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  1. Ugggh. Who would have thought the Guest Signup Widget is part of the PROMOTE application....so permissions are set there for that. 😑 I got to where I am happy now enough. Thanks everyone for all the help! 🙂
  2. So create a new Popular Contributors block and replace the default one with it and make it not seen by Guests?
  3. Yeah, I follow. But, why is Popular Contributors the last of the blocks showing unlike all others? I would be fine with the bottom stats at this point. 🙂
  4. Well, then all members would have to go to the forum via that top page that I just want to show to Guests. If I put Pages as default. Right?
  5. It has all the forum stats on the bottom showing as well. The question is why are the only left and the popular contributors block too and all others are now gone after setting permissions for Guest to "no" for all applications. Same for the bottom stats. Seems odd frankly. Like a bug? Puzzled here. If I set Forum to No for guests, it then removes it all including the Guest block as it's defined.
  6. Getting there. But there are still the forum stats and the right side still has a block. But, when I had forums not checked for Guests the Guest WIdget did not show either. All were gone. I went through every single application I believe.
  7. So now these extra blocks are showing up for Guests. I don't know where to shut off the extra blocks. I went to permissions for the Guest Group and didn't find anything to shut off. The stats blocks and the popular contributors and who's online blocks.
  8. Thanks! I think I almost got it. But, some other stuff is showing to guests and not sure how to make those not show up when logged out?
  9. I just installed pages. No clue how to put this simple graphic on a page and the login links up to the forum. 😞 Is there some sort of design guide out there?
  10. Just moved to the Creator cloud base version. I see the guest block widget. Where do I drag it to? LOL
  11. Awesome! Where would I find the Guest SIgnup WIdget? Or for that matter Pages App?
  12. No, just an image and some text and a link to proceed into the forum.
  13. Is there a way to put an "entrance page" in front of the forum rather than re-install it into a sub-folder below the top URL address? Thanks!
  14. No one seems to know where this is? The Text used under the user input boxes. Thanks!
  15. Thanks. The text in that template is non-existent. I need to change the text for the pop up.
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