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  1. Morgin

    4.4: Turbo charging loading speeds

    Lol “Barney’s Girlfriend”? Nice word replacement! Plz plz plz
  2. Morgin

    4.4: Turbo charging loading speeds

    I profess this is a layman question, so bear with me. All of the pagespeed tools I’ve used 'Barneys Girlfriend' and complain about the load order of JavaScript on my page. Is that a legit issue, or just page speed tools being overly aggressive about things that could improve speed but hurt user experience?
  3. I’m not sure I agree that 74.5% constitutes a vast majority, but otherwise point taken.
  4. They aren’t working on push from all accounts.
  5. FWIW, global mobile device sales tells me nothing. My own analytics shows me >50% of my mobile traffic is iOS. Others have posted similar anecdotal numbers. Invision likely has it own numbers as well. I’m not saying no community would benefit, but I would be shocked if there is a majority of users of IPS communities using android such that we are at a point where the dev team investing is PWA development makes sense.
  6. Morgin

    Feedback on Advertisements

    Yeah I’m all about settings toggles for html output vs going in and changing anything myself.
  7. Morgin

    Feedback on Advertisements

    If there were toggles on the ad page, that would be really helpful. “Ad should show on: mobile, tablet, desktop, all (responsive ad code required for all)” more native placement locations would also would be super helpful without having to use the custom code or css selectors per the popular marketplace plugin for ads.
  8. PWA is currently essentially broken for what the main benefits should be on iOS. No app icon flag support (I.e notifications). Forced page refresh every time you go back to it. No push notification support at all. Limited support of PWA standards. re Twitter mobile, I’d make the same point I made earlier - what are the actionable changes to the mobile version of the presentation of the platform you would suggest?
  9. I'm bumping this cause you know, I still want it 😄
  10. Morgin

    Feedback on Advertisements

    I just want to post to say I support any and all improvements to integration of 3rd party ad solutions in a way that feels native to the site. This is one of my biggest areas of hope for improvements and continuing review. The more granular the ad support is out of the box, the better I can take advantage of ad integrations that aren’t offensive to my users or that feels disjointed and make the overall design seem poorly integrated. The better this works for me, the more incentivized I am to grow my community.
  11. How do you propose they fix it? White label app design doesn't work. App stores don't like multiple versions of the same app with different branding being submitted based on which community is using it. An omnibus "IPS Forum app" that wouldn't allow users to directly monetize their own communities and requires users to go in and find their community and register to it doesn't appeal to a lot of people either, myself included, largely because they'd need to adopt a "one-size" approach. Invision has also noted they've tried app development and it didn't work out for them, so this is all kind of moot. PWAs are not supported in a form that is beneficial to >50% of mobile traffic and until apple embraces it, it will never be more than a niche technology. I'm not saying apple is this important, it's just that in markets where a lot of us have large forums, our users are predominantly apple/iOS users. With the current state of things, the mobile responsive skin is overall pretty good. If you don't like it, you can change it to a different mobile design. I think it can be improved based on some new ideas from other mobile forum skins I have used from other platforms (some of what discourse is doing is quite interesting) but it's not like the IPS mobile skin is outside of the top 3 for forum software. There is a lot of complaining here, but not a lot of direct actionable items. Why not try suggesting specific things that can actually be achieved?
  12. If and when iOS supports push notifications would be my guess!
  13. Id rather the site had a built in “moderator” account that was a single point of contact for the mods to use to interact with members without requiring a separate login. If the site itself generated a notification that the report has been reviewed and closed, that might work too.
  14. Morgin

    growing database

    Which one, out of curiosity?
  15. Morgin

    4.4: AdminCP Notifications

    Someone didn’t read the whole test before submitting their answer sheet!