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  1. Best SSH client to use? Thanks!
  2. For sure. Thanks for the clarification btw. Next time with such a big upgrade, I will have to learn how to run the queries myself via the commend line for sure. 🙂
  3. Well, this didn't need to occur thank goodness. However, this is completely unreasonable to think you can have your server admin real time online doing these command line queries and frankly the majority of people are not SSH and Unix/MysSqul command line up to speed to go connect and do this. themselves. Just my 2 cents.
  4. I was just going to ask this instead. Got it. Thanks! Anything else to do manually if need be? That I should know before I start? Thanks!
  5. Was going to finally take the upgrade step and ran into this below. I do know how to pull up PhpMyAdmin and hit the Query tab. I assume the software will tell me the exact query to use and I will then submit it via PhpMyAdmin where I have the arrow in the attached screen shot? I am just making sure I am fully prepared to do this without getting hosed. Thanks! Large Database Updates During this upgrade some changes need to be made to large database tables. Trying to do this automatically may time out, so you will be prompted to run the queries manually when required. Before continuing, connect to your your MySQL server's command line so that you will be ready to run the queries when prompted. If you are not sure how to do this, you should contact your hosting provider or system administrator for assistance. TABLE ROWS SIZE core_search_index 763,422 327.59 MB
  6. WHY change colors in the default!? I had never customized and now a bunch of defaults are changed in 4.5.2. Now, it creates a huge amount of work for me. Does anyone have a theme with the OLD default colors? Thanks.
  7. If I create a new group promotion calling it membersx such that a member needs 100 posts to get promoted, once I create it will it only working going forward or would it then promote everyone with over 100 posts to the memberx group immediately on creation when I set the Action "Move to Group" membersx
  8. Anyone have any experience with Lazy Loading or Storing Template Caches to disk with performance? Thanks. Performance Cache sidebar, header and footer blocks For weeks days hours minutes For many blocks, getting the data every time the block needs to be shown can be bad for performance. This setting allows you to only reload the block after a set period of time. This means there will be a delay before the content of blocks is changed - for example, if you set this to 5 minutes, and you have a block showing the most recent topics, it may take up to 5 minutes for a new topic to show. Lazy load media in content? Lazy loading is a technique whereby images, videos and embeds in content are not loaded until the user scrolls far enough to see them. This can improve page load times and reduce bandwidth. Enable Automatic Polling? Invision Community will make automatic AJAX requests to your server to facilitate instant notifications, showing when a user has replied to content and other features. These requests are made in an efficient manner and the rate slows with the amount of time a user is inactive, but you may want to disable these features if you need to reduce the amount of requests to your server. Enable template disk caching? Storing template caches to disk as executable files can save processing time and memory usage.
  9. This is what I see in phpmyadmin. I don't see forums_posts, etc in this list of 250 tables.
  10. What grass roots database table row/variable can I look at that contains post text? And, gravy would be Post Title data? Context is to check database data to figure out the last date of a post made to see how much data was lost during a migration. Even though I had the forums off. Or, any other ideas for how to do this easily. Thanks!
  11. I am using BigDump to restore my forum databases. It specifies the connection character set. Confirming that $INFO['sql_charset'] = 'utf8mb4'; is the proper set to specify as seen in config file. Thanks!
  12. Thanks! Did you have to change php.ini on your server? What sizes have you done before?
  13. What's the best method to restore a 1 to 2 gig database? I know there can be a timeout issue with Phpmyadmin. Thanks!
  14. Something has changed in 4.4 where bots are now showing up in the online users list AGAIN. Prior versions removed bots somehow from showing up. Now, this latest version has them as part of the online users list which makes zero sense. Was this a change made on purpose? Are others seeing the same? Makes ZERO sense to list a bot as an online user.
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