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  1. It’s not “incorrect”. It’s how responsive web design works. You have a flow of containers – one after another – and with a left-to-right reading direction, an element on the left comes first – whether those elements fit on one screen or not. And with the right-to-left reading direction it’s the other way around. It might not be “preferred” in every situation, but there is nothing “incorrect” about it. For example, because they contain essential/important information. The help guide section here on the site has the navigation sidebar on the left. That’s a deliberate choice to use the behaviour wrongly labelled “incorrect”.
  2. Hover over the abbreviation. It gets explained automatically.
  3. You create Pages blocks in the ACP with the content you want and then use the option “External embed”.
  4. The developer console says “Missing sitekey”. So check that the site key is set correctly in the ACP.
  5. This is NOT possible. Technically and legally. (It’s a bad idea anyway. If you have different projects with different URLs, menus, galleries and so on, create DIFFERENT websites, not one website where everything is somehow thrown together.)
  6. For my taste, “account deletion” is too well hidden under “security and privacy”. I would suggest to either change the tab name or to give this function its own tab, like this third-party solution does it.
  7. I wouldn’t call it a hack. It’s why editing the form is supported in the first place. The content of the field can also be processed via hooks or from the templates. Tons of options. But the average user will have a need for a proper title field, as this is what is shown and used as link in the ACP and on the front end. I doubt IPS will mess with that.
  8. Users already have the choice to open links with our without new tabs/windows using their browser functions. (I press the Command key on my Mac for example for a new tab). Forcing a new tab through HTML removes that choice, so it only makes things worse.
  9. It’s a custom.css rule to limit the size while uploading a larger image. .cAuthorPane .cAuthorGroupIcon { max-width: 60px; }
  10. I can’t replicate any issues like that. You can test the combined fluid mode here on my demo site. Works fine for me.
  11. Please start by uploading a screenshot that is publicly visible.
  12. I am not surprised it works like that. Floating images is a very crude method. It pretty much does what is asked. And that’s why I never float anything deliberately, whether it’s blocks, or articles or forum posts. It also doesn’t play well with the responsiveness of the page, because you force a width that might work in one window size but not another. For a proper view of that layout, you would currently need custom HTML and IPS’ column or grid CSS. That can also deal with the responsiveness.
  13. A simple solution: https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/8992-og-image-for-forum-topics/ Only uses attachments though.
  14. It’s possible out of the box with some clever use of custom Pages database fields and just a tiny bit of HTML code. I use it here myself: https://www.opentype.space/free-articles/ That website also has an article which walks you through the steps, but that is part of my commercial Pages online course.
  15. There were too few sales to justify further development. Whoever has it already installed, can still continue to use it in the 4.x product line. I still use it myself on 4.7.9 and I am not aware of any serious issues with it. It’s just not being updated and officially supported on newer versions anymore.
  16. There is no switch. It’s automatic. How that image will be used depends on the template that is chosen for the various record views.
  17. You need to activate and use the dedicated “Record Image” to have a featured image representing the database record.
  18. Looking at my sites, it seems like spammers are already using it. I get more and more replies to old topics which somehow are on topic but still somehow make so little sense that I can’t believe a human registered to post it. I’m not afraid of AI and use it myself, but only like a brainstorming partner, where I judge which replies are actually useful and correct. I can’t imagine having AI (auto) reply/publish anything on my sites at the moment. And I think it would only dilute the value of a community. Because the AI answers will soon be available directly within search engines and other apps and services. I rather run the place where answers can be different and better than that.
  19. Version 5.0 will probably improve these things.Those are core files. Don’t mess with it yourself.
  20. That’s just how it works now. All working as intended (by IPS).
  21. With or without customizations/third-party templates? That makes all the difference. You can easily set up articles and landing pages with the Pages app, but the default layout is somewhat limited. With customizations/third-party templates the sky’s the limit.
  22. What are you trying to offer with the Downloads app? It is usually used for software, videos and things like that. That’s why “screenshots” makes sense as representation of the content. If you add images as downloads, then it would be a different story. And the software can’t always create screenshots. For example, I have a website where the downloads consist of images, but they are huge TIF files put into ZIP archives. It would be pretty much impossible for the server to generate thumbnails from that. So, a user field to add some representative images makes perfect sense.
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