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  1. There is no built-in option for that. It would need some custom CSS to hide the elements you don’t want when printed.
  2. There is a front-end block called Member Subscriptions in the Commerce section for that. I will not look the way you ask for, but it would be a start.
  3. It sounds like you asking for the impossible. You want a cache to save you under high load, but you also don’t want to set the cache to cache times, where it could actually significantly reduce the load. If you can’t compromise on the cache, you probably have to rethink your server setup and move to a setup with load balancing options. A one-server setup, powerful or not, will have its limits.
  4. It looks like the Commerce VAT ID is failing every time on all my sites. I tried multiple IDs from different numbers I know are correct but I only get error messages. “The VAT number provided is not valid.” (most of the time) “There was an error validating the VAT number. Please try again later or contact us for assistance.” (sometimes)
  5. In Pages, you can achieve that out-of-the-box by adding the articles to different categories and use the category permissions as a paywall.
  6. Was there another option besides “fix automatically”? If so, that’s probably the route you need to take.
  7. Not necessarily. I was also thinking of adding an editor button to create these types of button. Can just be set up once and then it can be used without messing with the source code every time.
  8. It will work out of the box and look like this: https://www.opentype.space/supergrid/?show=categories
  9. To add images, you would need to add the Category Images resource.
  10. Yes, but you would need to manually create a custom button with custom HTML for that. The CSS classes are listed here:
  11. I am creating a community which will eventually have a huge amount of Gallery images stored on S3. I understand S3 it is a reliable service but I still need a backup to protect the data against hacking, misconfigurations, human errors and so on. There seem to be many options. Versioning, bucket mirroring, AWS Backup (with tons of options), copies to external providers … Does anyone have any experience with these? I’m a little overwhelmed by all the options at the moment.
  12. What’s the file type/suffix? It doesn’t sound like an IPS issue, as the web software has no control over how a file is treated once downloaded.
  13. Sure, for the whole suite, a “global” option could make sense once the layout containers are revamped someday. On the other hand: it will probably just reverse the problem. Then people will complain and say: I added a global sidebar/block and now I have all these places where something doesn’t make sense and I now I have to manually suppress it (if that is even supported).
  14. You can change the language string with the key “requested_route_404”.
  15. What are you using these pages for? I really only use “stand-alone” pages for unique pages. As soon as I need a repetitive design (including blocks), I switch to Pages databases. Then I have unlimited “pages” (as database record) using the same page layout with the same blocks.
  16. You wouldn’t want every 404 to go to the homepage. That would confuse users and search engines. Is there something unique about the URLs of those old links which don’t work anymore? If so, on a self-hosted installation, you could target the links with htaccess redirects.
  17. I’m not judging in any way, just listing some observations about the developer/Marketplace situation in the recent years. 4.5 tightened the rules drastically. Result: several developers left for good. price increases. Developments needs a self-hosted installation and possibly a demo website. It’s now 850 + 300 annually. Someone starting out as developer really needs some killer products to earn that back and then generate profits. Cloud testing of resources would make it even more expensive (+1,788 annually). Shift/changes to cloud. The lower tiers don’t have the ability to install third-party products. This decreases the reach and makes running independent third-party shops less useful/profitable. Signatures turned off. No possibility for passive advertisement through community posts. Limited compatibility field. Sales can only be created for one version, limiting the income. I have no magical solutions to offer, but are improvements for this something we could put on the table for 2023? Currently, I am not very optimistic. We only have a handful of active developers left with continued announcements of departures. If it is still working well for some (?), it’s probably because of a large set of files and existing customers with renewals. But I can’t see how new developers would want to get involved in the current situation, replacing the ones who left or even growing the marketplace. I understand the costs and downsides for IPS. Paying for code reviews, chargeback fees and of course all the support issues with third-party resources. But then again: Looking at the broader field of online software: all the big players strive with and in part because of a flourishing third-party marketplace. So, improvement could easily be a “win-win-win” situation for IPS, developers and IPS customers. (I would have some suggestions myself but I don’t want to push the topic in a specific direction, so I am leaving it at the problem statement for now.)
  18. Clear the caches. (ACP/Browser)
  19. I am using this code in several feed block templates to show a random entry from a selection of entries: {{shuffle($records);}} {{$records = array_slice($records, 0, 1);}} But it doesn’t work for Commerce feed blocks, as $packages is not an array. Anyone knows how to adopt the above code to work with these ActiveRecordIterators?
  20. Certainly “working as intended”. The quote function is linked to the reply form, not any inline editing form one might be able to open as well. If what is described as “expected behaviour”, one could edit earlier posts and quote texts from posts which were made later on the page. Now that would be weird and only cause confusion.
  21. It’s always been this way since 4.0. The various calculations necessary for these grids are done through JavaScript on the front end, so that is what you are seeing. But in a recent video, Matt mentioned that these grids will be replaced by modern flex-box functions soon, so that will probably improve things.
  22. The Page Builder mode is simple by design. For more complex layouts, you would need the Manual Page mode. You can still add all your blocks there—just not with drag-and-drop.
  23. Please state the name as shown in the database settings. The default “listing” template would indeed not show the record image. It has always been this way. Only the front page of Pages databases has templates to show the the record images as part of the “article mode”. Showing the record image in listing templates would require third party templates.
  24. What listing template have you set in the database/category settings?
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