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  1. +1 from me. We have a rule only allowing one account per user because people often post and then want to distance themselves from something poorly received. It devalues the community to have a bunch of people utilizing multiple accounts, along with the trolls who make multiple to seed arguments. I would love to see some sort of opt-in centralized Invision user checker sort of like the global spam tracker. Make it a subscription add on, doesn’t matter to me. Just need some modern user moderation tools that don’t require so much manual work.
  2. I agree in part. With the plugin I asked Adriano to develop, the intent was not to share any information about what the outcome of the report was (especially if it led to suspending another user), but to provide an ability to easily thank or communicate gratitude to the reporter. The vast majority of my reports aren’t related to specific user infractions - usually it’s reporting spam, mistakes, double posts, etc. I liked the idea of trying to generate more faith in the reporting system but not making it such a black hole. I will say 90+% of the use I get from it is sending a default thanks mes
  3. I’ll be honest, I suspect (but of course do not know for sure) that one thing that helps show the IPS team if a feature would be in high demand or useful is adoption of workarounds or plugin solutions. So, while I agree I would love more use of the notification system for users generally as a core feature (IMO it really provides immediate feedback and engagement), I would urge you to try this out if you have the means to buy it and provide feedback. I think if we could show the IPS team that there is high demand for this sort of feature, there’s a better likelihood of it being adopted into cor
  4. As a bit of an aside, @Adriano Faria developed this plugin for me to handle sending PMs to members who reported messages to let them know action had been taken. My specifications asked for it to use the PM system to send a reply, but as I've used this, I've discovered that a better approach would have been to use the notification system - send a notification once the report is submitted to say "we've received your report- thanks!" and then send a notification once action is taken to be like "your report has been actioned - thanks for helping keep the community friendly" or something like
  5. Oops! While the above is helpful, I meant to link this: https://web.dev/progressive-web-apps/
  6. As an aside to the app vs. PWA vs. crazy ranting aspect of this thread, I wanted to share the below link for those who are trying to get up to speed on what PWAs are and aren’t. https://web.dev/app-like-pwas/
  7. What specifically do you want them to do? Not just a buzzword like PWA - PWA is just a descriptor for numerous frameworks and web technologies, some of which are already supported. What do you specifically want them to work on next?
  8. Thought I would check in on this thread to see how everyone is doing? Still in lockdown here but some limited things like personal services and are starting to reopen in a restricted capacity. There’s been a lot of people complaining locally about how this was a big bunch of nothing (ignoring we’ve been in an unprecedented lockdown for 2 months now). Not sure what the end game will be though. There’s a lot of unrest and you can see everyone starting to get antsy and less careful the longer this drags on.
  9. Another question as a non-designer: what’s the impact on users who want to brand their own site by keeping the default theme but just adjusting to their brand colors and logo? When the visual editor was new, I recall using that and got myself into a lot of trouble because the resultant theme never updated with the rest of the suite and I needed support to come in and clean a bunch of stuff up. With these changes in 4.5, is there now a way that all colored aspects of the default theme can be adjusted without the suite thinking it’s no longer the default theme and not keeping it updat
  10. Looks great! How easy would it be now to adjust scale of all viewport items natively? One thing I’ve found myself doing more and more is using the iOS safari built in zoom tool to reduce to 75% of original size. Many in my community also do this - would there be a native way to tell the theme what scale to use?
  11. I love it! What a cool integration. Zapier’s pricing is a little crazy if you were to want to have some automation that runs thousands of tasks, but I guess if you think smaller and try to keep the tasks meaningful and limited, it could be really useful!
  12. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-52192604 Boris in the ICU. Oh man. That’s awful - would be incredibly destabilizing given everything going on in the UK over the last few years to lose a PM to Covid as well. Fingers crossed he can pull through.
  13. These are really innovative ideas. Love this.
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