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  1. I’ve considered disabling it and may still, which is why I brought it up. I put quite a bit of time into the custom emoji, and they stopped getting used after I enabled the native mode. I had the basics already and it helps enforce cross platform compatibility. Anyway, what I am really hoping is the custom set gets listed first in an update.
  2. I don’t think most of my users ever scroll down far enough to even know there are custom emoji for the forum.
  3. Fixed - thanks! I will look there first next time.
  4. Just did the 4.3.4 update last night, now large images are breaking out of bounds in Safari at least (have not tested other browsers yet. http://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/topic/6795-doing-the-monster-mash/
  5. I second this question - I would like my custom Emoticons to show first in the drop down box.
  6. Hmmmm... I have been using this excellent plug in for some time with no problem, but it just came to my attention today that it is breaking the mobile theme. If I view a thread on my forum with the plug in activated I only see other content like ads and such but the posts are not visible on my iPhone. Disable the plug in, everything fine. Same problem with Android. But everything looks fine on my PC and on my iPad. I am not sure when this happened but I did just update to IPB
  7. When I look at the Manage tags page I have 5 pages of tags and 90 more empty pages...
  8. OK, I was on 3.1.4 of Advanced tags, and recaching fails with that version. Was not until I came here that I saw 3.1.6 version available. Uploaded 3.1.6, recached (it worked) and got my tags back. But still no two word prefixes. The green prefixes below said "For Sale" before update to
  9. broke my prefixes. Single word prefixes were ok, two word prefixes - second word became invisible. Tried to recache - and all prefixes and tags disappeared from my forum.
  10. thanks guys, that was all I needed to know. Found some files did not upload properly on automatic update process and manually uploaded, problem fixed. First time auto process has not worked for me.
  11. So is there an official place top report bugs other than submitting a ticket? I am on PHP version 5.6.19 and since this update the activity streams no longer function. 500 error. Clicking on a posters name anywhere to see information about them, send a PM, etc - same 500 error. Trying to directly access user profile information - same error. My Attachments and Account settings are still working.
  12. Appears to have broken the Calendar Upcoming Events sidebar widget. I have never reported a bug before here - what or where is best way to do it. The widget now just says "No upcoming events found" though they still exist and were displayed just prior to my performing 4.1.9 update.
    When running version 3.4 this was one of the few applications I tried that did not end up getting deleted later. Very useful and well worth buying again to support author. One thing you could add or just help me with however. How does one customize the color and/or shape of those little default IPS4 tags as shown in topic list? They are darker than I would like and no easy adjustment I could find in theme settings. I was kind of hoping maybe I would find it here in the new version but no go. You offer great ability to customize prefixes in this regard so the same ability for tags would be really great. I use it mainly for a classifieds forum and it really makes a difference with all the little colored for sale and other related prefixes. Quick and easy way to add a free classifieds for your members. Thanks again for great add on - highly recommended.
  13. Hi Lindy, I am one of the quiet ones. I have a popular forum running on 3.4.8 (going to 3.4.9 tomorrow) and it just purrs along nicely. Like many I have been hesitant to upgrade to IPS4. Luckily I wanted to start a new website. My old website is a classic website with IPS3 plugged in as a forum. This time I decided to go the full blown Pages as front page and content route, which was too difficult to to with my already existing site. Long story short I am no genius at all this but I have my site ready to go live in a few days and have been very happy with the setup of IPS4. Frankly, I am finding it easier to work with than IPS3 and easier to customize. It certainly is easier when targeting everything from a huge monitor to a cell phone. And so far I am committed to staying away from plug ins and have been able to do everything on my own with just IPS4 alone that required numerous add ons with IPB3. The only thing I have running I can't readily replace right now is Classifieds but that is not a deal breaker for me. I think I can implement something similar under IPS4 on my own if need be. Long story short IPS4 still has rough edges but you guys are working hard on smoothing them out. I am glad I am getting the chance to build a new site from the ground up with IPS4 as it will make me far more comfortable when I make the switch with my other site later. I will make another post later on my full experience with IPS4 so far including some little bugs but so far I am not seeing any real issues and there certainly are many benefits. Main thing I want you to know is I am holding you to delivering the " dozens of big ticket items that are coming in the pipeline". I like the sound of that. Happy New Year and best wishes to the entire crew at Invision.
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