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  1. I found this on internet but idk how to do that.
  2. I tried to install a theme and I receive an error 3c130/1
  3. Looking forward to the 4.5 release, but when? Give us a hint 😄
  4. Hello, I think will be a very nice update for IPBoard this option: to enable Recent Profile Visitors BLOCK for all members from ACP. For example, when a new user is registered on our forum, he must have automatically that block enabled.
  5. Release date/ month?
  6. O posted a STATUS in my forum to request help from members. Feedback:
  7. So strange. We are 5 guys from different countries to try to join on membersShop and we can join in more than 15 seconds
  8. I tried all MenuManager: CASINO, QUIZZES, STORE etc all works in 1 second. Exception: BANK and DEVIL SHOP = membersshop. I removed that GIF and it nothing changed.
  9. Are you in incognito mode with your browser?
  10. Hmmm....the problem is the number of items. More than 4-5 items on the page? = problem less than 4-5 items on page = ok. This is happening by some days because in the past I never met that ( and I had all tabs online whats new, most popular items, random items, low in stock )
  11. I edited to 10 items per category. We can enter now in membersShop but takes too much time to join in ( almost 20-22 seconds )
  12. No. I told you: I made the update to the last version of IPBoard (v4.4.10) and after that appeared that problem. If you want I can provide you details to check it.
  13. Message sent to invision community => they sent me to you. Message sent to hosting company -> they sent me to you.
  14. Any reply? I have some crazy members who spamm me hour by hour to ask me about membersShop.
  15. When I click on memberShop in MenuManager is constantly charging and after 1 minute I receive error. i disabled cloudflare but for nothing
  16. One small proposal: can you create a DONATE button where members can send points to community? Can be a way to make members to lose points or with these points I can come back with some giveaways What you say?
  17. Hello @Pete T, I think the plugin has some problems. Sometime even I am online in my forum, I cannt see my name in the list. I use last version of IPB ( Invision Community v4.4.10 )
  18. One more thing. Even I gave full acces to my administrators, in ACP they see all positions LOCKED. I repeat: they have full access!
  19. So, would be nicer for members when apply to some have questions with separate windows where to complete with their answers, because the main windows is a bit too simple, you can't even put images or colors there Bug: the price in points appear as a message but not in the Restrictions top
  20. I. New proposals: 1. Comments inside applications - for communication between applicants and staff 2. Upvote/Downvote for application - for the administration to cast votes 3. We should have the possibility to edit the restrictions after the offer is posted II. BUG 1. The description image is wrongly resized
  21. Restrict Position by Content count ( it exists ) Reputation points/likes ( it exists ) Number of days as member ( it exists ) Minimum age ( it exists ) Minimum Number of Points pocket+ bank or just pocket from Members Shop ( new feature ) So, when they try to apply, they should meet this conditions. Also I propose a new option to pay some points from Members Shop before to apply for a rank.
  22. Hello @Adriano Faria, We bought your application. It is a great one! I have a small question: Before to apply for a rank, member can pay with forum points ( from membershop ) Can you implement that?
  23. Are you thinking to connect this application with MEMBERS SHOP? ( I want to say that will be awesome to rewards winners with some points )
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