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  1. So I made my first "Alert" notice but I wouldn't know because as the author it doesn't seem to display for me. Just asked a moderator to check he hadn't seen it either. When I go to look at the alert it shows this but I can see users have logged in after I created it seems not to be publishing to any one, even though I selected all groups.
  2. I noticed the Organization schema works IF the TLD is the forums. However, that's not the case for us. Instead, IC a directory off the the TLD (i.e. https://TLD/forums). In this instance, the schema ends up like this: @type Organization @id https://www.TLD/forums/#organization mainEntityOfPage https://www.TLD/forums/ name Name of Forums url https://www.TLD/forums/ Where it should be: @type Organization @id https://www.TLD/#organization mainEntityOfPage https://www.TLD/ name Name of Website url https://www.TLD/ Is there a method to fix this?
  3. Is it intended to use the achievements system (with badges), but to not use ranks? I don’t see an option to deactivate ranks. I tried to simply delete all ranks but it still shows in this awkward way:
  4. Shouldn't they be in order? 1439, 967, 862, 852 9, 7, 4, 4 Seems rather random if you ask me.
  5. If for some reason you want to delete an OAuth authorization it seems it can't actually be done. See below for illustration: If I click on "View Details": The following screen appears: If I click on the "X" button as shown the following screen appears: I click on "OK" and the following screen appears: The authorization "appears" to have been successfully deleted. View the member's Oauth Apps and it shows there: The "View Details" screen shows it back again: So, it appears deleting an OAuth authorization actually doesn't delete it. This behavior shows up in ver and 4.7 Beta 3
  6. I've come across a really weird issue with IPB's record sorting - nearly every user-sortable option is defaulted to displaying records in descending order, instead of ascending where it actually makes sense. I made a test database, with some custom fields, using the default IPB theme, to show you what I'm talking about (and to make sure it wasn't just me going mad!! πŸ˜„ ) This is the default view for my database. I have a 'Position' numerical field, and I have the database set in options so that a user will see the records in order of position (from lowest number to highest number). Every time a user clicks out of this particular category, and re-visits this category, they see the above. Working as intended. So far, so good. Although I'm not entirely sure why that "sort_cms_custom_database.7.field_48" entry is also appearing in the dropdown menu (perhaps a bug? As 'Position' is in fact Field 48 in this database [7]). This is what the user sees if they decide to sort the records by Title instead of the default 'Position' view. As you can see, the order of the records are in reverse. Nobody on Planet Earth wants to filter records alphabetically from Z-A! Why is it doing this? And there appears to be no way for a user (or admin via ACP) to switch this from descending to ascending as it should be... Similar things happen when a user sets the sorting by 'Launch Date', a custom Date field that should be ordered oldest > newest. But instead it is ordering from newest > oldest. Even worse, if a user decides to switch the sorting back to 'Position' (the default) after switching it to another option, the order isn't even ascending or descending. It's completely out of whack. The user will need to back out of this category/go to another page, then return to this listing in order for the default 'Position' sorting with correct ordering is visible again. Using Custom Sorting doesn't work either. As you can see, Publish Date has things set from oldest > newest, but this is one of the only fields where I would actually like it to be in reverse (for databases such as a news database, where you should always list the newest-published records first in a listing). But it seems that this could be down to the sorting option conflicting with another option, Start Date (not sure what this is? Is this meant to be the Publish Date of a record? Why is it called Start Date)? I should point out that some sorting options are working correctly. As a summary; Working Correctly: Last Comment Date Highest Rated Most Commented Most Reviewed Most Viewed Not Working Correctly: Title (ordering from Z-A, should be A-Z) Last Updated (random order, should be most recently updated at the top) Position (when re-selected; number custom field; random order, should be in numerical order from 1-4) Launch Date (date custom field; ordering from newest date > oldest date, should be oldest date > newest date) I'm sure this is a bug and I'm not going completely crazy, it'd be great if there was some acknowledgement of this from IPB Staff so it may possibly be fixed in the next mini-update? It would be great for improving the user experience. Perhaps for the future, an option in ACP > Pages > Database > Fields can allow for default sorting options for custom fields (and availability for users as a sort option - I might not want users to be able to sort using Launch Date, for example, but still allow them to see the value on listing or display pages), that might be very helpful. But for now, I think custom field sort ordering and Title sort ordering are the more pressing things to fix. EDIT: I just noticed that this topic from Sonya also exists, covering similar things - this reply from @Marc Stridgen seems to suggest that the above will be fixed... if you could confirm that Marc that would be really appreciated, thank you. πŸ™‚
  7. When using loose profanity filter with "Block submission" action it works not as expected because of js regexp. reggie = new RegExp("(?:\\b|\\s|^)(" + looseWords.join('|') + "\\w*)(?:\\b|\\s|$)","ig"); At first it only find words starting with filter. If i try to filter "word" it match "wordpress" but not "sword". Secondly "\w" does not match non-latin word characters but "\b" includes non-latin letters in opposite. In last js filters content on browser side only and there is no content validation in php backend when using "Block submission" option. So it's easy to prevent filtering by devtools in browser and post bad words out of control.
