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  1. Yes, it's easy enough. Send me a PM as a reminder and I'll look into it tomorrow. I'm on my phone right now.
  2. On a default theme that info is automatically hidden on mobile devices while viewing the forum index. Only the last poster's photo and the last post's date remain visible. Or do you want to remove those, too?
  3. Since you're using the IPS Cloud, the only other way would be a custom modification to run the query for you and mass update the members. Yes.
  4. If you don't want to edit all users from ACP manually (I guess not), the only other way would be to run a SQL query to mass update all members. Can you access phpMyAdmin (or a similar software) to run a query? If you're hosted on the IPS Cloud or don't know your way around a database, it's best if you avoid doing it. And if you run it, always be sure to make a backup first.
  5. For applications, the folder is enough. Plugins are a bit more annoying since part of the (setup) files is not saved. It can still be done, though. It just requires some extra time. I've done it for some clients before.
  6. You need to edit the email wrapper template and remove it from there:
  7. After a conversion, you need to setup from scratch forum/group permissions.
  8. Does this guide still require the (missing) plugin linked in the first post? There is a post on page 5 that mentions a fix included in 4.5.4, but not sure if it still requires the plugin even after that. With the marketplace closed, I'm not seeing the S3 Compatible Downloads application listed on @All Astronauts's site.
  9. Yes. The code is not fully compatible with 8.2, so it's the same for any version higher than that.
  10. Yeah. As I mentioned a few times already, the check script should flag the 8.2 version as not compatible rather than checking only for 8.0+ versions... 😅
  11. Make sure the ROW_FORMAT for InnoDB tables is also DYNAMIC rather than COMPACT.
  12. The error is thrown only when editing the GUEST GROUP with MYSQL STRICT MODE enabled.
  13. I think Mark was thinking of PHP 8.2 when he replied. Anyway, while IPS has started recommending 8.1 with 4.7.15, there's no hurry to upgrade just now. 🙂 You can take your time and figure out the issue.
  14. Have you used the requirements checker after switching to PHP 8.1? It's possible that some required modules are not enabled.
  15. The site's account on the server and CLI can use different PHP versions. Based on your post, CLI is using PHP 8.2 instead of 8.1. You need to manually indicate CLI to use the 8.1 path. For example, instead of: php script.php You might need: /opt/alt/php81/usr/bin/php script.php The exact path depends on your server's configuration.
  16. Older versions had all login methods listed by default, and during the upgrade, they were converted as disabled. You can safely delete them, but leaving them there disabled won't cause any issues, either.
  17. Oh, I guess you also need to manually unlock the application in the database. It's the app_requires_manual_intervention field in the core_applications table. Here's a query you can run directly (if your tables use a prefix, adjust as needed): UPDATE core_applications SET app_requires_manual_intervention=0 WHERE app_directory='videos'; Clear again the cache after running the query, and the app should be unlocked. IPS won't offer support for 3rd party modifications. At most, they'll redirect you to the application's developer (who is currently MIA) or 3rd party developers in the Providers Directory. (Example link under my photo.) Anyway, with the query above you should be good to go.
  18. You need to change the first line with this code: public function setLastComment( \IPS\Content\Comment $comment=NULL, \IPS\Content\Item $updatedItem=NULL ) Then clear the cache in ACP > Support and re-enable the application.
  19. Yes, IPS added a new parameter to a function. It's a simple change if you know how to do it. If you need help let me know.
  20. Looks like a fix for this bug was included in 4.7.15. Marking as solved.
  21. Looks like a fix for this bug was included in 4.7.15. Marking as solved.
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