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  1. " In 4.6, we’ve completely revamped our Ranks system to communicate with Achievements. Achievements’ Ranks system will replace our previous Ranks system*" Can we keep the existing Ranks system?
  2. That won't work across time zones though. I'm in Australia and see times in my time zone. Many of our members are in the UK which is 9 or 10 hours behind. What I see as September 13 19:00 would show as September 13 10:00 in the UK. Our members liked the Post Number plug-in but if doesn't return I won't be upset. I see how the numbers change after deleting, hiding, splitting posts. The PostID idea is interesting but I can't see too many members quoting numbers like this - 2931519 (a real post number from a few minutes ago on my Forum) With collapsed quotes, we'll just keep educating people on linking rather than saying "post 1234" Now, about the old Automatically hide/delete inactive posts feature......😮
  3. No Unsplash in 4.5.0. Hopefully it won't be long once all the upgrade bugs are squashed.
  4. Thanks Paul. It turned out to be a bug with the CiC upgrade process and Amazon S3 storage. IPS Support has a possible fix in QA. Basically, it reset our file storage to a local S3 instance rather than our external one. In the time between us finding this out and reverting, those images had been posted, we reset the storage configuration and most of our older images have been restored. The ones in the image above fell between the changes of S3 storage which means they've been "registered" as posted images but I haven't yet moved them across to the external storage. Thanks again for your help.
  5. Is there a simple way to not display the mini gallery in the new Topic Summary? Having three empty place holders looks terrible and I'm tempted to disable the feature.
  6. Unless it is the first post in a thread, the Share link DOES link to an individual poat.
  7. I agree. Unsplash will work for us while Pixabay won't.
  8. We considered something like that a while ago. Once we reaslised that nearly all the swearing was in the off topic forum, we thought itwould only encourage posters to have a competition for the most ridiculous sentence possible and there's alreay enough rubbish in that forum. In the end we just used 16 *s for all words we replaced. That destroys any chance of people inferring the meaning and thus it is impossible for members to get the context or get offended. IT has virtually stopped it now apart from 'jokes' copied over from other sources.
  9. "to reduce the chance that a confused member will attempt to post a reply via the email! " Thank you! I'm sure many of our members (older and not very tech literate) will still hit Reply, this should help. Much appreciated.
  10. Sometimes I wonder if Amazon does either. 🤣 Anyway, this subject intrigued me enough to have a look at our usage for the first time in a while. We are a CiC site and use S3 for storing attachments and gallery images and our latest invoice shows 70Gb of storage. The total cost is USD13/month. That breaks down to roughly $2 tax, $2 for storage and $8 for bandwidth (data in and out of S3) So storage is very cheap and bandwidth is very slightly higher. I probably wouldn't recommend putting high traffic data such as user profile images on there but for us, moving the bulky images and gallery onto S3 has been a life saver. Depending on your site traffic and what your host charges for storage and bandwidth then you may well save money using it. There has been a lot of discussion and several Help Guides about S3 so a search for "amazon s3" (including the quotes) will provide more information. I did taht many times when setting up our S3 and it all went smoothly.
  11. They are different settings. If you search the ACP for non-registrable you can add an IP address in there. That will remain even if you delete an account and all the personal data including IP addresses used.
  12. Yes. Go to the Members page and click on the gear icon. It will give you a range of options on what to search (For "uploaded no content" set the content count to Exactly 0). Once the search is done, you will see an option to prune accounts.
  13. What a great site. Thank you for highlighting it. Pixabay looks quite limited for our area of interest but that site is very good for us.
  14. You can use the storage settings to store files between the IPS storage or Amazon's S3 storage. We put all our attachments and gallery images on S3 bot other files cam be moved across if you get close to the storage limits of your plan. The core files are all on AWS anyway so there is no real delay in where your files are stored. I haven't used self storage but a lot of that performance would depend on the hardware.All I can say is that our site (admittedly not very customised) performs as well as all the other sites I visit regularly. They're normally done manually at your time of choosing. The last upgrade to 4.4.7 was done automatically without us being aware of it which caused a lot of confusion for us but. hopefully, that was a glitch in the system and not a new process. We really like not having to worry about the hardware and have the backups worked etc. and there is no buck passing between providers. If there is a problem with the cloud system, the support is absolutely superb. Try the free 5 day demo. It is limited in what you can do (e.g. you can't upload themes) and is slower than our live site but it gives you a chance to see what is different between Cloud and self hosted.
  15. That looks like the Table Tools Toolbar plugin. You could try Table Tools which adds most of those features via a (I think) Ctl+Right Click to show extra functionality in the pop up.
  16. That's a different issue. This link still works on my 4.4.4 site i.e. it lists all members but doesn't work here (assuming IPS is running 4.4.5) It just returns the default Advanced Search page.
  17. I haven't upgraded yet but this happens on this site using the link posted by Brandon.
  18. If you want to use Font Awesome icons, there's this help guide
  19. IF this pre-trial judgement about defamation sticks, Australian companies would do well to leave FB and use a system that allows contnet to be approved before posting. From Guardian Australia Major media companies and Facebook are scrambling to come to grips with a landmark ruling by an Australian judge that found publishers are legally responsible for pre-moderating comments on the social media site. On Monday in the New South Wales supreme court judge Stephen Rothman found that commercial entities, including media companies, could be regarded as the publishers of comments made on Facebook, and as such had a responsibility to ensure defamatory remarks were not posted in the first place.
  20. As another Cloud customer, I use that feature a lot and am really glad how it has offered as lot more options ove rthe years.
  21. Go to ACP - Members and use the Advanced Search (the gear icon to the right of the search box) and look for "Allow bulk emails? " Or use the Download Member List option and look for "Member bulk mail subscription"
  22. We have over 2 million posts on our site and the speed of streams generally aren't a problem. IIRC, the Unread stream defaults to 365 days so try reducing that to a smaller number such as 7/14/30 days depending on your traffic.
  23. Have a look at the Meta Tags section here Add the sub-forum URL and add tags for robots and type in noindex,nofollow. That seems to work for me.
  24. Leave the search topic blank and do a search. That will return all members. You then save that as a link in the main menu and it is easily available to everyone. With thanks to whichever IPS staff posted that tip years ago.
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