  8. Setup download attachment for Members, but it's can't download. Anyone had issue like me and how to fix this?
  9. Create a custom Yes/No field in database Sort by Custom. In the modal window the value of the Yes/No field cannot be changed. The field is set to No per default.
  10. Hello, the path to get to a page like this: https://totallympics.com/qualification-tracker/paris-2024/paris-2024-schedule-by-sport/ is the following: 1: Home 2: Qualification tracker (https://totallympics.com/qualification-tracker/) 3: Paris 2024 (https://totallympics.com/qualification-tracker/paris-2024/) 4: Paris 2024 Schedule by Sport (https://totallympics.com/qualification-tracker/paris-2024/paris-2024-schedule-by-sport/) But this is the path I see in the navigation part: As you see, path 3 (Paris 2024) is missing, while I have a duplicate "Paris 2024 Schedule by Sport". If I click on that it will be redirect me to the same page where I already am. So the correct path would be Home > Qualification Tracker > Paris 2024 > Paris 2024 Schedule by Sport. If I open one of the categories, for example this page: https://totallympics.com/qualification-tracker/paris-2024/paris-2024-schedule-by-sport/artistic-swimming/ The path gets correct, showing "Paris 2024" which is missing in the previous page: Can you please let me know how to solve this? Thanks!
  11. I use the Members block to show members with the latest activity. How can I exclude (spam) registrations where member has not yet responded to registration validation email, from the block? See an example below on the screenshot, where a potential spammer is not approved but shown in the block.
  12. Hi Just trying the latest build with an import but I am getting: This happens with the back ground tasks for rebuilding and breaks the cron, that error appears manually running after a few minutes. I suspect its to do with Deleting empty topics as it appears to try that before it errors although that says its at 32.84% above the task states Processing DeleteEmptyTopics - 1979 / 1979 initially. It seems to get on a bit further when I retry the manual tasks. The system log has an error of type "multiredirect" with the following: InvalidArgumentException::0 #0 /home/ipb/htdocs_4.6.12/system/File/File.php(1559): IPS\_Image::create('') #1 /home/ipb/htdocs_4.6.12/applications/convert/extensions/core/Queue/RebuildProfilePhotos.php(94): IPS\_File->thumbnail('core_Profile', 240, 240, true) #2 /home/ipb/htdocs_4.6.12/system/Task/Task.php(47): IPS\convert\extensions\core\Queue\_RebuildProfilePhotos->run(Array, 0) #3 /home/ipb/htdocs_4.6.12/applications/core/modules/admin/system/background.php(87): IPS\_Task::runQueue() #4 /home/ipb/htdocs_4.6.12/system/Helpers/MultipleRedirect/MultipleRedirect.php(93): IPS\core\modules\admin\system\_background->IPS\core\modules\admin\system\{closure}(Array) #5 /home/ipb/htdocs_4.6.12/applications/core/modules/admin/system/background.php(136): IPS\Helpers\_MultipleRedirect->__construct(Object(IPS\Http\Url\Internal), Object(Closure), Object(Closure)) #6 /home/ipb/htdocs_4.6.12/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(90): IPS\core\modules\admin\system\_background->process() #7 /home/ipb/htdocs_4.6.12/applications/core/modules/admin/system/background.php(42): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #8 /home/ipb/htdocs_4.6.12/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(153): IPS\core\modules\admin\system\_background->execute() #9 /home/ipb/htdocs_4.6.12/admin/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #10 {main} I dont know if there is any problem in it, it didnt happen with my last import on 4.6.10 Thanks
  13. I've noticed this on my board, and now I just experienced it on this board as well. I just received a Push notification (Chrome browser) "Your topic was solved!". Clicking it loads the following "Sorry β€” Page not found" page (the preview here looks correct but if you click the topic title or the arrow icon you'll see what I mean). By comparison, clicking the same notification in my notification pop-up menu on this site loads the correct page:
  14. Hi Guys, I'm wondering if I'm doing something stupid here and missing something obvious. I've recently started taking subscriptions (renamed to donations in the language settings)... all seems to be working and the initial payment is taken, however when the subscription renews, it never actually attempts to charge a card on file even though one is stored. (I confirmed by checking the Stripe event logs and there are no attempted transactions.) I saw this happen last month, but thought it might have been because the user had two cards on file (one expired and one current). I removed the old one and manually clicked "Take Payment" on the invoice and it successfully charged. I had to wait till this month when another subscription renewed and am seeing the same thing happen. Invoice #183 never attempted to actually take payment automatically and the subscription is "In Grace Period". Can you please take a peek and let me know if I'm missing something obvious here?
