1. You know when you go to warn a member how you can write a note to the user, and a note to mods? Can we add a third note to the original reporter to have a few form responses "thanks for the report, we are reviewing", etc. stuff like that or a custom response field so that when people report they know the report has been seen? I feel I could increase my community's self moderation if people felt reports led to actionable tasks.
  2. Morgin

    Video Blog Ideas

    Mine would be for you guys to run through the workflow for moderation, including setting up warn levels and points in ACP, setting up site vs subforum mods, and then running through a few scenarios like coming across a bad post and hiding it and warning a member in respect of that post, responding to reports with warnings for the offside party, etc. I feel like I’ve become used to using the mod tools a certain way and I’d love a video guide to see if maybe I’m missing some obvious stuff. Really enjoyed the last video!
  3. Meant to bump this 🙂
  4. thats a rikki question I think. Edit @Rikki I see you are active. Any chance this is something you can answer off the top of your head?
  5. Hey @Théophraste, I don’t know if you’ll be able to see that topic, but we are discussing here. It’s mostly a google issue at this point. Please raise it on their forums too so they see there are lots of us asking for changes.
  6. No push notification support yet though. That’s all I care about an app for.
  7. Until iOS supports, I just don’t see it. I dunno about you guys but > 50% of my mobile traffic is iOS
  8. Morgin

    AdSense Crawler

    It would be ideal given Adsense has to be one of the most popular revenue generators for forums.
  9. Item 10 is actually something I’m curious about too. If anyone knows if there is a plug-in or 3rd party application for this type of “fill out this form to generate a thread” topic type, I could use that.
  10. Morgin

    Trolls / Moderation / Member Profile

    +1000 times this. The info all exists - just needs to be pulled together in a tool that does some analysis.
  11. Morgin

    United Airlines sucks!

    Tweet at them and complain. Repeatedly and tweet your local news. These companies only respond to twitter complaints now.
  12. So this only started happening after the switch to 4.3 here. I use LastPass to fill in my details on the sign in page. When I used to do so, it would fill the username and password and then automatically submit and log me in. Now, it stills fills in username and password, but it seems to default to the sign in with twitter button. Signing in with lastpass takes me to the twitter authorization page. Not a huge deal as I can just copy/paste the pw and manually click submit, but since it used to work and now doesn’t, thought I would mention it. Edit: Couldn’t find the big tracker but have now. Can remove this post. Sorry!
  13. Morgin

    IPS Merch?

    I’ve become suspicious of how much insider info Joel has. I’ve begun to secretly suspect that he’s been hiding out at Invision headquarters posing as a janitor or something.
  14. Morgin

    Live Feel For IP.Board

    If I had to pick an alternative, phpbb version 2. It’s a real winner and will really make you look at Invision Community 4 in a whole new light. (But seriously, none. This is the best at the moment. It’s why I’m a customer. What exactly do you expect me to say here?)
  15. Morgin

    Live Feel For IP.Board

    It’s not a secret that it’s Discourse. We are allowed to talk about other forum software (trust me, IPB isn’t the best due to not letting its customers know what else is out there). Discourse has some neat features but it’s not really in the same league as what Invision Community does. It’s forum centric and missing a lot of features people here take for granted. I’ve used it on the SmartThings Community and it does a few things well but it’s also a bit sparse on some of the community building things. The competition in the space is good though - hopefully the best new ideas filter through not only to Invision but to the other competitors in the space as well, as we all benefit from a better internet.