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  1. Yes. I've created an account and applied the site key and secret. It works fine on the registration form.
  2. Even after upgrading to 4.7.1, the hCaptcha link is still not showing on the Contact Us form as shown in this post by @Ryan Ashbrook
  3. 6b days and waiting. I can remember when Invision not only offered but actually provided Support.
  4. Thanks Marc. Gallery is available again. Still no Notifications (so I can't tell if Disable my Inbox is working) but Alerts is still not accessible. With these issues I haven't even bothered trying to see if Who's Typing/Viewing works as the whole upgrade has been a disaster and should assume they don't work.
  5. I've just noticed that the Gallery also did not upgrade and is locked.
  6. I've just upgraded our cloud site to 4.7 and nobody can view notifications. When you click on the bell you get an empty box. Clicking on View All Notifications shows a blank page. I gett the email notifications though. Also I can't click on Alerts in ModCP, it just stays on reported content. And my Messenger inbox still shows Disable my Messenger rather than the option to disable the Inbox.
  7. As a Cloud customer, I'm happy to wait for the final release. I also like to spin up a 5 day demo to get familiar with the changes in an environment closely resembling our live site. Will the demo site be upgraded prior to final release? I assume not as it is for attracting potential clients who may not like testing a beta.
  8. That won't work across time zones though. I'm in Australia and see times in my time zone. Many of our members are in the UK which is 9 or 10 hours behind. What I see as September 13 19:00 would show as September 13 10:00 in the UK. Our members liked the Post Number plug-in but if doesn't return I won't be upset. I see how the numbers change after deleting, hiding, splitting posts. The PostID idea is interesting but I can't see too many members quoting numbers like this - 2931519 (a real post number from a few minutes ago on my Forum) With collapsed quotes, we'll just keep educating people on linking rather than saying "post 1234" Now, about the old Automatically hide/delete inactive posts feature......😮
  9. No Unsplash in 4.5.0. Hopefully it won't be long once all the upgrade bugs are squashed.
  10. Thanks Paul. It turned out to be a bug with the CiC upgrade process and Amazon S3 storage. IPS Support has a possible fix in QA. Basically, it reset our file storage to a local S3 instance rather than our external one. In the time between us finding this out and reverting, those images had been posted, we reset the storage configuration and most of our older images have been restored. The ones in the image above fell between the changes of S3 storage which means they've been "registered" as posted images but I haven't yet moved them across to the external storage. Thanks again for your help.
  11. Is there a simple way to not display the mini gallery in the new Topic Summary? Having three empty place holders looks terrible and I'm tempted to disable the feature.
  12. Unless it is the first post in a thread, the Share link DOES link to an individual poat.
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