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Adriano Faria

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@Adriano Faria 

About this :


Integrate with Members Shop (from @TheJackal84) to give points to members that plays the quiz.

  • Points can be given in two ways:
    • Global: Points will be given regardless of the result achieved in the game (GRADED mode only) and will be given only once, if you allow people to play multiple times.

If members have already play quizzes, they will have points or it's working only for future quizzes played ?

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9 hours ago, Brainy S. said:

I do love your quizzes app and have had a really solid experience with it. It's definitely worth the money!

Do you ever plan to add weighted answers / more advanced scoring though? That's the one thing I've really been wishing it has.

Tks. I’m currently working to finish the multiple right answers quiz. Should be out soon. 

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I know this probably isn't what you intended for this app, but it works so lovely!  I was wondering if theres any chance to add a feature where you have to complete 1 quiz, before you can take the next.

Ie, we have Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.  Can a feature be added where we add the quiz ID of the Basic to the Intermediate test and it checks you've completed it, before you can take the Intermediate test.

Thank you,

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I have to say, this is one of the easiest apps I've worked with.  The XML uploader works beautifully, so much so that I currently have 116 quizzes with a total of 1570 questions :).

I was wondering if I could request something else along with the above.  Would you be able to add a leader board type function where I could add the points to each quiz. For example, I have 5 levels for some categories. and would like to add something like:

Level 1: 1 point
Level 2: 2 points
Level 3: 3 points
Level 4: 4 points
Level 5: 5 points

Then have a leader board which shows all users and the amount of points they have.

Thank again Adriano 🙂

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When making/updating a Quiz, we can add a "points" to it, which will be allocated to the member once they achieve a specific percentage. This percentage could be a global number (we use 70% as the pass mark on all tests), or part of the category settings.

With the above, if someone passes level 1, 2 and 3, they will have 6 points (1 point for level 1, 2 points for level 2, 3 points for level 3).

Then we display a leader board with who has the most points.

Does that make more sense?

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@Adriano Faria

Sorry to bother you again.  I don't know if I'm missing something, but is there a page I can use that just shows a list of which quizzes have been taken and who by?  I know each user has a list on their profile, but I was looking for an overview, so I can see ALL of the quizzes taken, rather than having to go through everyone's profiles.

If not, is there a script I can put into a php block? All I need is a table showing Date, Member, Quiz Name, Score.


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