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  1. Thanks! I see download button and have DLed. I appreciate your help. Brad Well... When I upload the tar file, I get this: I have 1.7.2 installed. This is 1.7.3 so I am not sure why this error.
  2. I have an account - BradTBP, I'll take a look. Thanks. When I go to Raffles, it's asking for me to re-buy at $40
  3. @Adriano, when I went to upgrade I was presented with an option to buy. It looks like my app expired on 08/12, but I can't renew on Marketplace. Is that something you can help with? When I click on manage, there is no way to renew: Are you able to allow me access to upgrade this for the fix? Thanks, Brad
  4. Thanks. If you need access or anything else, let me know.
  5. Can't change amount of tickets using arrows up/down and when clicking on "Buy Tickets" it reverts to the Tickets box and highlights it. https://www.thebullspen.com/raffles/raffle/13-autographed-brad-cecil-card/
  6. I have used this for quite some time, however...I did a typical Members Points Raffle with no limitations, 25 points to buy, unlimited tickets, users, etc. When a member with sufficient tickets goes to purchase, they receive this message: I've not seen that before and have done this type of member points raffle quite often. Would you be able to help me solve this? Thank you.
  7. I don't use it to reply to an existing topic, with each new member (through traditional "sign up") it creates a new topic. I am on latest version of IPS and the app. If you still want settings, I can provide.
  8. Hello Michael, I was wondering if you plan to have this app also auto welcome those that become new members using the social integration methods with Twitter/Google/Etc.? It seems to only pick up traditional registrations leaving out more than half of new members. Thanks!
  9. Disregard. I see where I "end week" in listing of games is. I ended first week and now second week is up for pick. that took a while to figure out..
  10. I am testing a "weekly" contest by setting up five games over five days (to test faster). I'm into Day Two and Game Two is not available to pick. No email either. What systemically should make Game 2/Week 2 come available? Game One has been picked. played, and winning team marked. Thanks.
  11. Building out a couple pick ems and so far so good. On the weekly one I am testing, I got an email reminder to pick - that is nice! If you're up for some feature enhancements, I will provide them as I get more familiar with the app. Thanks!
  12. Just to follow up I installed the update and have run sitemap and everything is fine. I haven't yet added a new contest, but will soon. Thanks for the fix!
  13. Thanks for working on this. As soon as the update is available, I will try again!
  14. It didn't stop the site, it just inhibited the sitemap generator. I actually ran it through a test pool with about a dozen people - it worked just fine.
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