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  1. Do you mean a particular topic perhaps? There has never been a feature for individual posts, I'm not even sure how you'd track that even if you used to have a modification for it.
  2. The Add Message option is available also in other areas: Downloads Files Calendar Events Gallery Images Blog Entries Pages Database At least I'm seeing it everywhere. 🙄
  3. The column cache_sm is not a default one in the forums_topics table. It must have been added by a modification at some point. Either the modification is now disabled or uninstalled, but the column is still there, and since it doesn't accept a NULL value, the database throws that error. The column name itself doesn't tell what kind of modification it could be. The only way is to investigate the database/modifications on your site and pinpoint where it's coming from. And, in case the modification is already uninstalled, the column needs to be removed manually. 🤔 This is not something IPS can assist with since it's caused by a 3rd party modification. Unless you know how to do it yourself, you'll need help from a 3rd party developer/provider. If you send me a PM with more details, I can take a look.
  4. The EasyPost integration is a Community Enhancement. You can refer to this guide to find the setting I mentioned (see the 2nd and 4th screenshots):
  5. @Marc Stridgen The error should still be fixed, though: Call to undefined method IPS\core\extensions\core\EditorLocations\Contact::attachmentPermissionCheck() Even if the ID being looked up doesn't exist, it shouldn't throw a PHP error but show a proper error page at least.
  6. Exactly this. I meant to add a mention about the RAM when I said to confirm what the hosting is asking, but forgot to. 😅
  7. If the site I found using that name is correct, even their smallest plan has 100GB SSD storage. Unless you have a very old plan/account with them, and it was never upgraded to one of their newest plans, you're not being told to reduce the space used. Maybe you should confirm better with your hosting what exactly is the issue. As for suggestions, since IPS also provides hosting (IPS Cloud), we aren't allowed to publicly mention other hosting options as far as I know. In case you still want to go ahead and switch hosting without using the Cloud option, send me a PM and I can at least tell you the one I'm using. But first, confirm with your hosting if the issue is indeed the space used and not something else.
  8. You can't import a CSV list of the active members, it would just duplicate the accounts or skip importing them if the same email already exists (I forget which right now). If you already have a list of active members, it would be best to: Move all members to a new group. Run a script to move the active members (based on your list) back to the correct group. Mass delete the members that remain in the new group. Delete the new group. As I mentioned, you need to write a custom script that accepts the format of the list of active members and updates the accounts. Or, for example, if you have a query based on the email field, you can do step #2 above without a custom script and simply run your query with all the active members' emails. In any case, be sure to do a backup before making any changes.
  9. Okay. Now, that image under the "Most Contributions" box, is that an ad/image you added? Try temporarily disabling it and see if that fixes the sidebar.
  10. I think 500 MB is a pretty small hosting package nowadays. Even the cheapest option on the hosting I use has 10 GB for $2.24 /month. 😮 Rather than deleting files, which might break old posts that require those files, have you considered changing hosting? 🙄
  11. The default theme is white, not dark. 🙄 Try on a default theme with no customizations at all.
  12. If you are on Windows, once you find the access logs, you can try using this application to parse/view them in a more readable format: https://www.apacheviewer.com/ The free version should be more than enough for what you need. You can filter by those guests' IPs, etc.
  13. You could remove the guests' permission to see those specific forums, but it would impact the ability of search engines to index your content, too. You might be able to tell what they're doing if you look at the access logs of your server. If you're unsure where they are, try asking your hosting. Every page opened/viewed is recorded in those logs (as log as the server has the option enabled). You might be able to see what exactly they're doing that way.
