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  1. Likes need two clicks now?

    FB mobile site does tap = default option (like), long press = menu to select type of like
  2. Likes need two clicks now?

    Requires two taps on mobile.
  3. got the wrong Adriano - sorry @Adriano Faria Off chance, do you know if there is a way to disable e-mail for previously followed content while leaving the notification list notifications?
  4. Patreon connect?

    Patreon is finally at the stage of fairly mainstream acceptance. My non-tech friends know about it and many have subscribed to various things they have come across in their facebook day to day lives that utilize it. It's all around content creators finding revenue streams. To me, it's a no brainer for inclusion on IPS's list of "how can we help our users monetize their communities to keep them incentivized to continue to pay for our software" items, but there's only so many development resources to go around, which is just a reality. I would absolutely love Patreon integration though. I'm not interested in dealing with stripe and all that just for a subscription service to my site, but if it was tied to Patreon who does all the payment stuff for you, and has the credibility and trust for this type of stuff, AND it could handle group promotion/demotion automatically, that would just be a fantastic revenue sweetener.
  5. I would even go one step further and give the option to decide to follow current notification settings page rules. It's possible the user still wants notification list notifications for that previously followed content - they just want to cut down on the amount of e-mail they get. In that case, @Adriano F's solution (while much appreciated) is a bit of a blunt instrument because it's a mass unsubscribe rather than a mass "turn off e-mail notifications but leave notification list notifications"
  6. I also see this came up before. I admit I also don't understand why e-mail digests wouldn't follow the notification rules on the notifications page. If I follow a bunch of stuff but decide I am fine with notifications only coming through the notification list, I currently do not understand how I would go to previously followed content and turn e-mail digests off and cause it to follow my notifications page settings. Would you have to unfollow everything, and then re-follow so those items pick up the current notifications page settings (which would be no e-mail, notification list only)?
  7. Love these tips. Any chance you know how to use font awesome icons to change the read/unread icons on the main topic view (defaults to the stylized quote boxes with the circle around them)
  8. Relates to my post here: What we've been able to determine is that if a user had either of these options turned on in the notifications page: it can generate a very lengthy list of content on the /followed/ page. There is no way to mass unsubscribe from all followed content - you have to go to say and use the top right button to click "Select row based on type: All" and page by page change to either unfollow or don't send notifications. There is no way to select all on every page at once. While unintentional, some users have generated many many many pages of followed content. The use case is where a user feels they are getting too many e-mail digests and they want to change from daily to weekly, or unsubscribe entirely. There is no "one button" solution which from a users perspective is not ideal - they want to just be able to say "hey i don't want any more e-mail about content here" and I have to either manually login as them and go to their /followed/ page and go page by page doing the unfollow/do not notify, or else provide them instructions on how to do that. In their view, unchecking all instances of e-mail on should totally disable e-mail from the forum, but it doesn't as long as they still have content on /followed/. What would be ideal as a solution to all e-mail issues with users is just a single option to stop all e-mail from the forum (except account transactional type e-mail to deal with password resets, etc) where it automatically disables all e-mails relating to previously followed content (with an option to have it set to notification list only) and does whatever else needs to be done so they stop getting e-mail which they view as "spammy" (even though they made the choice to follow content).
  9. Fluid View Sidebar needs work

    While you may not have intended it that way, it does actually work quite well even with lots of forums. Maybe this could be revisited in a future version as I think I agree that a slightly more user friendly filter menu would make this a lot more powerful.
  10. Having had a chance to use this and already have a moderator do an accident click on mobile (fortunately I only have it set to hide), an undo button for this that would revert everything to pre-click settings would be great.
  11. Thanks again

    Wanted to give public thanks to your team for handling my migration to v4. It is awesome and they were extremely helpful and patient. This is such a massive upgrade from 3!
  12. New: Authy Integration

    This is awesome. Authy is really slick and easy to use.
  13. New: Clubs

    Will you be able to categorize one level up? (These 5 clubs are part of club category 1 since they are all related to X, these other 6 clubs are part of club category 2 since they are all related to Y, etc)
  14. If you can convince a community dev to take a look, there might be a similar way to limit the button to only show for users with less than X posts.
  15. New: Clubs

    Also, any chance you might implement a list view for clubs, or purely textual, vs more of the "card" format? I can think of certain implementations that could benefit from different ways of organizing the main club screen - being able to have club directories for example, based on a common denominator (educations forums may have clubs under each school, etc) - it might be easier to navigate the main club screen in those scenarios if each club group had a card or some primary header, and clubs under each grouping could be listed as links under that. Perhaps a template issue and could be done as a 3rd party skin, but alternate presentation styles out of the box might be a nice way to immediately extend implementation options. Edit: This is realistically a game changer for my site - I can pretty much replace all of my forum categorization with clubs. However, it does seem that if you have lots and lots and lots of club (20-30+) it would be nice to have a way to group them together or otherwise organize such that the main club overview page doesn't get too unwieldy. Sorry if this sounds like a downer feature request vs excitement btw - it is very exciting!