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  1. Topic descriptions no more

    That's all fine and dandy for a new forum but this change will impact my existing forum by excluding useful data that was placed into that field. Please consider making description=off as a default setting and allow legacy users to continue using the field until they are done with it. I'm disappointed to see a feature relating to actual post data being removed in an 'upgrade' without at least having some kind of warning that the use of topic descriptions was deprecated... you've skipped over that and gone straight to obsolete without considering that you might be causing unnecessary problems for your (paying) customer base. Perhaps you should put customer data considerations as higher priority ahead of usability tweaks. I'm all in favour of sleek, slimmed down looks but loss of data isn't acceptable. (I'm aware the data is still in the database but that's of little consolation if it isn't being displayed)
  2. I contacted technical support because I thought the ACP Member Search function wasn't working correctly. It turned out it wasn't a bug but a serious shortcoming in the User Interface when there are no matches for the search results. I was looking at my member list working with various search criteria to shortlist dormant accounts that could safely be deleted. I was using Member Search rather than Prune because I wanted to preview the list. Fortunately I raised this as a query with technical support or the consequences for me could have been very dreadful. Suppose you search for members with no posts, or those that haven't visited the site in a while. You're expecting to see a few members listed in the search results and you might then proceed to delete then. So what happens when there aren't any matches? I was pretty shocked to learn that instead of displaying nothing the response is to return a list of members and then in a pale background a message saying no results... the eye is distracted from seeing the 'warning' message because the list of members is displayed. There's nothing to say that the members being listed have nothing to do with your search criteria. Please, please, if you have no results to show: 1/ display a very obvious box, say a big red box with a hazard symbol in it, to say no results were found or 2/ don't show any other list of members I can't think of any other filtered list that behaves in this way. It's just asking for trouble!