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  1. The day Spanner died I was emailing him some ideas for his recently released matketplace app. My last email from him was an hour before the crash. He liked one idea because it would stretch his creativity to the max and was stoked to dive right into it later that night. He always acted professionally and didn't seem prone to rushing into anything. Once he left the office it appears a different side of him emerged. I didn't get to really know him to figure out if things were less than ideal in his personal life and it affected his judgment accordingly. I am definitely seeing my fair
  2. It's important to "really" know your audience. Many people tasked with communicating to a wide audience assume readers have sufficient "real world" experience and college-level reading ability (In the language being used) in which to be able to "really" understand the message that is trying to be conveyed. There was a time people actually had a love of words, think back to the time of Shakespeare. Now it seems people take a certain pride in trying to communicate with others with the fewest characters (not words) they can. This is causing people to have shorter and shorter attention s
  3. This sounds like something I might like as well.
  4. How do we beta test: "Blowing Lindy's Mind"? I appreciate humor like the next person but if there is a change to the code it would be helpful to know what it is so everyone can properly test it and know something was added, changed, or deleted.
  5. That's brilliant Adriano!!! You might consider creating a separate monitizable version of this product. Such a version could be marketed to an entirely different group of IPS customers increasing overall sales. Once folks really look at the capabilities of the Member Shop, the Commerce addon and your app (with "just" the new features you will be adding in a couple of days) their imaginations will spark and multiple different use cases will come to mind. Being open to further refinement could lead to entirely different ways of running communities, allowing some to remain open a few years l
  6. It would be helpful if IPS listed which browsers they actively support (and let people now if they intend on deprecating a browser or version of a browser) with their platform and all third-party developers would be required to certify that their products are compatible with them prior to being listed in the marketplace. If a marketplace app doesn't work with a particular IPS supported browser than it should be clearly stated in the product description. This will allow customers to make an informed decision of whether or not the IPS platform and any marketplace apps a person may consider fo
  7. A new train of thought was initiated by @TheWorldNewsMedia.org 19 hours ago and was followed up with 2 comments 15 hours ago and then 8 hours ago and then 3 hours ago and the last one 31 minutes ago. There are a lot of conversations that play out over the course of days or weeks before coming to some conclusion or it simply peters out. Most of the suggestion topics end up petering out. None of us participating in this particular conversation were online within the same minute let alone the same second so having a real time messaging solution wouldn't be of much use to us here. How
  8. Here is an example of a topic about a functionality of Pages that wouldn't easily be found by searching but may be of interest to other folks than the original poster.
  9. It would be nice to have a dedicated area centered around Pages. I've seen lots of useful tips, examples, and answers to lots of folks questions but as they are scattered all over the place they can be tough to find as it is always hit or miss using the search tool. Having a dedicated area will help with future discoverability of content specific to pages and maybe some folks might offer to help comb through the older content and move the most useful to the new area to make them easy to find. This wouldn't be something that would yield immediate positive results but something
  10. This is an very interesting topic to explore in more detail. Let's say for the sake of argument that IPS implemented real-time personal messaging and video chatting. Consider the following: Facebook and other big social media companies have entire buildings full of servers scattered throughout the world and the staff to support them. As such, they have an incredible amounts of compute power, memory and direct high speed connections to the Internet that enables them to provide "real time" capabilities for a variety of services. They also have multiple revenue generating income
  11. In all seriousness, I think it is great that fellow IPS customers keep suggesting new features or better ways to implement existing ones. The challenge though is to do it in a way that will garner support from a "lot" of people in order to "really" get IPS attention or a third party developer to take the idea into real consideration. Your posting may not get you the results you hope for.
  12. If IPS created an AI based sarcasm filter the only thing that would appear in the response posted by @Joel Rabove would be the word "Like".
  13. As more and more people become concerned with privacy and various government entities start enacting privacy policies around the topic we should append the goodreads and google books APIs to the Third Parties Section of the board's Privacy Policy "if" appropriate. An acknowledgement (what information is being shared) via the two APIs and provide a link to the privacy policy.
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