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  1. Updating this mod no, but that's an idea for a new mod possibly. Updating this one would only add an "own" badge for the same packages the mods adds a "paid" badge for, but all the others with the price badge wouldn't still get it.
  2. They have already mentioned that there is a skin setting you can use to switch from round to square photos :)
  3. Well, this looks good :smile: A few points after reading it: 8) I don't really like the wording "Browse MY content" but I can just change it so no big deal here (I always prefer something like "Browse User/Member Content") :tongue: 9) As TSP asked just above me it looks like the signature won't show just like in 3.x, could you confirm? @TSP: I agree with you about it being frustrating, if they confirm it's not included I'll add a mod for that in my todo list ;) 10) I hope there is a per-user option to disable this? And I also hope there is a way to limit the "nodes" loaded? If a user has 20 albums, 3 blogs, and contributes to another 10 blogs that place would get quite messy.
  4. Oh, I see the issue now. You are using the old version for IP.Board 3.1 which had the default settings file for IPB in another location (ftp screenshot). Uninstall the application (the new version is an hook and not an application anymore). Remove the files you uploaded for the old 3.1 version. Download the latest version (link in the first post). Upload the new files and install the hook from ACP You should be fine now. When you try to install the new version it should already point out the steps I mentioned above but doing them before importing the new version will make it faster.
  5. A file is missing, try re-uploading the files from the package to your server.
  6. I guess "lock" will leave the file still downloadable but the author won't be able to edit it or upload new versions. Or maybe it will block reviews/comments. Or both :P There is no such feature in the current IP.Downloads app.
  7. Totally agree with Adriano & Tom, I hope the notifications have been properly changed. It's annoying that every time you edit a typo or adjust something in the description a notification is sent out (followed by the usual & annoying "what changed" replies in the topic).
  8. Brandon has already replied to that, looks like you missed it.
  9. That's already available in 3.x too just in case you missed it ;)
  10. Nice improvements but I'm getting tired of these calendar entries. I'd very much prefer something about the other applications since this one is the one I don't use :P
  11. Right, but what he was asking is if we change 5 settings for a forum and can select the forums for those 5 settings at once instead of re-selecting the forum for each separate setting. From what I've seen the answer is no.
  12. Well, that's a huge usability improvement. But I have to ask a quick question: in the text itself you mention that it opens a window asking to which categories the setting must be copied to but in the second screenshot all I can see is a dropdown chooser and not a multiselect one. Does clicking on the dropdown open a multi-select panel? A little video of how it works or at least a better screenshot?
  13. No, from what I understand it will select only the 5 featured rows/results for you to moderate those. It's not a filter to show only the chosen content.
  14. We already have quick editing in 3.x too, what exactly is new in 4.0 about this? I guess the only difference is that in 3.x we have a reduced editor while in 4.0 it's the full one? Other than that I can't think of anything else.
  15. I don't like this change, in 3.x like Wolfie said we could bookmark specific pages (like a member profile or a specific folder in IP.Content, and even setup them as homepage). With this kind of re-order feature you can't specify a default home page either, I assume it will probably load the first like you have in your custom order but it's still less flexible since you can only re-order the apps and modules but not the modules sections. Or at least the video doesn't show this option.
  16. I think you're missing something critical, the sidebar mentioned here is not only for ads it simply can be used for those too. You can have recent topics, files, blog entries, etc there, or a tags cloud or anything else. It doesn't have to be ads and that's it. Of course if you don't want anything I assume you can simply leave the sidebar disabled, at least I think that it must have some kind of group permission to show it not to guests but only registered users for example. But there's actually no mention of this in the blog entry so I can't say for sure.
  17. You could always remove yourself the permissions after you're done editing it if you really want to I guess. But we'll see how much annoying it is once we can try it ourselves :o
  18. That woulod be awesome but they've already stated that the sidebar is supported per-app and not per-area unfortunately :(
  19. When did they ever say it would require active support to be used? In the >blog entry itself there is no mention of that unless I missed it in another entry? As for managing your files I believe it's been stated that you need active support to manage them, then again I don't have any of my paid files on here so I'm unsure on how it works exactly. And the link to post in marketplace blog is in the contributor center you just mentioned ;)
  20. You'd be surprised to see how many forums have even more subforums...
  21. They talked about the technical details in this blog entry if you're interested, it's meant for XML handling in general but skins & langs rely heavily on it: '?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent>>
  22. Totally agree there, url #1 is completely useless for search engines and in general too imo. When I look at a link posted somewhere (let's forget search engines right now) I want to immediately find out the topic title if it's available, I don't want to spend time figuring out the url contains all the sub-forum names (which make it look like spam too as Brandon mentioned).
  23. Matt's post above clearly says why the language packs cannot be easily imported from 3.x to 4.x, it wasn't done on a whim. Spending time in writing queries or a script that renames each language key to the new one would take a huge amount of time for a really minimal benefit, honestly it's not worth the time for me and I prefer they spend such time polishing up 4.0 itself. In 3.x every language string is pretty much "random" without a specific format for the keys, plus when a new feature got added the option in the ACP was sometimes "enable XXX" and sometimes "disable XXX". The fact that they made everything more consistent will be good for everyone in the long run.
  24. I agree with the others that seen like this with just a single screenshot it seems indeed quite confusing.
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