  14. You can find the recommended CHMOD settings inside the init.php file: // File permissions // For example: when making folders for files to be uploaded to, what permissions // that should be created with 'IPS_FOLDER_PERMISSION' => 0777, // Writeable folders 'FOLDER_PERMISSION_NO_WRITE' => 0755, // Non-writeable folders 'IPS_FILE_PERMISSION' => 0666, // Writeable files 'FILE_PERMISSION_NO_WRITE' => 0644, // Non-writeable files Those are the default values IPS suggests (and uses), but depending on your server's configuration, you might need to adjust them. That part is best discussed with your hosting, though. As for writable folders, the default ones usually are applications, datastore, plugins, and uploads. Anyway, you'll get an error during upgrades if something that needs to be writable isn't. Unless you're having issues with your site (for example, files not uploading, etc), I wouldn't change anything.
  15. Guests aren't "logged in" so you can't log them out. If you don't want them around, the only option is to ban their IP (range?) at the server level. However, as you mentioned, it's possible those "guests" are actually bots crawling your site to index it. Unless you have some reason to be wary of those guests, I'd just ignore them.
  16. It's the same file, simply loaded from a different file storage.
  17. The error is coming from the ipc_group plugin: class_core_global_plugins->ipc_group The name doesn't remind me of anything right now, though. 🤔 Do you have a plugin with that name? And if you do, does disabling it make the error go away?
  18. I created a new type of Commerce package for a client, and when trying to clone it an error is thrown. Here's the stacktrace: Error thrown with message "Access to undeclared static property IPS\premium\Package\Premium::$packageDatabaseColumns" Stacktrace: #6 Error in \applications\nexus\sources\Package\Package.php:264 #5 IPS\nexus\_Package:__clone in \system\Node\Controller.php:915 #4 IPS\Node\_Controller:copy in \system\Dispatcher\Controller.php:107 #3 IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller:execute in \system\Node\Controller.php:69 #2 IPS\Node\_Controller:execute in \applications\nexus\modules\admin\store\packages.php:46 #1 IPS\nexus\modules\admin\store\_packages:execute in \system\Dispatcher\Dispatcher.php:153 #0 IPS\_Dispatcher:run in \init.php:934 The issue is caused by the __clone() method in applications/nexus/sources/Package/Package.php which is missing the isset() check: foreach ( $this->_data as $k => $v ) { if ( !\in_array( $k, array( 'id', 'reviews', 'unapproved_reviews', 'hidden_reviews' ) ) ) { if ( \in_array( "p_{$k}", static::$packageDatabaseColumns ) ) { $secondaryTable[ "p_{$k}" ] = $v; } else { $primaryTable[ "p_{$k}" ] = $v; } } } Every other method properly checks if the variable is set before using it, but the __clone() method doesn't. Here's an example from the save() method where the isset() check is properly implemented: foreach ( $this->changed as $k => $v ) { if ( isset( static::$packageDatabaseColumns ) and \in_array( "p_{$k}", static::$packageDatabaseColumns ) ) { $secondaryTable[ "p_{$k}" ] = $v; unset( $this->changed[ $k ] ); } elseif ( !\in_array( "p_{$k}", array( [...] ) ) ) { unset( $this->changed[ $k ] ); } }
  19. As mentioned in the post above, it's not supported. If you want to upgrade from that version, you need to perform a manual upgrade and change the PHP version right before (or after) the new files are uploaded: If you have 3rd party modifications installed, you might also need some extra steps (like disabling them before the upgrade, searching for a new version compatible with PHP 8, etc). If you're uncomfortable doing it yourself, there's the option of hiring a 3rd party Provider to do it for you, as Marc mentioned.
  20. That's possible. Version 4.2 did require PHP 5.6. You can check on the ACP dashboard, the version should be listed there. Or also on the Support page.
  21. Do you have some kind of caching enabled (for example: Cloudflare)? If so guests might still be getting the cached page (which bypasses the server), while logged-in members get the disk full error since they hit the server.
  22. You can use this API: https://invisioncommunity.com/developers/rest-api?endpoint=core/members/POSTitem Pass the correct key/value pair using the rawProperties parameter: allow_admin_mails
  23. You can find the list of incompatible modification on the Support page.
  24. If you don't have any theme in ACP without the Customized text you can add a new default non-edited one by clicking the + Create New button top-right. Either Easy Mode or Manual Mode will do for testing.
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