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  1. I thought so too, but I just tried it here, pasting an image selection from Photoshop and it is actually turned into an attachment as requested. Might not work with every clipboard content, OS and browser though. Don’t know.
  2. You can ignore the modification indication and the default state. That refers to IPS’ default templates, which are irrelevant for custom templates. If you do anything on these screens, you replace the SuperGrid code with the default IPS code. You will hardly ever want that. If you never touched the templates, you can always just upgrade the plugin (carrying the templates) and the templates are updated when needed. You only need to deal with these code comparisons if you manually made change to the templates. In this case, the upgrade will prompt a code comparison where you would need to decide if you want to keep your own lines or have them replaced with the templates in the plugins.
  3. There is a Deleted Content section in the ModCP to do this. However, it only works if the “Permanently delete content” setting in the ACP ist not set to “immediately”.
  4. Pretty sure improvements will come with V5, but nothing substantial will change with V4. In the meantime, a lot can be improved by changing what is shown on each page or how the server is configured (for self-hosting). It’s certainly possible to pass the Core Web Vitals test with a standard V4 installation.
  5. Support is handled manually here via PM or through my site. For a support request, the purchase key should be added to the request. I have no plans of moving my products and their purchases to my site at the moment. I don’t really expect further sales or support issues to justify this. I will just deal with the few request that might come in manually. I might start offering 5.x products on my site if what I do is still possible with 5.x. We will see.
  6. It seems to be broken currently in general. I don’t think it depends on the specific image. From the upload screen: clicking upload just results in … (By the way: I am also get errors trying to upload the images above)
  7. There is also the "hide" options as well as the "require approval" option for pages databases. Both options would allow admins to review and work on articles while they remain offline.
  8. Have you read the article you linked? It explains in details why should NOT do it.
  9. Yes, you can do it there. Changes there are global, but you can target the specific fields. It’s a bit tricky to try things out there as the code only takes effect when a new record is submitted.
  10. I can’t speak for IPS, but it’s still safe to say that this is extremely unlikely. The people with coding skills don’t need it. They can just open the respective page, inspect the actual HTML and learn everything they need from it. It’s all public and there for everyone to see. The people who don’t have these skills, can’t do much with such a tutorial. They would just have to copy code they don’t understand. If they make the slightest mistake, everything breaks and now someone has to give free support for the tutorial. Who is willing to do that? If the user wants just a tiny variation of the template, they would have no idea how to do it. So again, they would ask for free support. Not to mention that such custom Pages templates correspond to Pages database fields and possibly CSS and JS files. If they don’t exist as expected, again, everything breaks. It just doesn’t work. I’ve created an entire online course around learning Pages, but it does not contain teaching people how to create templates from scratch. That’s just not a suitable topic for a tutorial. Either you know how to do it or you can get stock or custom products which deliver the needed functionality. There really is no middle ground.
  11. System → Plugins → Enhanced Forum Views → Edit
  12. Yes, the IPS Help Guide section describes the general usage of these Pages databases. But the necessary customization of the templates needs experience with HTML/CSS and time to learn how the IPS design framework works. No tutorial can easily teach that.
  13. In that spirit: Reddit is a company with 2000 employees, IPS has less than 20. That makes a difference in what they can create. We should not lie to ourselves.
  14. There is nothing Invision-Community-specific about such a move. You just: put the site in offline mode export the files and upload to new server export the MySQL database and import it on the new server test the website with its server IP/domain when everything works again, put installation online and initiate the domain transfer Optional, but recommended: Perform a trial transfer with step 2 to 4 just to make sure everything CAN work on the new server and that the export and import are processed correctly. Watch out for problems with character sets (database) or file permission errors (file system). Change the DNS settings on the current domain and set a short TTL time. This will speed up the domain transfer.
  15. I had a user report and can replicate this easily. I appears at least with the combination of Firefox (mobile and desktop) and Cloudflare with guest caching. Visit site without stored cookies Cookie bar appears Click Accept or Reject Site shows an error (2S119/1) and URL changes to mysite.com/cookies/?do=cookieConsent I guess it has something to do with the CSFR key being cached and used for multiple users, but I have no idea how to fix this without turning off guest caching altogether.
  16. A Pages block doesn’t take a full HTML page and it should have a better identifier than just “table”. Nathan’s code fixes those things. But how is the data fed into the table anyway? If it takes hard-coded data in the block, I wouldn’t want to use JavaScript on the visitor’s site to make those calculations.
  17. Yes, but that’s also an advantage as you get a proper shopping cart, custom fields, renewals, pricing options and whatever else is possible in Commerce. You can still have the users browse the Downloads section if you want.
  18. Yeah, you have to have a product ready to be linked to from a file. So, it might be a bit more complicated than you hoped for, but it is a native way that does what you want. Instead of selling in Downloads, you push it all to Commerce.
  19. I do that with linked Commerce products. So the user is buying a Commerce product which has the group update and then the Download file links to the Commerce product, so the customer can also download the file.
  20. Products are not going away. PHYSICAL products are going away. You haven’t clarified what you are selling. There are physical “badges” and there are digital “badges”.
  21. Log in to Stripe to see more details about these attempted transactions. I wouldn’t necessarily assume that something is fishy. Could be an honest user really trying to pay and having their card(s) rejected.
  22. You can add meta tags using the meta tag editor. That works globally, not just for custom pages. Regarding <head> content, you can choose to use the suite wrapper or not (see the option in your screenshot). If you do, you use the <head> from the suite without changes, if you turn that off, you can and have to create your own <head>.
  23. Haven’t tested it. Might just be the space around the period character. When in doubt you can create the redirect target in a separate line. {{$target="https://test.com/".$something;}} {{\IPS\Output::i()->redirect($target);}} Should work.
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