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  1. I am in same boat. Upgraded - no go. Uninstalled, reinstalled - no go. I hope there is some help along soon. Great feature to my community and I am in peak season...doing it manually is a PAIN! Thanks Michael.J.
  2. I have a similar problem Do I need to uninstall the previous version? I don't want to lose previous quiz information, I appreciate your advice. Thank you.
  3. Thanks for your hep @Adriano Faria ...Looks like it was my user/site error and the Raffles app is functioning as intended. Your very responsive and support your products. Thank you very much!!! Brad
  4. Thanks Adriano, I will PM you now.
  5. It may not be that then. Either way, I have settings set to Pick Winners Automatically, but that is not happening. I thought it was because of no ticket. I just ran a second one with two entrants. It has ended with a winner not being selected.
  6. Adriano, I have a problem on a second site and second purchase/install of Raffles. I am using it as Giveaways only, but when members manually join, it shows them joining, but no ticket. If I add them myself, it allocates one ticket (correctly). I have been through the settings and do cannot find what is causing difference. Here is a screenshot of a raffle - two members joined, only one ticket showing. https://www.azsportsforums.com/raffles/raffle/2-arizona-cardinals-officially-licensed-fleece-throw/ Let me know if I can provide any more data. Thank you.
  7. This still doesn't work although the site shows an update of the same version number 15 hours ago. I'm in my sports season and this app is useless. Has been for a month with no support.
  8. So, does that mean there is something on my site preventing it? I was able to use the RSS block without a problem, but switching to a content block is not working.
  9. Seems like Invision throws that <ul> in there automatically.... I also thought of having nt_pages_block1 nt_pages_block2 and nt_pages_block3 but the ticker didn't pick up the latter two blocks....
  10. Thanks for your fast response....I did try that, and tried it again by cutting and pasting your code above, it still renders in a list format. ???
  11. Hi I cannot figure out why my ticker is not displaying each Link according but like this: It is displaying as a list... I used a text block nt_pages_block1 and this is the source code: <ul> <li> <a href="https://www.thebullspen.com/lottery/" rel="">Enter the Site Lottery, Drawing on Saturday</a> </li> <li> <a href="http://www.thebullspen.com" rel="">Test this mofo</a> </li> </ul> you can see the ticker https://thebullspen.com Thank you.
  12. Hi, I uploaded a couple videos and then on the third got this error when trying to Upload Video File. It was a large file by 9999999 the file size limit. What information do you need?
  13. Adriano, The link to bug tracker for this product does not work on sosinvision.com, so I'm putting it here. I am having trouble completing the add of a category, receiving an error message saying the field must be completed after I added text. I could not go forward with building the category unless I selected NOT to Display Instructions. Thanks for taking a look at it.
  14. Hi Adriano, If from the Staff Applications page I select "read more" I get this unformatted mess: When the real page, if the position title hyperlink is clicked instead, I get what it should look like: Is it possible to format the content in the Read More drop down? Thanks
  15. Maybe not. When I click on previous uploaded item, I have opportunity to move. When I move it to new category "audio" OI am getting this message:
  16. I have a question, I just updated and set up categories. How do I move my previous uploads into the categories? Thanks. Disregard, I think I may have found the way.
  17. Hi Adriano! I just set up my first Members Point raffle to run through Wednesday. One thing I noticed in this version, is there no longer is the opportunity whether for points or REAL Money to buy more than one ticket at a time? Did that change or have I missed a setting? I am having some settings issues. I set up a category to be for points, and it keeps showing money. With money, it have multiple tickets. I'll provide more update later...it's late. Thanks, Brad
  18. Great to hear....I use Adriano's Raffle drawings (which he added functionality for Member Points to inegration!), and what he does is post an opening topic when a raffle is created, and then replies to that initial topic when it is drawn. That's pretty clean. One other thing I noticed is I set the raffle for 9:00 p.m. Saturday night, but it ended up drawing 4:00 a.m. Sunday morning. I think I had this problem with the Sports Betting and you fixed. Seems to need a similar fix. Thanks! Brad
  19. I just updated to new version. When I add the sidebar block and click "Edit" I get a vague outline of what is probably the edit box: Unable to edit, obviously. And it would be nice if that box was centered. One other suggestion, now it has the ability to post a topic when winner is drawn, but there should be a topic when lottery is posted so that people know of it. Thanks, I enjoy your products and your creativity.
  20. Thanks, we'll get to it then. Thanks for the update.
  21. Adraino, thanks for fast response. I can re-install, do settings, add category, but as soon as I submit a raffle/giveaway to the category, I receive this:
  22. Hi Adriano, I was experiencing problems that no solutions that no suggestions or enhancements have been offered to fix, so I deleted Raffles and tried to reinstall, now I have an error once I try to add a raffle. Can you please tell me, considering I have deleted Raffles, what steps I should take to re-install and hopefully have it work? Thanks, Brad
  23. First, when following your instructions to make the randomquote block template, nothing populates in the preview area and, naturally, when I insert it, nothing shows and it just says error in the block
  24. Hi, I am using media uploader with Amazon S3 and I can upload audio and pics with no problem. :ThumbsUP On the PDF I am having problems, getting this when embedded: On video, I am getting this when embedded: Need a little help, thanks. I can view them from https://www.thebullspen.com/mediauploader/mymedia/ but the embed goes awry....
  25. I posted earlier in this thread, and was unable to get fonts to work or Optional Block Templates. I uninstalled all of it long ago. When seeing this new version, I thought I would try again. I have everything seemingly working well, but the optional block templates for SuperQuote_randomquote and SuperQuote_feed. Would you be able to look at it if I provided credentials via message?
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