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  1. What do you think if members can react with emojy to these stories? Can you do this update?
  2. I just checked the theme and I saw this. Do you have any idea why?'
  3. I disabled it and re-enable it and is working now. I dont know why. If something will happen again, I will come back to you. Thanks for your fast answer.
  4. Not compatible with 4.5....we are waiting for update cuz this version is not working anymore.
  5. Hello @Adriano Faria, We met some problems with WARN LOG these days. When somebody warn a member he receive an error and the warn is made by 2 times. Also the bot is not posting a topic.
  6. Their reply: "Hello,Unfortunately, like my colleague, I am indeed seeing flags when viewing the language selection options." I reinstalled the application....and problem was solved.
  7. Can you send me the previous version of Country Flags ( in PM maybe) to make some tests? They still not find any solution.
  8. Yeaa....I learned this lesson 😅
  9. I sent a ticket to IPB. Anyway before to update the Country Flags application was working perfect. Waiting for their answer.
  10. Yes! I think yes. Yes, 2: romanian and english. No.
  11. I just updated the application and now I cannt see the icon of country-flags. All permission are verified and ok.
  12. Hello @TAMAN I just bought your theme and I need some help: How to remove Forums & Start New Topic button from index page? How to put subforums in 3 columns?
  13. Same problem to me. Waiting for update till 15 september... God help us! It is an amazing application.
  14. Hello, It is possible to add a list with all categories of Gallery in the sidebar? Check the photo
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