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  1. I just checked the theme and I saw this. Do you have any idea why?'
  2. Sethhh.

    Warn Log

    I disabled it and re-enable it and is working now. I dont know why. If something will happen again, I will come back to you. Thanks for your fast answer.
  3. Not compatible with 4.5....we are waiting for update cuz this version is not working anymore.
  4. Sethhh.

    Warn Log

    Hello @Adriano Faria, We met some problems with WARN LOG these days. When somebody warn a member he receive an error and the warn is made by 2 times. Also the bot is not posting a topic.
  5. Their reply: "Hello,Unfortunately, like my colleague, I am indeed seeing flags when viewing the language selection options." I reinstalled the application....and problem was solved.
  6. Can you send me the previous version of Country Flags ( in PM maybe) to make some tests? They still not find any solution.
  7. Yeaa....I learned this lesson 😅
  8. I sent a ticket to IPB. Anyway before to update the Country Flags application was working perfect. Waiting for their answer.
  9. Yes! I think yes. Yes, 2: romanian and english. No.
  10. I just updated the application and now I cannt see the icon of country-flags. All permission are verified and ok.
  11. Hello @TAMAN I just bought your theme and I need some help: How to remove Forums & Start New Topic button from index page? How to put subforums in 3 columns?
  12. Same problem to me. Waiting for update till 15 september... God help us! It is an amazing application.
  13. Hello, It is possible to add a list with all categories of Gallery in the sidebar? Check the photo
  14. I still have this problem. The second problem when I hide/unhide a medal was solved ( I saw that take some time to hide/ unhide them, probably the reason are tasks )
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