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  1. I am sorry, I have found how to manage it. In the Admin Centre ->SETTINGS->POSITNG -> Automatically embed links? should be switched ON.
  2. Dear friends, Today I have finally made Google API key accepted :-) But I got another problem: when I copy and paste an address from Google Maps to show one, my forum software (4.2) doesn't convert an address into the map. Here I copy the link and get the map automatically. At my community, the link remains the link. What should I check in order to make it working properly? Thank you in advance! https://www.google.com.ua/maps/@46.4601261,30.5717053,11z?hl=en
  3. Our community is also using the post number as the standard way of referring in the replies and we miss the lost functionality upon after the upgrade (our theme has also changed it's behavior, but it's another topic). If Matt is not replying, may we ask to upload a corrected version as a joint effort of Matt/Adriano? I would also prefer if IPS returns this function to the core, while user might decide to switch it on/off.
  4. For the reputation, I also support more flexible options. At IPB 3.4.x we were using a third-party login, which was allowing to input a short text, while giving the point. So an author of the content would see who exactly had given reputation and for which reasons. Currently, if I don't miss anything, we are limited just to plus/minus (r, alternatively,'reactions') without ability for the author to see, who made the reputation and why.
  5. Thank you a lot! Actually your reply just gave me a thought: Our Forum has a number of sub-forums, where actual posting happens. I was selecting the sub-forum heading, implying it means also the sub-forums in the category. After your reply I selected every sub-forum and, yes, the hook started to work! Sorry for the stupid questions!
  6. Many thanks for your reply! Here it is:
  7. Dear HeadStand, Many thanks for your job and help to all of us. We've tried to install your hook to our IP.Board (3.4.4 : rasmir.com/FORUM) - it is installed successfully, but doesnt show anything! Appart of your hook, we have: (SOS34) Recent Topics Sidebar Hook v1.2.0 (SD32) Reputation Reason v1.1 Russian translation of Status Online Hook by Michael McCune [Recent Topics v1.0.0 by Invision Power] is disabled after instalation of (SOS34) above. [(DP31) Reputation Time v1.0.0] is disabled The SD32 ReputationReason used Sidebar. We tried to disable it, but your hook still was not working. We tried to disable it and even reinstall -all the same. The SKIN is default. Thee forum works in UTF-8, uses the Russian translation. Your help is much appreciated! May you suggest, please, what's wrong? kind regards, Yevgen
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