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  1. Looks like this was addressed, but it is still not working properly. Caption ordering doesn’t just show one thumbnail image as before, but it still doesn’t show the correct order. Example: This is the album display which works fine: Image names use leading zeros: 00001r3.jpg, 00002r3.jpg, 00003r3.jpg … But when I open an image, it’s positioned at the very end of the thumbnail list with the rest of the thumbnails coming from the end of the album. Captions shown here are: 00541r3.jpg, 00544r3.jpg, 00545r3.jpg, 00546r3.jpg, 00001r3.jpg In other words, it’s all wrong. It should show 00001r3.jpg, 00002r3.jpg, 00003r3.jpg Another example with short file names like 01.jpg, 02.jpg, 03.jpg … But when I open the first image, it is actually shown in the middle(!) … The file names shown here are: 13.jpg, 14.jpg, 15.jpg, 16.jpg, 02.jpg, 17.jpg, 18.jpg, 19.jpg, 20.jpg Expected would be 02.jpg, 03.jpg, 04.jpg.
  2. The proper way would be to use classes. Put the CSS in the custom.css of the theme and use <span class="your-class-name"> </span> for the group styling.
  3. Yeah, just a random image. The initial image size depends on the available space in the editor field. Depending on the browser window size, different image sizes are filled in and sometimes the checkbox will be turned on or off, depending on those sizes. I can replicate that by just dragging the browser window to different sizes, especially with images with odd sizes (that aren’t just a 2:1 ratio for example).
  4. Might be some kind of JavaScript rounding error or something like that. I got curious and uploaded the same image here and on one of my own communities. Here the setting was checked and the image was placed at 800 pixels wide while on my own site it was placed 767 without the setting being checked. So it definitely can happen without any previous actions.
  5. How do I remove the (local) promotion of an article? I had to hide a previously promoted Pages articles, but it is still being featured in bulk emails.
  6. You need someone to code this as customization. Plain and simple. (And if you do, I am not sure it really needs to be this complicated. Why go through the additional numbers? You could just as well set up a system to check the user’s actual member ID or email or display name and see if they are currently subscribed or let the system print out a list with all subscribers.)
  7. Don’t get confused by the term “attachments”. Just upload the attachment and then click on the image (or the Insert button) to put the images at the cursor position. (P.S. You can’t use the Pages media images. Those are to be used in templates and custom pages.)
  8. You are on the right track. Technically, there is nothing wrong there. You just need to get more familiar with Pages. IPS has a nice text-based help guide which teaches you how to use Pages database and how to configure individual fields. I would suggest to check that out before diving into custom or third-party templates. Example: You are currently using “badges” for everything, which is probably not what you want. But that’s not directly SuperDirectory support issue. If you need a quick start, I also have a video course about Pages. By the way: the font sizes are inhered from your theme. You can configure that there globally. That’s also not really related to SuperDirectory. The gallery images will show correctly if you follow the instruction on the Additional Information tab. And a final hint: Custom Pages fields have a setting to show the content “above” or “below” the content. With the SuperDirectory template, this would show the content bigger in the left column or smaller in the right column. That’s also something you probably want to make use of. At the moment, you push everything in the right sidebar because of this setting.
  9. There should be no need to customize anything in regards to the HTML or CSS. You could start by posting a screenshot. Maybe it gives a clue what is wrong.
  10. You need to regenerate the htaccess file in the ACP (Friendly URLs settings) and upload it to your community folder.
  11. ☞ https://invisioncommunity.com/4guides/themes-and-customizations/css-framework/introduction-to-the-css-framework-r88/
  12. Strangely enough, profile fields are not member-group specific, even though that would make perfect sense. You can control the appearance of profile links in the forums (but not on the profile page) by editing the “Custom Topic Formatting” option of the field. Here is an example where a link is turned into a badge. You could just replace the badge part with an image (<img src="https://yoursite.com/patreon.png">) and you would get what you want.
  13. This would need customized listing templates. The default template only uses this “forum mode” style that isn’t suitable for larger media.
  14. Just to be clear: I was suggesting a dynamic limit based on the server settings. If that is not possible, I guess it could also be an admin setting. But it shouldn’t be a hard-coded limit in the Gallery software. Some users may need large albums from one submission.
  15. I will update that in a future maintenance release. (When I started to supported the category images, it didn’t have its own storage location) For now, the best solution is to just match the storage location settings, so that app’s location matches the default location where the images are actually ending up in.
  16. Yeah, that should be the issue.
  17. It should work out of the box. Have you checked the source code? Is it pointing to an image URL? Anything unusual going on with your storage locations?
  18. Some observations for Gallery with lots of images/albums: I tried to upload an album with 1200 small images here on the site. Issues: 1. After the collection process, it wouldn’t move on to the upload process. 2. I then uploaded in smaller batches (e.g. 600 pictures), but after the upload process, only 391 images were actually in the album. I already learned that this is likely related to php.ini settings in regards to how many variables can be processed/submitted, but I think that the Gallery app should be proactive about it. It shouldn’t fail silently. If necessary, it should read those values and warn or reject images that couldn’t be handled. 3. As reported in other topics and just for the sake of completeness, thumbnail listing is broken with certain album ordering settings like “caption”. No other issues here on the site. But on my self-hosted installations (dedicated server) I experience issues with large albums or categories. For example: Album with 650+ images can take 16 seconds to load or fails entirely when memory_limit settings aren’t really high. (tested on latest beta) Category with 100+ albums can be extremely slow to load or fails entirely when memory_limit settings aren’t really high. (can’t currently reproduce on the latest beta) I hope those queries with lots of albums and images can be tested thoroughly and be optimized. Otherwise I feel I can’t really rely on the Gallery app, if with more and more and more images, things will get slower and slower and eventually stop working.
  19. What about the browser? Ad blockers and other interferences deactivated?
  20. Example: https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/614011-jordan-miller/?tab=node_gallery_galleryImages In the upcoming version, it’s also a profile tab: https://invisioncommunity.com/profile/614011-jordan-miller/content/?type=gallery_image&change_section=1
  21. You would do that on the member’s profile, not in the Gallery.
  22. Then you can turn off “adminsitration validation” in the registration settings. Approving new posts is usually enough. Keep in mind though that could still mean spam in the profile fields. For even better control you would need to add a new entry-level group and then promote those members to the regular member group once they have approved posts. Check IPS’ group promotion feature for more details.
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