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    ADKGamers got a reaction from Harrison Mayotte in Run multiple sites from the same backend (suggestion)   
    I would definitely purchase another license if something could be done. I was ready to purchase another license when I got a new domain, because I wanted to do something similar to that. . go thing I waited. haha

    I think this would be a bigger demand than most would think, and I believe it would help IPB out as well.
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    ADKGamers got a reaction from Harrison Mayotte in Run multiple sites from the same backend (suggestion)   
    I believe the reason has been said before that this can't be done because of cookies and how each site handles them.

    So I don't remember the exact reason, but I'm certain part of the big reason was because of the cookies.
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    ADKGamers reacted to SoftwareFactory in Brilliant Discord Integration   
    This has been mentioned here by us, but we’re going to send messages to everyone who hasn’t downloaded the new version yet.
    I’ve sent you a PM.
    Just wanted to reveal that rate limits are going to be almost non-existent after the next update, which will significantly reduce number of requests to Discord with a reinvented synchronization process.
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    ADKGamers reacted to Matt in Why not offer push notifications solution   
    Fair points. I'll take another look.
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    ADKGamers reacted to Matt in Search by Member in Messenger   
    Just so you know we are discussing all this internally.
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    ADKGamers reacted to bfarber in Search by Member in Messenger   
    I do have a few comments...
    It's worth pointing out that the majority of our clients do not have 20 years of (undeleted) messenger conversations and conversations with dozens of users and dozens of pages. You use the messenger quite heavily compared to the average client. Some features will not likely be feasible or introduced in messenger - for instance, reactions are kind of a measure of social relevance on a community, and so it doesn't make sense to support them within a walled off area like the messenger. Two users could literally just send each other PMs back and forth and "like" those messages to build up their reputation scores, with no oversight or even a way to see what they did that was being repped. Some behavior is modeled (lightly) against other similar online systems, like Facebook's messenger (where you don't have pagination but rather infinite scrolling, and as I recall they don't even really support any level of filtering or searching.  
    But setting those comments aside, I do see some ideas there that are actionable and will raise them internally for further consideration.
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    ADKGamers reacted to Rikki in Lazy load spacer improvements   
    We can't set a fixed height on images because images need to remain responsive (i.e. scaling with the browser window). For that reason, we set a width and a ratio, and calculate the height using JS.
    You are correct that on very slow connections, the JS can take a second or two to execute and add the placeholder, but even without lazy-loading, images would also 'jump' as the browser downloads them and inserts them into the page. This is unfortunately a trade-off, but for those on slow connections lazy-loading should ultimately be a benefit since their browser isn't having to load a bunch of images they aren't seeing yet.
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    ADKGamers reacted to Morgin in Why not offer push notifications solution   
    That guy is not an official spokesperson for webkit or apple, however.
    Apple's dev Maciej Stachowiak (who is one of the lead PWA devs from the looks of it) and Webkit's engineer Chris Dumez have both confirmed on twitter to use the webkit bugzilla for providing the use case feedback on the request. Providing through official apple feedback channels is obviously a good idea too, but feedback of any sort is the key here.
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    ADKGamers reacted to opentype in The license key is not valid.   
    Any client with a technical problem on their site can always open a support ticket. Same as always. 
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    ADKGamers reacted to opentype in Why not offer push notifications solution   
    It is, but I am not sure what kind of reaction you expect from this topic. It already has been discussed many times before. 
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    ADKGamers reacted to day_ in Users be able to turn off new device notifications   
    Sorry for trying to be helpful, wasn’t aware you was aware of the global setting. 
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    ADKGamers reacted to Adriano Faria in Brilliant Discord Integration   
    @Ron_ just read your review and this is a core feature. The app you install will always appears in first place on menu. You can simply move it to the position you want. 👍
    Btw, this isn’t my file. Just telling you something that you might not know. 
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    ADKGamers reacted to Mark in How to go about setting up Braintree?   
    PayPal itself was never deprecated other for Billing Agreements (and card payments, but PayPal stopped allowing that to be set up, not us).
    However, while this has been unfolding, PayPal have announced they are bringing a new API for recurring payments, which seems to be the same API which Braintree uses. It isn't generally available yet, but we're waiting to see how this unfolds before deciding how to proceed with that particular area. Hopefully we will be able to fully support both.
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    ADKGamers reacted to Morrigan in Brilliant Discord Integration   
    Awesome thank you. Will there be a possible future update to disable name syncing on a per group basis? I want the people that support the site (my subscribers) to have the ability to have custom names.
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    ADKGamers reacted to bfarber in Browser Compatibility   
    The last two major browser releases. For IE, that would be Edge and IE11 at present.
    Now, we don't go out of our way to break things in older browsers either, but if a bug is only present in IE9 at this point in time the solution is clear - upgrade your browser.
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    ADKGamers reacted to bfarber in New one-year, hard-coded limit to blocks in 4.4.2   
    We're not online on the forums 24/7 unfortunately, so we can respond to every topic and immediately. Additionally, the change is not a "bug" and as such it's not something that can be immediately addressed through a ticket.
    Having said that, this change is being revisited and reviewed internally.
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    ADKGamers reacted to Morgin in Improved Feature: Note to Reporter   
    Hey @Makoto,
    Just as a heads up, another dev msg’d before this to say they would take this on as a project. They can out themselves if they want, but just wanted to give a heads up as I’ve said I’m good with them reselling in marketplace when done so don’t want you working on this if you have other priorities. 
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    ADKGamers reacted to Joel R in Improved Feature: Note to Reporter   
    I would be interested.  
    I think it's important to bring transparency to the report and make the reporter feel that their time and energy to help sustain a clean community is appreciated.  
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    ADKGamers reacted to opentype in Ideas and SEO Tips that will speed up your Community   
    I would disagree with that absolute statement. 
    This is actually bad advise. System folders that don’t get called with HTML content aren’t indexed anyway. You are only exposing to the world what system folders you have, which actually achieves the opposite of what you claim. You make them easier to discover and scan. 
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    ADKGamers reacted to Ramsesx in IPS Guide section should enable follow option   
    It would be nice if the Guide section would take use of the follow option to save interesting parts in my followed contents area. Thanks.
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    ADKGamers reacted to Daniel F in Is it possible to download forum usage statistics?   
    That's unfortunately not possible, but it's an amazing idea. I have raised an internal suggestion for this.
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    ADKGamers reacted to Jennifer Harnetty in Is it possible to download forum usage statistics?   
    I am trying to put together some reports on our forum usage. I couldn't seem to find a way to download reports though. Is this possible? It would be really helpful.
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    ADKGamers reacted to bfarber in 5.0 - A Discussion   
    Just a few points from me...
    1) In my POV it is far better for you to create individual topics for individual requests. It is rare that we spend time reviewing large "how about all of these things" topics because frankly it's difficult and time consuming. We can and do, however, flag individual requests for follow up on our side quite often.
    2) We absolutely DO base our changes off of requests clients have made. They may not be requests YOU have made, but why would we (as a business) spend time implementing things no one wants? That's just illogical. It's important to remember that we get feedback from many different sources (this forum being but one of them) and you may simply not be aware of common things we hear about from other avenues.
    3) We'll be sticking with PHP for 5.0.
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    ADKGamers reacted to Matt in 5.0 - A Discussion   
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    ADKGamers reacted to Meddysong in Goodbye Facebook Login handle   
    There's no need for you to know a user's gender, who their friends are etc if you're helping them log in. It's not a surprise that Facebook is rejecting your app on those grounds. 
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