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  1. Looking at the code, there are 3 places the EasyPost Rates API is called: Testing the settings in ACP. Viewing a physical product's page (to figure out shipping rates/time) The shipping step in the checkout process. The code tries to retrieve the rates automatically only if you enabled the Allow Customer to Choose Rate? option in ACP. When this setting is enabled viewing a physical product makes 1 request to the rates API. If a member refreshes the page 10 times or views 10 separate physical products, without purchasing anything, that makes it 10 API requests with no purchase. This happens also when the page is being viewed by a bot. Maybe some bot aggressively indexed your site and caused all those requests? At the very least it should not execute the API call for bots, but I don't see any kind of block in the code right now. I think there should be a warning added for this. Maybe this was not something EasyPost did when the API was initially implemented into Invision Community. 🤷‍♂️
  2. Adriano's file is still available in the new marketplace directory: https://www.invisioneer.org/files/file/200-choose-topic-embed-image/ I can't find the other 2.
  3. No, it's not possible to make the field automatically fix the inserted value. You'd need a custom modification for that. I think it would be easier to simply enforce the full URLs and show an error that mentions the correct format if the regex returns an error.
  4. Also, considering the database's size, I would never recommend doing the "optimization" from phpMyAdmin. I'd rather do it from SSH to avoid timeouts. As opentype already mentioned, it's probably time to change hosting. Your site is not a good fit for that limit.
  5. You can compare your current address with the one listed in your Client Area. If the URL is different, you can reset it from the same client area page. Then remove the key from your ACP and re-enter it to update the URL. If the URL is the same, you'll have to wait for some IPS staff to check and confirm what is going on.
  6. Did you add the license key to the site and then moved it somewhere else after? Like a different folder or (sub)domain?
  7. When downloading/exporting a Pages custom database in ACP the database key field should be included in the XML file. When importing a database XML file with 4.7.15, a random imported_XXXX key is always set because the original is not included. I find it extremely annoying I have to remember to rename it every time I move a database from production to live. When importing the database, if the database key is already used, only then it should be set to a random imported_XXXX one (or rather original_db_key_XXXX to start with the same original key). I consider it a bug, but I'm posting a Feedback topic since it can be seen either way.
  8. I think your registration was blocked by the IPS Spam Service. I'm seeing 10 attempts with 2 different emails (all the same name with 2 different domains) blocked with a 4 level. Please send me a PM here with your email(s) just to confirm it's you and I'll whitelist them. 👍 And if those are indeed your emails, you might want to contact IPS to remove them from their spam list, too.
  9. @Triumph I haven't had any reports about the Bump plugin not working on newer versions. Do you have a specific error logged? The only other thing that comes to mind is that the plugin might not be installed correctly (maybe a file missing on disk, etc). Try using the Upload new version option and re-upload the 4.1.2 XML file.
  10. Yeah, if the conf_global.php file is correct, the only options left are: The backup you made on the old server was not complete/correct. The backup was not imported correctly on the new server.
  11. How old are these posts? I believe the profile has a cutoff of 1 year. Anything older than that is not shown.
  12. teraßyte

    IC5: Commerce

    What about the ACP? For example, when creating an invoice manually in 4.x it's impossible to add a Downloads file right now. I also hope Custom packages are heavily reviewed for v5, since they have several bugs. Rather, I've reported plenty of bugs (for Commerce and all other apps), and several are still open and untouched even with fixes provided in them (some since 2021-2022). 🤷‍♂️
  13. Yeah, the sorting/share post links in questions are a bit messed up right now. This is why I made a free modification to sort question forums by date instead: https://invisionbyte.net/files/file/284-tb-sort-questions-forums-by-date/ Members can still switch to order by vote if they want to.
  14. What I'd like to know is if the fix IPS added in 4.5.4 allows the use of Wasabi without any 3rd party plugin/application. After my post above, I tried looking at the code, and I think it's impossible since there are some hardcoded Amazon URLs/values.
  15. If you update the apps first, the parameters still won't match (more instead of less). As long as you upgrade right away to 4.7.15 it won't matter anyway. The other option is to unpack the TAR of the application, manually upload all the new files to the server (both apps and incision community), and then go to /admin/upgrade. It's not really required in this case, though.
  16. Looks like the OG folder doesn't have the correct permissions for Invision Community to write the file. Create an empty file with that name yourself, set the proper permissions (from the screenshot), and then try running again the installer.
  17. Connect to your server with FTP (or use the file manager from your server's control panel). Find the file in the SUBCLASS/HOOK FILE column, search for the method listed in the METHOD function, and compare its parameters to the ones in the base file in the column BASE CLASS FILE. If you're unsure how to edit the files (no PHP knowledge, etc), you should ask someone who knows what they're doing to help you.
  18. I was wondering if you had updated from a much older version (4.2, 4.4, etc). Based on what you said, you update regularly, so you were on version 4.7.14 most likely. Not old enough for the whole theme to break.
  19. It's also possible your theme is too old and needs an update. From which version did you upgrade exactly?
  20. On that page, a bit below there is a System Logs button, click on it and post one of the errors here. If there are multiple errors, post a copy of each one. (Or you can also click the yellow text to see which specific error is repeated.)
  21. Subscriptions are basically a "watered down" version of products with very few options. Sending out an email after a purchase is not included by default, unfortunately. 🤷‍♂️ Maybe something will change with the coming v5.
  22. The only other "solution" is to make a modification that sends out bulk emails without that language string. I believe it's possible, but I haven't confirmed it. If you're interested, send me a PM and I can check the code if it's possible.
  23. No, I can't think of any other modification that can do this. Are you using Commerce Subscriptions or Products for the paid option? If you are using Products, in ACP you can setup a custom email that is sent after a member purchases the product (WYSIWYG editor, HTML with default email wrapper, HTML with no wrapper). If you are using Subscriptions, the only option would be custom modification.
  24. The problem is that IPS changed the parameters for a few functions in 4.7.15 (it was the same until 4.7.14). All applications using/overloading those functions need to be updated. Adriano already updated his applications from what I can see on his site. For the others, you can fix them by editing the files on the server if FTP access is available (not on IPS Cloud). It's an easy fix as long as you know what you're doing.
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