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  1. https://nypost.com/2020/03/26/21-year-old-who-posted-about-not-social-distancing-gets-coronavirus/ play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Unfortunate that it puts so many others at risk 😞
  2. Thanks, needed to hear that. It’s just depressing to the core to know people are out there acting so selfishly and completely lacking any sort of ability to see the forest for the trees here, and in doing so are responsible for putting others at harms way. It bothers me immensely that people part of this community could be so callous and vile. You are however right, it’s like yelling at a brick wall. Hopefully the harm they cause with their insolence is limited to themselves only. This is terrifying too:
  3. Reality is a liberal hit piece. What. The. F. You are certifiably insane.
  4. https://www.nytimes.com/video/nyregion/100000007052136/coronavirus-elmhurst-hospital-queens.html everyone should watch this.
  5. I think this sums up everything people need to know about your critical thinking skills and general understanding of information filtering.
  6. No I think it’s quite apparent your normal views place your own needs and desires squarely on top, so I’m not surprised you don’t mind economic socialism when it might directly benefit you.
  7. How are your sites doing? Mine is crazy busy - analytics wise my traffic is way up and time on site for each visitor has almost doubled. Topic is unrelated to covid but I think it’s just people being at home and having more time.
  8. Sorry, one last thing from me. Given you look after the elderly, I understand your frustration with the panic buying. Honestly, I'm not sure how that should be handled, but I agree it's unfortunate. While I 100% support and understand the rapid shut down and social distancing measures that are required to slow this thing down so health care can keep up, I recognize this does place significant strain on those who aren't as easily able to cope with these sudden changes in routines and buying habits. Ideally, there would have been a top down federal strategy that would have made this whole process smoother and provided assurances to the public that the supply chains would remain in place such that food and household goods would always be available. I think it's fairly apparent now that the response has been fragmented and left a lot of confusion, with people acting in response to that confusion. Even now, you have certain states acting like this is no big deal, while others like NY are already in the midst of it with resources stretched to the brink. As someone in their middle age, I do take for granted that I'm capable of adapting rapidly to these incredibly fast changes in society that are required. Being elderly and having to deal with being the prime group at risk, and also the disruption to daily routines, must be incredibly difficult. Best of luck to your elderly neighbors and friend's dad - I can't imagine how they feel right now.
  9. Alright @DesignzShop, I did my best. You aren't going to be convinced and prefer to live in an alternate reality from the rest of us, so I'll leave this alone. I hope you and your family good health and safety. I hope your dismissive and arrogant nature doesn't cause harm to anyone else.
  10. It has nothing to do with me. I'm simply reading and understanding what the global epidemiological community is saying. If I'm wrong, then that means the global epidemiological community (who are far more knowledgeable about these things) is also wrong. It means our health care workers who understand the limitations of our health care systems are wrong. It means our local and state governments who understand exponential growth curves and human migration patterns are wrong. It strikes me as far more likely that they are actually right, and perhaps the random guy pushing discredited, fabricated and purposely misconstrued narratives regarding H1N1 and Dr. Oz quotes in an attempt to demonstrate he's right and everyone else is wrong is perhaps just...wrong. I look at information intake as being akin to being a forum admin. One of the greatest skills we have to develop is the ability to parse marketing and sales information and software and technology trends and figure out who is trustworthy and making decisions based on empirical data, and who is out there pretending to be a subject matter expert with nothing of substance behind them. For some people this is easy, and others find this more difficult. I don't need to read ALL the information made available - I (and everyone else) needs to be able to use critical thought to identify subject matter experts so we can listen to and take advice from them, and also identify and discard from our media intake those who pretend to be experts but simply add noise and confusion. It's unfortunate the amount of noise and outright falsehoods being peddled by those with an aim to divide and confuse, but here we are. Everyone is of course entitled to their opinion. Of course, not every opinion is grounded in reality, and especially in a situation such as this, where people push their poorly constructed opinions in such a way that could lead to actual harm, they should anticipate and be prepared for push back.
  11. Well, therein lies the problem with your posts. You are referring to the CDC, which is an accurate US source. You are then cherry picking and distorting the data and misrepresenting what it means, contradicting every major health authority and alluding to conspiracies and fake news and people being mis-informed for expressing concern over the exponential growth curves being seen internationally. There are three people in this thread from what I can tell who are doing their best to make this seem like it's not a big deal and placing the blame on media hysteria and some nebulous conspiracy. You are one of them. This is dangerous behavior, because it encourages people to not take this seriously. Doing so will result in more deaths. It's possible to flatten the curve and save lives. Doing so is imperative. As Rhett said, if you can honestly and in good faith observe what is going on globally and look to the CDC stats as evidence that this is overblown and media hysteria, you simply do not understand what the numbers mean or how to interpret them. Full stop.
  12. When you say things like this, it’s very hard to not be antagonistic with you. This thread is literally full of sources providing you this information. You are choosing to remain willfully ignorant by not reading it.
  13. You realize that the Olympics is the culmination of a huge amount of training and lead up events, right? Nations just don’t roll into the Olympics with a team of people being like “sweet, seems like we’ll give this a go”. Having the Olympics this summer means athletes would need to be in full training right now, exposing themselves and their coaches to this illness as in a significant number of cases you can’t train alone with sufficient social distancing. For the most part, this is now impossible, as is having athletes ready to go for the Olympics this summer. No one in authority is “assuming” how bad it will be and shaming people to practice social distancing and isolation and self quarantine. These are the recommendations of expert scientists who can model what happens if we don’t. Hint: lots of people die, unnecessarily. As for the messaging, there’s a lot of dense people out there who still aren’t taking this seriously. I support any and all efforts to try to be specific with people on what they are permitted to do, otherwise you’ve got these idiots who still think “I’m young, this doesn’t effect me, this is a hoax, this is a conspiracy, this is stupid, overreaction, F old people they will die anyway”.
  14. Hopefully you are able to just isolate yourself until you get better anyway. Having a run down immune system with this out there is still terrifying 😕. Best wishes to you and your family. Glad you have a small piece of good news.
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