  15. history_spam_defense_5 should translate to " Spam Defense checked and returned score <code>%s</code> - moderator approval required on posts." or something like that.
  16. Hello, How can I bulk remove users from a user group? When I do a custom search in ACP, I have the option to prune and move, but I don't want to move users to another user group. I only want to remove them from a specific user group. How can I bulk remove users whose registration has the VALIDATING status? I can't find a way to do it. Besides, every time I try to delete one manually, ACP will switch to VIEW ALL users again, disregarding the VALIDATING tab selection. It makes the process super slow. Thanks
  17. I set up a zap using "visible only" but it's still being called for all files regardless if it's approved or not.
  18. I have a Pages database where products are stored. I have defined two fields of type Number: Storage Place and Price. Both fields are required. The list of what is not possible with the fields: Sorting by these fields in record listing does not make sense as it sorts by characters and not by numbers Required does not make sense, as the fields are always pre-filled with 0 and stored with this value without an error message The database to reproduce the behavior on default Pages templates is attached. The values I have entered to test are on the screenshot. This is a result of sorting by Storage Place. Sorting by Price does not change the order. Note: I know a technical background why this does not work. Please see this as a report from an end-user who tries to set up this kind of database in Pages. Large_database.xml
  19. Filter and sorting by functions on database listing templates are weird. Create a custom field Yes/No on the database and Allow filtering. Add a filters block to the page. Make your selection in the filter block and click Update Select in SORT BY menu another sorting The filter is still set, but is now no ignored See a video to understand the bug: screencast-invisioncommunity.com-2022.04.18-10_39_34.webm
  20. If a topic is mod queued because the member has content moderation enabled, or if a post within an existing topic is mod queued by the profanity filter, the member's post count is not incremented. However, if a new topic gets mod queued by the profanity filter, the member's post count is still incremented. When the topic is approved, their post count is incremented a second time, and any subsequent approvals also result in additional post count increases. To reproduce: Add a word to the word filters, and set it to require moderator approval Check your current post count ($n) Post a new topic containing the banned word, so it becomes mod queued Observe that your post count has increased to $n+1 Approve the topic Observe that your post count has incremented a second time to $n+2 Edit the topic, but leave the banned word in, so it becomes mod queued again on submission (post count is still $n+2) Approve the topic again Observe that your post count has incremented again, to $n+3 Continue editing the post ad nauseum to continue to boost the post count further Aside from the obvious issue that this increases post counts too much, this is also an issue when there are spam prevention rules set up based on having a certain number of approved content items - if members need posts to be approved until they have a post count of 5, their first 5 topics will be mod queued but all subsequent ones will be immediately visible. This is happening because \IPS\Content::checkProfanityFilters doesn't update $this->queued when $this is the first post in a topic, so the subsequent check of $obj->hidden() in \IPS\Content\Comment::create passes and the member's post count is incremented. I believe this bug could also cause wider issues, although I'm not aware of any specifically - the code seems to generally expect that posts with queued=0 are in an unhidden topic, but that is not the case with posts in topics that get mod queued due to the profanity filter (both the first post and, if the first post is edited and gets reenqueued, all other posts in the topic).
  21. Hi I have been testing the importer against our vbulletin 4 install and I think I may have spotted a possible problem with the importer. Carnage trailer is out - [video=youtube_share;-FmWuCgJmxo]https://youtu.be/-FmWuCgJmxo[/video] Above is the post content example in vb4 but the regex on line 588 of the importer Vbulletin.php is: #\[video=[a-z_]+;[a-z0-9_]+\](.*?)\[\/video\]#i Which wont match as the second part needs to add a "-" into its search. #\[video=[a-z_]+;[a-z0-9_-]+\](.*?)\[\/video\]#i The url for the video is correct and has a "-" in it as do quite a few video share links we have such as [video=youtube_share;pMJFM-p5a-c]. The rebuild posts task does embed the videos but it leaves the [video=youtube_share;-FmWuCgJmxo] part behind as its not been stripped by above. I think the addition of the "-" above should fixed our import but I am going to run it again to confirm as it takes a while. Cheers
  22. I've choosed a custom field for sorting the records of a pages db: In frontend this field shows two times in the "sort by"-menu when its type is "Number": When I changed its type to "Text Area" only the title of this field is shown in menu.
  23. I added the watermark to the images in the gallery, but the thumbnails of the older photos have disappeared completely. Is there a way to regenerate them? actually on the server the images are there but the name after the original name of the photo is wrong
  24. Hi all! For a few days now, some (few) users have had the problem that the images taken with their smartphone are loaded rotated from the forum. I know that is likely to be on the users end and not our end, but what can you recommend to them? Thank you!
  25. Hi, Think I've found another one! CSS typo in IPS 4.6.11 template core > global > framework > form.css > line 219 (when viewed in AdminCP) background: rgba(var(--theme-area_background_light, 0.7)); should be: background: rgba( var(--theme-area_background_light), 0.7);
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