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Grid View for Forums: cover photos

Joel R

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  • 4 weeks later...
4 minutes ago, Lucas James said:

the Forum Index Page

On the index also displays forums.


If you have a cover photo for Pre-Sales Questions you can add it.


It's css changes!

13 minutes ago, Lucas James said:

I have that plugin but it only works with Forum Cover.

Submit request

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4 hours ago, Takohashi said:

I'm not sure that the background images for Grid View would be very useful (especially in the examples above). But in any case currently Grid View is very primitive and uncomfortable. I would like this view mode to be something like this — https://forums.macrumors.com

This is the traditional list view with custom forum icons ... 

Not sure how that's related to grid view and my request for custom grid backgrounds.  Thank you @newbie LAC for the reminder to @onlyME though.  


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4 minutes ago, Ocean West said:

i dislike the way grid view works, truncates too much text -  i'd much rather have the Our Pick style cards

It shows all the text for me? 

What's the screenshot of grid view for your FNF file.  

Masonry style for a forum index is an interesting concept though.  

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Just now, Ocean West said:

Nothing wraps properly, and long forum names all get truncated..




Oh.  That's because your forum icons are big. Try to make them the same size as the IPS defaults, I think when I was making mine they were either 32x32 or 48x48.  

I see what you mean by long forum titles not wrapping.  

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2 hours ago, opentype said:

I agree with newbie LAC: If onlyME already has the functionality of uploading forum-specific images, then the use in the grid-view is best added to this plugin instead of building something fron scratch. 

Agreed, but he said he's busy and can't take any/this custom work now.

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The text can be hard to read though. I'd suggest maybe a 1px border around the Font to differentiate against some of the background image colours.

Thanks for the tip Joel, I love grid view in forums but don't use it because of the text being truncated!

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