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  1. This used to be an option in the ACP in 3.4 for admins at least, they removed it from 4.x though. We shouldn't have to install a plugin to restore functionality that was there to begin with...
  2. Well, I don't really see what else I could add. All the contributors (and not) who have replied to this topic have basically said everything I would have wanted to say myself. I agree with everything that has been posted. And I also would like to emphasize just some major things Joel (like others) mentioned all in his post: Introduce a template, this way the casual client that submits a bug report remembers to include the browser/OS and everything else you might need. Not including it in the first place just makes EVERYONE waste time, first you that have to ask the user to add the information and then the user that won't ever reply right away being casual. I have seen a fair share of closed reports because the client never replied with the info required (like browser/OS/steps to reproduce, and so on). I totally agree with prioritizing bugs, and as mentioned start from the ones submitted by Contributors. We are the ones helping your clients remain by providing mods and such. And it is really frustrating (and annoying) when we reports bugs that stop us from properly creating modifications. I have reported several of those as well, but some are still open after months (just like everyone else is saying). If you search the bugs I reported you can find them. Bugs being marked as solved... that's another bad part of it. I always follow ALL my bug reports and a few versions later I double-check if the bug is indeed fixed. If it is, I unfollow the report but if it is not I re-report it. Honestly this is time consuming but I found myself in the past seeing bugs that were supposed to be fixed still around. Sometimes they are simply not fixed completely, sometimes they are fixed in a version and re-appear in the next one, and so on... Lastly, this is not included in his list but I'll mention it, I would really love to have some answers in the Contributor Chat or the IPS Development Gateway forum. This last one was supposed to help us communicate better with the IPS Devs, but infact is almost useless now since we rarely get replies. Even more so now that everyone can post in it and not contributors only (or has this changed again since the last time?). By the way, I have asked a question in the Contributor Chat exactly 2 weeks ago. I even mentioned all the developers and I bumped the topic again but I still got NO reply at all. I would surely appreciate you taking some time each day to check those forums. Mind you, I'm not asking for you to spend your whole day on it but even 15-30 minutes each day would do wonders compared to the "nothing" we have now. EDIT 1 P.S.: I have about ~10 new bug reports to submit but I am currently waiting for the bug tracker to allow new submissions. Not to mention even the link is gone from the menu right now. I sure as well won't start submitting a ticket for each bug report, even more so because those don't affect my "forum" critically as I am working on an app for a client. If I submit a ticket I'll just get the usual reply to provide an account to check, then I'll tell you this is a dev board and you will tell me you don't support dev boards. See the cycle? Just a waste of time for everyone. EDIT 2 While I am at it, I really dislike when bug reports we make are SILENTLY marked as closed (with no reply we get no notification) and moved to the archived category. It really makes me go nuts. The only way I see they get closed & moved is because I follow them, or have them linked through my code as future todo to remove hacks/fixes/workarounds/etc.
  3. Try re-installing the plugin. Sounds like the template was not recached properly. Nope, I never considered it. You are the first one to even mention this kind of feature. I'll add it to my list of possible features, but unless more people show interest in it I won't likely add it.
  4. They appear in the unread stream, but only for other peoples. The one doing the bump won't see it. Are you using your account to view the stream or another one?
  5. NEW 3.0.2 version is out: Here's a quick link for the lazy ones who don't want to go to the first post Someone also reported that the Topic Feed and Post Feed widgets are not updating right away after a bump, however I have decide to not "fix" it. Those widgets are cached and not even posting a new topic or a reply removes the cache, it automatically refreshes after X minutes. I have decided that I will leave the bumped topics to update in the list with the automatic refresh too, there would be no point in caching them otherwise.
  6. I take back the above reply, the other person just replied with the steps needed. I'm going to look into that remaining issue too.
  7. @Knight22: just a quick update that I figured out your issue. Basically the code is not properly displaying the days, it only shows hours, minutes and seconds. I need to update a bit how the code works when figuring that out. One of the 2 persons also replied and it ended up not being a bug with this plugin. The other still has not replied but I won't wait anymore, as soon as I fix the days issue mentioned above I'll release the new version.
  8. As per title, sparkpost by default converts/tracks any links in the emails you send out unless you specifically disable it in the API request. But there is no setting in the suite to disable it and thus we are all forced to track links even if we don't want to. Bug report made on this issue (yeah, it is an issue and not feedback imo):
  9. No, it was for other 2 bugs peoples reported to me privately with a PM. Rather I forgot to add your issue to my todo list and I totally forgot about it (sorry!), I will look into that too while I wait a couple of days for the other 2 peoples to reply
  10. Yeah, sorry for the long delay. A few days after I made that post my internet connection went down and it took 2+ weeks to get it working again. I am still catching up with things and this one slipped through. I have already made the change for the search index update, it turned out to be a bit more complicate to research than what I had thought. But in the end the change needed was actually really simple, just one line I'm gonna re-test the plugin on 4.1.11 and I'll follow up with 2 peoples that reported 2 different bugs but never provided me the steps to properly reproduce them. If they don't reply within a couple of days I'll release the update with only this fix.
  11. I did make a bug report myself and I was told to make a topic because it was feedback... Oh well, I'm glad it's been "fixed" either way
  12. Yes, the issue with the activity stream is that I am not bumping the time in the search index too. I will have that resolved in the next version. I have just gotten back after being away for 11 days so I need some time to catch up with everything. I'll see if I can release the new version with this fix (and others) this weekend, or the next week maybe.
  13. The lower settings always takes precedence. If a group must wait 60 minutes to bump from the last bump and the other must wait 30 minutes then the user will have to wait only 30 minutes.
  14. Okay, that's the configuration with the 1 week wait. What number did you have before? Also, does the user have any secondary groups? Secondary group settings apply as well.
  15. Yes, it should be. I have this fix on my list for the next release. I've just been so busy that I haven't gotten to it yet
  16. Someone else very recently already mentioned the activity streams too, I have an idea on how to fix that. AS uses the search index so I need to update the time in that table too, unlike 3.4 that loaded the data directly from the topics table.
  17. I'll take a look at the topic/post feed and see what is going on. I think it might be because of the caching going on.
  18. This really depends on the developer side itself. For example I updated one of my paid mods twice after the first release, but only later I noticed I had forgotten to update my updateCheck script with the new version on the server. Because of this no one got a notice of the update (unless they visited my site or twitter), I have updated it now though
  19. You mean the setting "Last post limit"? Just to double-check, which number did you use in there? And that number did you change it to after?
  20. The question was: when are you fixing those bugs? We don't really care where you move the topic as long as you guys do it
  21. My modifications works in the same way as it did in 3.4, to be completely sure of what exactly is going on I would have to take a look at the code of that widget though. And I have no access to it since it is a paid one. If you get permission from the widget author to provide me the code I can certainly take a look at it at least
  22. There are quite a lot of old bug reports (even from October 2015) still pending. Can i suggest you guys order by "date created ASC" and fix the older ones first?
  23. These ones are pretty important too (both ~3 months old):
  24. "Inherit from group (or groupS)" would certainly be a good middle ground solution
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