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  1. What about an individual member? For example I dont want to give access to all MODERATORS to create quizzes.
  2. Hello Adriano, Where should i give access to create quizzess to other GROUPS on my forum? Can you make a printscreen or something like that?
  3. A proposal for you: Can you make a block with GENERAL Leaders Ranking?
  4. A small error. When I reply to a review ( because I am the author of that review ) I am not redirected back and I receive the next error. Good or not the reply of that review is posted.
  5. Hello, I jsut checked system logs and i found these logs. Can you check if something is bad?
  6. Hello, I tried to apply your update but I receive this error: In the application details ( in ACP ) I see this: So the application was upgraded but not totally or something like that. Yes, that problem is resolved as I see. Thank you.
  7. It is great! 😄 Don't forget about my PM with that bug. Because of that bug I receive many other errors 😞
  8. Hello Adriano, Where can I find this setting: Setting to allow users to play a quiz only once Can you make a printscreen or something?
  9. Hello, I tried to import a quizz from your archive and I receive this error:
  10. I just uploaded the last version of MembersShop and unfortunetly same error:
  11. I think I made something wrong today. One member with rank AFILIAT was promoted to VIP with the help of MEMBERS SHOP. Now are 3 days left till he will auto-go to the old rank ( AFILIAT ) but I permanently removed that rank from my forum. So...now when I want to go to Membergroup Upgrades I receive this error: Any ideas?
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