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  1. I still have this problem. The second problem when I hide/unhide a medal was solved ( I saw that take some time to hide/ unhide them, probably the reason are tasks )
  2. One more bug: Medals are hidden in profile but are showing in postbit ( under the avatar ).
  3. So, the problem become more complicated. I told you that points are not appear in MEMBERS PROFILE. Now I saw another problem: I cannt find the DONATE button. And I am asking how can members to donate points eachother?
  4. Can you be more spectific about location?
  5. Hello @Fosters, I have a problem in my forum My theme is Deflection and is updated on the last version, compatible with 4.5. I tried with another 2 original themes and same problem.
  6. Hmmm....appears now. ( after 1-2 minutes ) 1 question: Should I give access to all members to edit their country and press save? Many of them are from country like Palestine, Morroco, Egypt and they will try to change FAKE COUNTRIES.
  7. Country flag appears without doing this, but not appears in forum inde. ( that's the problem ) In members profile it;s ok.
  8. Same problem to me. The country flag is just in members profile. From forum index ( last post topic ) dissapeared.
  9. But wich is the problem? Can you check why the points arent in profile without the code.
  10. Can you reply with the code? And where you put it?
  11. I just reinstalled the Member's Shop and I cannt find points in the members profile even the option is activated.
  12. Hello, I found a bug: if somebody buy 1 item in the same time from computer and from mobile, he will receive the item by 2 times. Also if he sell it back from computer and from mobile in the same time he will receive points back by 2 times. Look what this guys made 😞
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