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  1. I agree. Unsplash will work for us while Pixabay won't.
  2. This interactive display shows this very clearly https://www.theguardian.com/world/datablog/ng-interactive/2020/apr/22/see-how-coronavirus-can-spread-through-a-population-and-how-countries-flatten-the-curve
  3. The virus is part of the coronavirus family, The virus itself is called SARSCoV2 and the disease it causes is called COVID-19. https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel-coronavirus-2019/technical-guidance/naming-the-coronavirus-disease-(covid-2019)-and-the-virus-that-causes-it
  4. "to reduce the chance that a confused member will attempt to post a reply via the email! " Thank you! I'm sure many of our members (older and not very tech literate) will still hit Reply, this should help. Much appreciated.
  5. What a great site. Thank you for highlighting it. Pixabay looks quite limited for our area of interest but that site is very good for us.
  6. From the article Availability We intend to release the app alongside the next significant point release of Invision Community, expected to be 4.5. Communities will need to upgrade to this version to allow their users to use the app.
  7. IF this pre-trial judgement about defamation sticks, Australian companies would do well to leave FB and use a system that allows contnet to be approved before posting. From Guardian Australia Major media companies and Facebook are scrambling to come to grips with a landmark ruling by an Australian judge that found publishers are legally responsible for pre-moderating comments on the social media site. On Monday in the New South Wales supreme court judge Stephen Rothman found that commercial entities, including media companies, could be regarded as the publishers of commen
  8. Thanks @Matt It is a great new feature and I'm looking forward to it.
  9. Will this bypass the original anti-spam settings when creating a regular account e.g. Q&A?
  10. To recount members posts in 4.3 you just go into any member's page in ACP and click on the down arrow next to content count. From there you can select the option to recount for all members. For 4.2 there is a link to Recount in the lower half of the main page for a member with the same option.
  11. Thanks. The icing on the cake as no more scrolling through loads of irreevant dd-ons.
  12. I'm glad you didn't say Sony Pictures ? Great work IPS Team. The 3rd party/privacy policy integration is excellent. I take it the screenshot only shows which apps are integrated e.g. Send Grid won't show if you don't use it? And I add my support to @TSP's brilliant suggestion.
  13. Once an account is deleted, the IP address then becomes associated with the Guest account and not user account Fred. As that is an anonymous account the IP is no longer Personally Identifiable Information and is therefore GDPR no longer applies to it.
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